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Melissa | 5451 comments [image error]

Camper's cabins where they live with two roommates.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia walked to Johnny's cabin slightly awkwardly since he was unconscious on her back. She gently laid him down in his room on the bed and tucked a blanket around him before leaving and setting out for Holiday's office.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia, Rebecca, Alexa, and Sebastian made their way to the cabins so the girls could move into their new cabin.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa swung the door to the cabin open - revealing a spacious interior, three beds, a mahogany wardrobe, a mini kitchenette and a door that she assumed led off to a bathroom. "It looks nice," she commented over her shoulder to the girls, ignoring Sebastian.

"Oh, they brought our stuff!" Rebecca gave a sigh of a relief, heading straight over to her things and rifling through them. "I hope they got everything."

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia stalked into the cabin and went straight to her things, desperately searching through everything and slumping in relief when she found what she was looking for. "Oh thank god it's still here." She said, feeling much of the tension which had formed when she heard the cabin had burned leave her body.

She clutched the chain to her chest and the locket swung against her stomach. She looked around and winced, "oops. Sorry about that." Their new cabin was a bit of a mess with her clothes thrown every which way. At least all of her bras and panties were at the bottom of the pile and had been untouched in her frantic search.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa waved a nonchalant hand at Felicia; finding within herself the spark of magic and using a nudge of her will to bring it to life. Shove.

Sebastian's head whirled around as he found himself being shoved by an imaginary force out the door. Stumbling down the cabin porch steps, he shot an infuriated glare over his shoulder. Smirking, Alexa slammed the door behind him - locking it securely and resting her back against it.

"There. Now we can have some privacy to settle in and unpack."

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia had just finished moving her clothes into her new room and setup her laptop when someone's cell phone began ringing. "Someone should get that!" Sebastian yelled from his spot on the couch where he had crashed shortly after they had arrived.

Felicia sent him a dirty look as she grabbed the phone and answered. "Hello?" Holiday's voice was on the other end, "hey Felicia I know you probably haven't settled into the new cabin yet but there's a new camper in my office and I was hoping you could show her to her cabin, it's right next door to yours." Felicia sighed and rubbed the back of her neck, "sure Holiday, I'll be there in a few minutes."

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Luna's face light up, "really!? he can!? oh my god! i have to call him!" she tried reaching for her phone, but forgot about her bags and ended up dropping them.
Luna couldn't help but start laughing.
she looked over at Felicia and still laughing she asked, "this is going to be fun, right?"

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia nodded uncertainly, "you're a strange one aren't you?"

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Luna thinks for a moment, "I'm here aren't i?" she smiles.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia led Luna along the paths between the cabins. "Almost there, that's my cabin over there." She said pointing to her new cabin.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Luna nodded, "alright, thanks again for doing this."

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia waved off Luna's thanks and said "no problem, I needed this. The way my day has been going has not been good, and you've made me laugh. You're a nice girl and I'm happy to be able to help."

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Luna blushes a little, "I'm free to make you laugh when ever you need it, and I'm here to talk to if you need to talk," she offered.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia smiled, "thanks. That means a lot." She stopped walking and turned to Luna. "Here we are. Your soon to be home sweet home."

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Luna smiles at Felicia, "thank you so much, I better go inside and get some rest, it's getting late. I'll see you around camp."
Luna walked up the cabin porch steps, and before going in, she turned around to wave goodnight to Felicia, "I hope you have a good night."

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Melissa | 5451 comments "Same here!" Felicia called to Luna before turning back towards her own cabin. She looked around to make sure nobody could see her, then switched her pattern to that of a vampire. Her canines grew and her senses sharpened. It was easiest to protect herself as a vampire, unfortunately she couldn't stay a vampire for long. Especially if Clara had finally shown up.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Lina walked into her cabin and unpacked her things, she looked around the cabin a bit, then went into her room. She sat at the end of her bed and allowed her wings to come three her skin and become visible.
She let out a painful cry as her bent wing pierced threw her skin. She looked at her light greeny-blue wings in the mirror. Her wings weren't as beautiful as they once were, they're all holly and bent out of shape. What is a fairy without there wings?
Luna clipped into bed and cried herself to sleep.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Rebecca had hurried into the bathroom to "Brush the twigs out of my hair", she had grumbled, tugging at her straggly locks, still damp from the lake. In addition, Felicia had gone to settle the new camper in.

Leaving Alexa alone.

Well, not alone. Alexa dumped another tablespoon of sugar into the mug before her on the kitchenette counter, stirring her mocha whilst glaring daggers into the back of Sebastian's head. He sat comfortably on their couch, watching what looked like Spongebob Squarepants.

An unlikely scene, that; Sebastian Lysander and Nickelodeon cartoons.

