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message 1: by Melissa, Chameleon extraordinaire (last edited May 14, 2014 06:01PM) (new)

Melissa | 5451 comments Please include your camper's (these may be subject to change):

Age (Teenagers only please. Ask for exceptions):
Species (look at the discussion thread):
Extra abilities (like ghost whispering, healing, etc.):
How long have they known they weren't human?:
Why they're at camp/ History:

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Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 458 comments Name: Johnny Fox
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Species: Shapeshifter
He also has a fox tail, and fox paws instead of feet.
Personality: Friendly, helpful, a hugger, and very loveable
Crush?: Open
Why they're at camp/ History: He was found, abandoned, in the forest just outside of camp. He was basically raised here.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Allowed species: Witches, werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, Faeries, Ghosts, and Chameleons (from the books). Hybrids of multiple supernatural species are allowed.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Name: Felicia Wells
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: Chameleon
Extra abilities: Can hear ghosts but can't see them and has an amazing healing ability.
How long have they known they weren't human?: Almost her entire life.
Personality: Really sweet and talkative, she likes pretty much everyone and is loyal to a fault. Underneath all that though she can be fairly calculating.
Crush?: None as of yet
Why they're at camp/ History: When she was little she met another person like her and they taught her everything they knew. She mastered her powers and is able to blend in with other supernaturals. She came to camp because she wasn't sure where to go after her chameleon friend died.
Other: Doesn't trust the FRU and struggles to keep her pattern in check. Pretends to be a witch.

message 5: by Emma (new)

Emma (emma_reader) Name: Rebecca Dawn
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Fae
Extra abilities: Pathokinesis, healing are her specialties.
How long have they known they weren't human: All her life
Appearance: long, straight blond hair, green eyes (picture to come)
Personality: Usually a good natured person, but can become irritated very easily
Crush: none
History: She was sent to camp after her fairy parents died when she was three.
Other: N/A

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Booknut (booknut101) | 99 comments Name: Alexa Kent
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Extra abilities: Can control the elements at will (is still working on this though. Flash floods may occur at random intervals when she's not careful).
How long have they known they weren't human: Since forever - having a family of witches isn't exactly subtle (especially when your older cousins turn your hair green on your fifth birthday).
Appearance: Long, straight brown hair with natural blonde highlights. Full lips. Unusual eyes that change colour (hides them with sunglasses).

Personality: Doesn't trust easily, but is a loyal and true friend. Has a sense of humour that is often not appreciated as it is often ill-timed.
Crush: Has spotted a few hotties amongst those at camp, but hasn't met anyone yet who 'clicked'.
History: Every other Kent witch, or warlock, has managed to go through their 'clan education' without troubles. But Alexa's often unconscious manipulation of the elements caused a few kinks in her family's plans. With no other options - and now way to 'control' her - they sent her to Shadow Falls. She is not allowed back home until she learns to master her abilities.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Name: Lunamaria Carissa Thompson (goes by Luna)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Fairy

Extra abilities: animal whisperer, force fields & inadvisability and still developing

How long have they known they weren't human?: for about a year, but new to the camp (grandma just found out)

Appearance: waist long light brown hair, forest green eyes (change colours -brown, blue, grey, red- according to mood), cute button nose, light freckles, soft lips, long dark eye lashes, long fingers, delicate hands and feet, 5'11, average weight, light green wings (doesn't like showing them much), and likes wearing baggier cloths :p

Personality: very shy and quiet at first (until you get to know), likes kids, funny sometimes, klutz, responsible, can be flirty without realizing it (my bad), very apologetic, scared of A LOT of things, doesn't trust easy, bit of a loner, etc.

Crush: Human Boyfriend (really Fea)

Why they're at camp/ History: was adopted at a young age, and when powers started to show, adoptive parents sent her off

Other: bad at riddles, hates the cold, loves the colour green, likes to read, write, and draw.

description ... [image error]

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Sasha Ivashkov-Herondale-Jackson (aka Clarisse) (sasha101) | 592 comments Name: Jana-Lee Stuart (likes to go by Jana

Age: 16

Species: Shapeshifter
Special abilities: shapeshifting (duh)

How long have they known they werent human?: from a very young age. Since she accidentaly turned herself into a frog. And continued to do so to trick ppl into thinking that she was actually a princess who was turned into a frog. Used to 'reveal' herself to humans a lot and got in trouble a lot due to that reason.

Why she's at camp: her parents sent her here in hopes that she may harness, and use her powers wisely, and stop being so troublesome.

Appearance: medium length chocolate brown hair, average-ish height (5'7"), average weight, big hazel/green eyes, long dark eyelashes, fair complexion.

Personality: Bubbly, vivacious, sarcastic can be cynical sometimes and accidentaly offends ppl (but she doesnt mean to!), sometimes cracks lame jokes, scared of the dark, but tries nt to show it ans attempt to be like a feirce herione, very talkative that it can get annoying at times....

