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Aporva Kala | 3 comments I wanted to discuss what my fellow memebers of the group could add to my knowledge about the intermingling of the people of Greek kingdom, Arianna and the Indus valley during the dark ages of the world in 100BC to 900BC.

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C.P. Lesley (cplesley) I see you asked this question months ago, so perhaps the answer is too late to be useful. But Ariana is the area later known as Mawarannahr or Trans-Oxiana, no? I suggest you look for books on the Silk Road, such as The Silk Road: A New History. You may find quite a bit of information there.

I know quite a lot about the area, but only in a much later period.

Aporva Kala | 3 comments ancient name of Iran is Arriana...

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C.P. Lesley (cplesley) Oh, okay. Sorry, then, you're on your own. My specialty is Russia before Peter the Great and the Turkic steppe—hence, by extension, the Silk Road. But all much later than the classical period, when most of the peoples I study did not yet exist.

You might try a group other than this one. The folks in Ancient Historical Fiction and History Buffs United may have a better idea. I can't easily link to the groups on my iPad, but if you search for them, Goodreads should show you where they are.

Aporva Kala | 3 comments u may be right after all...
it is enlightening, indeed....all histories do add up to..into a unified whole...!

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