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I think this would be helpful to have.

Here is the Screencap of the first thread right click then view image to see the full pic

Here are the links to save you some time.



Learn to speed read

Practice speed reeding

The ideal pace is 1 book x 1 week now realistically I don't expect you to do this right away or even for a few months.

You will notice over time the more books you read the faster you will be able to read.

Just try to up how fast you're reading without
losing reading comprehensions you will get there
easier then you realize.

Don't force yourself to read more than your comfortable with, what's the point in doing this if you aren't enjoying it?

Also remember it's not how many books you read but what books you read

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Bill for free ebooks

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Nelo Demone | 1 comments Hi, since /fit/ doesn't allow /SIG/s anymore, could anyone post the OP here? does anyone have the pastebin?
thanks in advance

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Tomislav (tmarice) There's one /sig/ in the archive, I think it's the latest version.

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