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message 1: by Angel (new)

Angel Lepire | 18 comments I'm wondering about virtual book tours. Can someone please give some details about what this is (I get the basic concept, I think), have you done one, what exactly you did? Maybe some details about what worked for you, what didn't, how many "stops" seems appropriate, etc? Was this successful in your opinion? And what do you consider sucessful in this regard (book sales/meeting people/getting your name out there/etc.)? If you're a blogger, have you hosted authors on one of these and what would you recommend to make it successful? TIA for any input. :-)

message 2: by L.F. (new)

L.F. Falconer | 63 comments I am currently taking part in my first VBT, so probably don't have many answers for you. All the arrangements were made through my publishing company, but I would recommend it. I didn't take part in one for my first novel, and regrettably, I think it has suffered terribly from non-exposure. I don't know what constitutes a successful book tour, but the exposure I've been receiving by putting my second novel "on tour" has been tremendous. It's too soon to tell any results, but exposure is a great coup in the battle of marketing. I hope this helps and I'm sure there are others out there who can give you more information. Best of luck!

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