"When are you leaving?" Alexa asked bluntly, taking a careful sip of her mocha and walking over to the couch, standing beside it.
"Why?" Sebastian's gaze never left the screen, but the corner of his mouth curled up. "Enjoying my company?"
She snorted. "Quite the opposite."
"Too bad. Orders are orders."

She tried another angle. "Look - I know you don't want to be here-"
"No. You think I don't want to be here," he corrected, still watching the sponge and his half-naked starfish friend giggle and wade around in the ocean deep. "I'm quite comfortable."

"I'll bet you are," was her sarcastic reply. She took another sip of mocha.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia walked into the cabin, changing her pattern as she walked in the door. She hadn't smelled any wolf so she had to assume Clara had yet to show. Just as she entered the space between the kitchenette and the living room she froze. Alexa was glaring at Sebastian who was looking back at her smugly.

Felicia tried to sneak by but Sebastian turned his smugness on her. She cleared her throat, "well I'm beat and it looks like I'm interrupting so I'll just being going to my room." She said, slowly backing away.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa's arm shot out, halting Felicia's progress. "Actually, Felicia, I'm starving - wanna head over to the mess hall?"

Sebastian spoke up. "I'll accompany y-"
"Nope." Alexa grinned. "Rebecca's still here, and someone needs to guard the cabin, right? I clearly recall you telling me...what was it...oh, right - orders are orders."

He narrowed his eyes at her, but said nothing. Felicia coughed - whether in an attempt to clear her airways or to smother a laugh, Alexa wasn't quite sure. "Sure," Felicia replied. Her gaze switched to Alexa's mug. "Mocha?"
"Sure is." Alexa drained the last dregs of her drink and dumped the mug in the sink. "Okay, let's head on out."

(Gone to Mess Hall)

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Luna wakes to a sharp pain in her back. She get out of bed and realizes her distorted wings are still visible. She retracts them back into her body, she holds onto the end of the bed for support and bits her lip to muffle her painful screams.
Blood drips from her lip to the floor, her wings retract with difficulty. She flops back onto her bed.
She lays there for a few minutes, until she heads a load growl.
She sits up quickly, expecting to find a unexpected were in her room. But no one is there.
The she hears is again, but this time her stomach hurts. She hugs her stomach, as if that would ease the pain but when it doesn't she heads off to the mess hall.
"I hope I can find it.." Luna whispers to herself as she leaves the cabin and walks down the path, alone.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments (Alexa re-enters the cabin)

Alexa spotted Clara, the werewolf girl, standing in the shadows as she manoeuvred the porch stairs - opening the cabin door to find Rebecca sitting on the couch, a book in her hand.

"Hey, Alexa, how was- are you okay?" Rebecca's eyes widened as they took in Alexa's tear-stained face.
"Not really," Alexa replied. "But...but I will be."

Rebecca emptied a mocha sachet into Alexa's mug and added milk - sticking it in the microwave. Both girls watched the microwave plate spin, listening to the electric hum it emitted. When it was done, the girls moved to the couch; Alexa cradling the warm mug in her hands.

"So." Rebecca slipped a bookmark between the pages of her book and set it aside. "What happened?"
Alexa balanced the mug on her knee. "My spark. I...I couldn't connect with it. So basically I failed my 'magic check up'."
Rebecca winced. "And your parents?"

"Will find out." Alexa bit her lip. "And I'm not closer to pleasing them and becoming a proper witch than I am to becoming a hedgehog."

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments "awesome!" Luna smiles.
they walk for a few more minutes then Luna says, "its right there, do you need some help bringing her in?" Luna offers.

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Melissa | 5451 comments "I think I got her, you can just go back to your cabin. Have fun with your newly healed wings." Jake said kindly as he walked towards Felicia's cabin.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments "thanks, have a good night, I'll see you tomorrow," Luna waves goodbye and runs into her cabin.
as soon as she gets in her room she checks her phone, she has one missed text, it was from Alex, "thank god," she whispers.
she reads the text;

hey Luna, I'm sorry i haven't gotten a hold of you the last couple days. I've been getting ready for College. how are you? have you made any friends? Will i be able to see you? (view spoiler) i hope everything is okay. do your wings hurt? do you feel comfortable around our own kind? i miss you. i love you Luna.

Luna smiled at his message, and replied;

hey Alex, you can come visit me on Parents day, I'll text you the details about it in the morning. I've met two really nice people. it's nice to be around other supernaturals, but i still feel like an outsider, there's so much i don't know. I'll tell you more when i see you. i miss you too. and i love you so much Alex.

then she plugged her phone into the charger on the night table next to her bed, climbed into bed, and went to sleep.

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Melissa | 5451 comments As Jake walked up to Felicia's cabin she stirred in his arms and for a moment he thought she would waken but she settled again. He walked to the door and kicked it awkwardly with his foot, not wanting to put her down to open it.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa and Rebecca glanced up as the door swung open and in walked Jake - Felicia blinking sleepily in his arms.

