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message 1: by John (new)

John Picha | 46 comments Since it's ok to plug our books in this group, here comes one of mine, ha ha. It's called the Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase. If you're curious, it's free on just about every ebookstore and ebook archive.


This action-packed ePulp Anthology unleashes four new noir tales inspired by the pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s. Blazing brawls and gritty adventure awaits dieselpunks, nostalgians, die hard or pulp-curious fans. Hope you can take a punch, because these two-fisted tales hit hard!

For young hoods, the Aether Age streets of mob-plagued Chicago present a world of opportunity. And Mack and Mickey are headed straight for the top in "That Sort of World: a Tale of the Aether Age."

It's class-warfare in Citadel City as Pandora Driver and her Car of Tomorrow deliver rough justice to the elites and a douche named the Gooch in "Who are the People in your Neighborhood?"

"The Wise Man Says" introduces Mick Trubble: a hard drinking, chain smoking charmer who bites off more than he can chew... then chews like hell. The Troubleshooter takes the grit and slang of a hardboiled detective and drops it in a dystopian setting that mixes Fedoras, trench coats, flying cars and android policemen.

The dirty streets of Roanoketown were his home and his only family. Until he met HER. Now he'll follow HER into hell, tamahaak held high, and fight as a proud Indian against the Anglo Oppressors. He'll wager his life to be a true "A Friend of Spirits."

Download if you dare!

message 2: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Jake | 74 comments Mod
I'll have to check it out. Not my normal read, but your description sounds interesting.

message 3: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Jake | 74 comments Mod
Added it to my to read list.

message 4: by John (new)

John Picha | 46 comments enjoy

message 5: by Jack (new)

Jack Philpott | 2 comments I highly recomend this Anthology...and not just because the fourth story is mine! ;-)

Seriously, though, I really enjoyed the other guys' stories too. Interesting mix of pulp and noir if I do say so myself.

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