History: she has been at camp for a while now, she left without a warning and does not wish to dwell on that matter but came back recently... shares a cabin with Luna

Crush: open/none (yet!) :)

Other: blah blah blah

message 9: by cecilia (last edited Apr 29, 2013 08:02AM) (new)

cecilia Name: Cerise Dion
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Chameleon
Extra abilities: She's a chameleon, which is pretty cool in itself, but she's also a ghost whisperer, healer, and dreamscaper. Cerise even possesses the empath abilities of many native americans. Cerise also has strong powers of every species, being a chameleon, but she can only use them when she's wearing that pattern. She wears the pattern of a witch almost always. Since she mastered her powers, every last one of them, by the time she was seven, she was always allowed to go in public. After her first visit out of the compound, Cerise and her family broke out, since she had learned to blend in.
How long have they known they weren't human?: all her life
Appearance: Cerise is Native American, without a doubt. She's got the right skin tone, as well as the dark hair and eyes.
Personality: Cerise is very secluded. She doesn't express herself often, but when she does, listen hard and listen well, because she's going to say something important. She'd die for others, even if she doesn't know them. Cerise is a brave person, but she's always had trouble going into dangerous situations.
Crush?: open.
Why they're at camp/ History: Cerise's parents died just a few weeks ago. The rest of her family was dead, so she decided to move to Shadow Falls. She was pretty normal before that, with the average chameleon training. Though she did seem to get her training and abilities perfected faster than everyone.
Other: Cerise is a great actress and dancer. She doesn't even have to think about her pattern at this point. It changes only when she wants it to. She's mastered all her abilities, she has since she was seven, but she's still coming into a few of her powers. And others are popping up out of nowhere.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Name:Oliver Lethe

Age: 18

Gender: male

Species: were wolf

Extra abilities: mostly just extremely strong

How long have they known they weren't human?: forever

Appearance: shaggy black hair, blue eyes

Personality: rude, mean, aggressive, selfish

Crush?: "do I f*ching need one?" -quote from him

Why they're at camp/ History: thought it would be fun to mess with people and find a mate or six.

Other: raped Luna and ruined her wings/life

message 11: by Elliana (new)

Elliana | 1 comments Name: Ellie Stratton
Age: 15
Gender: female
Species: Hybrid- Fae and Witch
Extra: amazing healing
How long they haven't known: whole life
Appearance: long brown hair, usually in a braid or ponytail, brilliant blue eyes, 5'5"
Personality: very bubbly, smiles continuously. Gets hyper easily. Diabetic. Fave color is purple.
Crush: don't have one... Yet
Why: I just wanna see how I can handle my powers around supernaturals AND humans

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) Name- Savanah
Age- 16
Gender- Female
Looks- black hair, blue\green eyes, slim, fit,
Acts- bitchy, nice, funny, smart
Species (look at message #3 for a list of accepted supernaturals):Witch\Werewolf
Extra abilities (like ghost whispering, healing, etc.): Ghost Whispering, healing, Shifting,fast runner
How long have they known they weren't human?: 3 years
Crush?: doesn't have one yet
Why they're at camp/ History- lost contorl one day and shifted into a were and distoryed the whole house almost.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Name: Aliona (Al)
Age: 14
Gender: female
Species: were wolf
Extra abilities: shield
How long have they known they weren't human?: got bit two months ago
Appearance: description
Personality: outgoing, dare devil
Crush: no one
Why they're at camp/ History: live in the town (don't know about the camp. Was turn by Oliver when he found out she was pregnant.
Other: got raped by Oliver and is 6month pregnant with his child.
Has a twin, but she hasn't seen her in 8 months (since she ran away with Oliver)

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Elijah | 49 comments Name: Richard
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Species: Fae and Witch hybrid
Extra Abilities: ghost whispers, can turn into a ghost like thing, Is a holy warrior.
How long have they known they known they were not human: 11 years.
Appearance: blonde, longish hair, slightly tan, and is around 6' 5"
Personality: lone wolf though is very friendly when approached.
Friends with: Aliona, Luna, Ellie, and is thinks of Johnny as a little brother. He absolutely detests Oliver.
Why they're at camp: I escaped to camp when the FRU tried to kidnap me
Other: My dad was a friend of Kylie's grandfather and Kylie's grandfather is the only one who knows where he is.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Name: Hope
Age: 14
Gender: female
Species: vamp (was turned by some random homeless dude)
Extra abilities: speed, healing
How long have they known they weren't human?: a week
Appearance: description [image error]
Personality: shy, doesn't like to be noticed
Crush: no one
Why they're at camp/ History: Burnett found her and brought her here.
Other: Al's twin sister.
Mother and Father died in care accident shortly after Hope was bit

message 16: by Reiko (last edited Jul 17, 2013 12:30AM) (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) Name: Holly Fallens
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Extra abilities: Ultra hearing, teleportation
How long have they known they weren't human?: Since 11
Appearance: Red-brown eyes, waist-length brown hair with black highlights, slim, tall, agile.
Personality: Friendly and doesn't get angry easily. She is everyone's comedian and she is always smiling though she might be a little too rebellious. She treats everyone as her friend...
Crush?: Open, preferably Werewolves
Why they're at camp/ History: Her mother was a vampire herself and her husband as well so there came Holly. At the age of 11, Holly's mum decided to send her to camp because it was dangerous for her since she acted abnormal. Holly has been in camp for 5 years.
Other: Mum, dad and sister are vampires... Her sis came to camp and her sis left an impression for the camp. Thus, when Holly was sent, she got in much easier.