"Hey girls," Jake said, shooting them a smile as he walked over to the other couch and gently set Felicia down. "Sleeping Beauty's here."

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia made soft noises and grabbed Jake's hand, pressing it against her cheek as she slept.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia blinked awake when someone cleared their throat. She rubbed her eyes and realized everyone was staring at her. She was instantly awake and realized that she was clinging to Jake's hand. She let go of his hand and turned red. "Uh, thanks for bringing me back to my cabin Jake."

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments (is it morning? or same night still?)

message 32: by Booknut (new)

Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments (Afternoon, I think...)

message 33: by Elizabeth, Queen of the Fae (new)

Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments (okay, thanks)

Luna rolls out of bed and lands on the floor.
she rubs her eyes and stretches, "ow, that hurt," she points out wail she rubs her back side.
she looks around a bit, "i fell off the bed?" she tilts her head slightly, then starts laughing, "i fell off the bed!"
when shes one laughing she gets up and has a shower.
after she gets out and drys her body and wraps her hair in a towel. she changed into a worn out yellow hoody and worn blue jeans, then towel dries her hair and brushes it, then heads outside.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Alexa and Rebecca turned on Felicia as soon as Jake left. "What happened?" Alexa demanded. Rebbecca nodded emphatically. Felicia flushed and said defensively, "nothing, I just overexerted myself is all. I couldn't stand so Jake carried me back." Rebecca pouted in disappointment but Alexa raised her brow, "if that's all that happened then what was that just now?" Felicia blushed, "um....?"

Glancing at the clock Felicia jumped up, "hey we'll miss lunch if we don't get going soon." She said to change the subject.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa narrowed her eyes at her friend. "We will finish this discussion later!" she threatened, pointing a finger at Felicia.

Rebecca nodded. "I want all the details. Is he a good kisser?"
"Bec!" Felicia buried her burning face into the couch pillow.
"Well is he?"

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Melissa | 5451 comments "How the hell would I know whether or not he's a good kisser?" Felicia said, still covering her face. "We didn't kiss!" Her stomach flipped and her heart did a weird little dance at the thought of Jake's lips and she shoved the visual away, having a little crush on someone wouldn't help her and could only tip the FRU off.

Felicia looked up suddenly at Alexa, her cheeks still a little pink. "What about Sebastian? There's got to be some backstory there, more than just some 'he's from that family' bs." She said, challengingly.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa cocked an eyebrow. "Nice try, Felicia. Changing the subject won't save you!"
"Like what you're doing?" Felicia retorted.
Alexa rolled her eyes. "Sebastian is an arse. I've detested the git since our very first community charms class."

"Community charms class?" Rebecca asked, leaning forwards.
"Yeah. The witch clans send their young ones to 'group lessons' when they're little, around the age of six or seven. Sebastian turned me into a frog."

"A what?!" her friends shrieked.

"A frog." Alexa frowned. "He swears it was unintentional. And our families do hate each other - that's totally not bs. My mother almost re-thought sending me here when she found out the Lysanders had sent Sebastian. Except whereas my family sent me here to learn skills, his sent him here to perfect them. Because he's just so darn accomplished. The jerk."

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia thought about it for a moment, "why is he so different whenever he's around you? I mean I've heard of the guy before and everyone says he's great, really nice and he doesn't act like an ass or anything but either he's insufferable around you on purpose or those people seriously need to re-define their definitions of 'great'."

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa shrugged. "Hey - don't ask me what goes on in that head of his. I guess it kinda boils down to the feud between our clans. I know it sounds a little extreme," she added, seeing Felicia's disbelieving look, "but if two clans have a fall out, they have a fall out forever. There's no kiss and make up. Clan relations and bonds are fragile. If a member from one clan says the slightest insult to a witch or warlock from another clan, it could be grounds for seeking retribution and then boom! A century-old grudge has been formed."

"Do you even know where the hate stems from?" Rebecca asked.
"Nope." Alexa smirked. "Maybe his ancestors were as charming and sweet tempered as he is and my ancestors decided enough was enough. Who knows?"
"So your clan will hate his clan forever without even knowing the original reason?"

"Oh, I'm sure someone knows," Alexa replied. "Probably one of the Council. Each clan has a Council of Elders, and they have access to the clan records. I'm sure you could find some sort of diary that states, "Dear Diary. Today a Lysander turned my hair green. This is the third time in less than a month. Vengeance will be mine.""

Felicia snorted. "Sounds thrilling."
"Oh, it would be."
Rebecca pursed her lips. "But he's so nice to everyone else..."
"I told you - feud."
"I know, I know. But that just doesn't explain it, somehow."

