When You Reach Me When You Reach Me question

The End
Kelis Swain Kelis Mar 10, 2013 12:15PM
At the end of this breathe-taking book I didn't completely understand that the "old man" was Marcus!I also didn't get why the "old man" wanted to die. I quess it was a good thing that he saved Sal but,what was the real concept of him saving Sal. Did he want to die?What was the purpose?

Marcus spent his life figuring out how to time travel so he could go back and save Sal. He was responsible for Sal running in front of the truck and so he went back in time to punt him away from certain death.
He was at peace because the love of his life had already passed on and he knew what he had to do to save Sal. Reread it - the photo in under the mailbox, the practicing kicking, the appearences of a naked man (he couldn't bring clothes back, only what he could carry in his mouth) It is a great book.

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