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Ruth Feiertag | 92 comments Mod
Dear Cassie and Helen,

Well, I have read the first few letters and am still trying to sort out the relationships between correspondents. I'm thinking about starting a chart. I am finding the book delightful so far. I admire the authors' ability to write such vivid and distinct voices.

This book is definitely going to give us a great deal to discuss.


Ruth Feiertag | 92 comments Mod
Dear Friends,

Please do not make me talk to myself. I have taken the opening of this Goodreads group as permission to continue reading our book. I have very little will power where books are concerned. If I like them, I read them, and if I don't like them, then I have a terrible time forcing myself to slog through their pages.

This book I like very much, and if someone doesn't read a bit and start e-talking to me I may go as mad (as I have learnt from this book) as did Mary Lamb.

I don't remember who first suggested TGL&PPS but I owe that person many



message 3: by Eepycanread (new)

Eepycanread | 5 comments I don't think I suggested it but I agree that it's great fun to read.

I read somewhere the Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie described as an epistolary novel... I haven't read this book yet but I didn't know it was EP. Has anyone else read this?

Ruth Feiertag | 92 comments Mod
Dear Eepy,

Yes! And it is an excellent book, but in not written in letter form. Flavia probably deserves her own book club. Flavia seems to be the offspring of Sherlock Holmes and Morticia Adams (though the narrator tells us she has other parents). I have the latest in the series but I do want to read through the others again to make sure I remember all the important little details. I recommend Bradley's books very



message 5: by Eepycanread (new)

Eepycanread | 5 comments Good to know, I just requested it from my local library.

Ruth Feiertag | 92 comments Mod

Please let me know what you think of _Sweetness_ when you've had time to read it. I just read on another Goodreads page that Bradley's books are going to get turned into a TV series. I hope the series is faithful to the books.


message 7: by Eepycanread (new)

Eepycanread | 5 comments I don't have tv, and I never watch movies made from books. I already have in my head pictures and voices from these characters... Reading is a partnership.

I read fiction at night, in bed, and usually doze off with the light still on. I wake up a bit later and pick the book up again. It drove me crazy for a while because I could never find my place...

Eventually I realized that when I fell asleep my brain started writing to continue the story... I talked to a bunch of reading buddies and there are a couple of other people that do this too. Crazy!

Ruth Feiertag | 92 comments Mod

It doesn't sound crazy to me. After all, weren't we taught to do just that when we had "The Lady and the Tiger" inflicted on us in grade school?

I gather that you have already read the Guernsey book?


message 9: by Eepycanread (new)

Eepycanread | 5 comments Yes, a couple of years ago I believe. Thoroughly enjoyed it,

Cassie | 31 comments Mod
I do have the Guernsey book in my possession and will start it today or tomorrow!

Eepy, the continuing-a-story-in-your-dream-phenomenon has happened to me! I have a tendency to fall asleep on the couch many an evening. At these times I will sometimes continue whatever I was last attentive to, whether a book or T.V. Show.

I also look forward to reading The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. Perhaps this year. ;)

Melanie (melwyk) | 10 comments I love Flavia and have read all the Bradley books. Hope you all enjoy too!

As for the Guernsey book, I read it a few yrs back and really enjoyed it -- maybe I should get it out again -- but I am so heavily sunk into a stack of other epistolary novels right now I'm not sure I could get it in!

message 12: by Ruth (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ruth Feiertag | 92 comments Mod
Dear Melwyk,

If you do decide to unearth your copy of Guernsey, please join our discussion devoted to that book.

Helen has set up (somewhere) a place to list other books we might read. It sounds as if you could make many excellent recommendations, so I hope you'll list your favourites for us. I certainly would be most



message 13: by Ruth (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ruth Feiertag | 92 comments Mod
P.S. Helen has a separate discussion set up for suggested tomes to tackle. Maybe we should set up a plan-to-bookshelf for ones we decide to undertake.


Tammy Mckeever | 1 comments This was a book that took me entirely by surprise! When I was originally told about the book I was somewhat nonplussed by how it was described. My response couldn't have been more opposite! it was a page turner from the beginning for me and this is saying A LOT considering we were on vacation and I still wanted to read more than explore! It has all the ingredients necessary for a great book; great character development, intrigue, humor, raw emotions, love, and even one I'm not always a fan of but was SO well written about I was captivated, and that is war. My only disappointment is that there are no sequels that I know of. I highly recommend this book!

message 15: by Ruth (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ruth Feiertag | 92 comments Mod
Dear Tammy,

I understand what you mean about the book description — this was a book that I almost read for several years but whenever I picked it up at the bookstore, the blurb made me think that I'd really rather get something else. But I have been delighted by this novel. I hope you will feel inspired to re-read it and join our dedicated discussion (the link is above). I would like to hear more about your thoughts on all the topics you mention,



Cassie | 31 comments Mod
Dearest Tammy and Ruth,

Oh, I agree! This is not the sort of book I would have picked up on my own. Now, I feel like writing letters expressing why everyone should read it.

I will save other thoughts for the Guernsey thread...


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