Alexa sighed. "Why are we talking about Sebastian the Ass-Hat when Felicia came through the door in the arms of a hot fae dude?"

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia blushed bright red, "I told you! I overexerted myself when I was helping Luna and collapsed, that's it! There was no kissing of any kind." She said emphatically. She looked down at her hands, "besides that's not why I'm here." She muttered.

message 41: by Booknut (new)

Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa grinned. "What? Hot fae guys weren't on your supernatural-camp agenda?!"

Rebecca mock-tutted. "Shame on you, Felicia. You need to get your priorities straight."
"I know right?" Alexa agreed, winking at Felicia. "Better add them on."
Felicia groaned. "I swear, you two are gonna be the death of me."
"Oh, hon, what are friends for?"

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Luna arrives back at her cabin, "maybe they just forgot.." She tries to comfort herself.
She sits down on the couch, and her stomach grumbles, "I'm still hungry..." She whispers to herself.
She grabs a piece of paper and writes "gone out to town, be back as soon as I can. -Luna".
She walks out of her cabin, tapes it to the door, then leaves camp.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia gave each of her cabin mates a look, "my priorities are just fine the way they are and they don't need 'hot fae guys' screwing with them." She said, using air quotes. Even if a certain hot fae guy makes your heart pound and your knees weak? A little voice whispered in her head. She promptly told that voice to shove it.

And anyway it's not like you could really get into a relationship with someone. Lying about what you are right from the start wouldn't exactly be conducive for a healthy relationship. Felicia thought, somewhat glumly. I wish I didn't have to hide who I am. She thought, but realized she had accidentally spoken aloud.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa and Rebecca exchanged glances. "Hide who you are?" they both said in unison. Felicia winced, her expression giving her away more than her words had. There is something going on here, Alexa thought.

"It's nothing." Felicia shrugged, but Alexa wasn't convinced. 'Nothing' was girl code for 'something'. And this seemed like a big something if it had Felicia this tense.

"Bull." Alexa stared hard at her friend and cabin buddy. "We're here for you, Felicia. You know that don't you?"
Rebecca nodded in agreement. "Right. If you need to talk, we're here."

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Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia nodded and laughed nervously. She reached up and twirled a lock of her hair and swallowed. She bit her lip anxiously. It'd be nice to not have to hide it all the time. She thought and swallowed.

Felicia tittered nervously before finally making a decision. She looked at Alexa and Rebbecca in turn and said "what would you say if I told you I wasn't a witch?"

message 46: by Booknut (new)

Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa raised an eyebrow. "I'd say that would make a lot of sense."

Felicia stared at her.

"Well," Alexa continued. "It's like...when you look at someone you can just tell what they are. Jake? Fae. From the moment I spotted him his brain pattern was fae 150%. Sebastian is irritatingly 100% warlock. You..." Alexa wrinkled her nose slightly. "It's obscured. I mean, you could be a witch, but it's like a flame, flickering."

message 47: by Melissa, Chameleon extraordinaire (last edited Apr 06, 2013 11:27PM) (new)

Melissa | 5451 comments Felicia swallowed, "okay well that makes sense. Would you believe that I could be anything I wanted?" Her chest was seizing painfully and a big part of her was screaming at her, wondering what the hell she was going. Telling two people what she was was a terrible idea, they could be working with the FRU.

Felicia took a breath and tried to stop the shivering in her ribcage which started whenever she was really stressed out.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa bit her lip. "Anything? Really?"
Rebecca's eyes widened. "Like a shifter? Like Perri?"

"No." Felicia rolled her wrists, as if trying to physically find the right word to pluck from the air. "It's hard to explain."

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Melissa | 5451 comments "Well I mean I could try to be a shifter, but that's a hard one. Shapeshifter's have such... uhm malleable? Patterns. I'm most comfortable being a witch, vampire, or fae." Felicia said. She then changed her pattern to that of a fae's to demonstrate.

Her eyes teared up. "It may have been my fault our cabin was burned down. There are.... certain groups who don't like people like me. I'm hoping it wasn't one of them," or the FRU "who set it but I can't help but feel responsible for it."

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Alexa had heard enough. "Now look here, Felicia Wells!" She pointed a finger at Felicia, her eyes narrowed. "Did you set fire to the cabin?"

"What?!" Felicia looked startled. "No-"
"Did you light the match?"
"What does this-"
"Answer me!"
"Did you burn my converse sneakers to a crisp?"
"No!" Felicia sat straighter. "What are you-"

"Felicia." Alexa exhaled. "What I'm trying to get through your wacky and thick head is that it is not your fault. You are not responsible for the actions of whack jobs who have nothing better to do with their time then burn down innocent girls' cabins."

"Innocent?" Rebecca arched an eyebrow.
"Practically angelic. Can't you see the halo?" Alexa winked.

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