message 17: by ☯Jocey☯ (new)

☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 7 comments Name: Jax Cole
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Shapeshifter
Extra Abilities: Can communicate with animals, telekinetic and telepathic.
How long they have known they aren't human: Her whole life.
Appearance: ((first picture, the one with head phones))
Personality: She is loud, nice, kind, caring, creative and curious. She is extremely brave, courageous and loyal, she is one of the best friends that you would ever have.
Why their at camp/History: Jax was born to a Neko family. She was born like a normal Neko, but, she was able to shift into any animal that she wished that ever existed from a young age. Her family sent her here at the earliest age possible so that she can master her abilities.

message 18: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) | 184 comments Name: J. (doesn't know what it stands for)
Gender: Female
Species: Half Vampire- Half Fairy
Appearance: Red hair and green eyes. 5'7. Always wearing her leather jacket. And sword at her side.
Extra Abilities: Healing, doesn't need blood to survive, amazing with a sword, telepathic, dreamscaping.
Personality: Doesn't trust people easily(because of her childhood)but cares even if she won't say it, totally badass, short fuse, wild, troublemaker.
How long they have known they aren't human:Her whole life.
Why at camp: Aunt Holiday thought it would be better for her to be there for a semester.
History: Her mother was a Fairy(She is related to Holiday) who fell in love with a vampire. But when he found out she was pregnant; He had her run before The Council found out about the child. They fled to a Monk Temple(location classified), the monks helped deliver the baby. The child(J) needed special medicine because her vampire side always threatens to kill her. So the Monks keep her healthy and secret from the world. J's parents left her with a blanket embodied J on it. The Monks trained her in combat and swordsmanship and how to control her powers. She needs her medicine every 48 hrs. or she'll die. She works for the FRU sometimes but doesn't trust them. She only does it to find out more about her family.After researching she finds that Holiday is her aunt and contacts her. Holiday convinces her to go to Shadow Falls so she can keep an eye on her.

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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 5662 comments Luna's Babies

After taking a pill given to her by Hope, her babies started to develop faster. The were born in under two days, and aged five years within hours of birth.

Name: Nyx
Age: looks 5
Gender: female
Species: Fairy
Extra abilities: telepathy & emotion reading
How long have they known they weren't human: since birth
Appearance: Short darker brown hair with brown eyes.
Personality: quiet, outgoing, creative, strong minded.
Why they're at camp/ History: Born here


Name: Kiki
Age: looks 5
Gender: female
Species: Werewolf
Extra abilities: speed & strength
How long have they known they weren't human: since birth
Appearance: Short light brown hair with golden-orange eyes.
Personality: load, stubborn, adventurous, physically strong.
Why they're at camp/ History: Born here

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Nik (anxious-morality) Name: Juniper Evans
Nickname June
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species (look at the discussion thread): Witch
Extra abilities: elemental manipulation, healing, teleportation
How long have they known they weren't human?: all her life.
Personality: very fun loving and free spirited. She is also somewhat like her father who is super sarcastic and a huge jerk. She knows when to shut up though. Secretly, under her jack a** personality, she is very loving and would give anything for the people she loves. has a defensive temper.
Crush?: N/A
Why they're at camp/ History: She thought it would be a nice way to improve her powers. She has never been really good at handling them
Other: has a cat named Shadow(

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KT (queenlykt) Please include your camper's (these may be subject to change):

Name: Lee
Age: 17
Gender: female
Species (look at the discussion thread): shapeshiftier
Extra abilities (like ghost whispering, healing, etc.): can sense ghosts not see or hear them, heal minor injuries, invincibility (is really really hard to injure)
How long have they known they weren't human?: Life
Appearance: Tall, 5'8, long black hair, usually in ponytail, slender, but toned, usually wears a leather jacket, jeans, tall black high heels.
Personality: Fierce, distant, untrusting, when you Do get her trust she'll do anything for you. Temperamental
Crush?: None. Lee doesn't get crushes very easily.
Why they're at camp/ History: Mom went psycho and killed a bunch of people after being cursed to insanity by a witch. Dad abused and beat her, Lee ran to the camp.

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Melissa | 5451 comments THIS IS NATASHA'S CHARACTER:

Name:Ariadne Lakes
Appearance:Tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes pale skin and mostly wears shorts and T-shirts always wears a pendant with a lock of her dead brothers hair in.
History:Is actually English but moved to America at the age of 14 because there were no 'camps' like this in England
Personality:.Has a very short temper but if you are her friend she will protect you at all costs .
Talents:Can see ghosts and is an exceptional healer.
Crush :none
How long she has known she is not human:14 years
Can use a bow and arrow very well and can swird fight but is not a holywarrior

message 23: by goblin gender (new)

goblin gender (blanketedmelody) Name: Cherre Whitler
Appearance: Tall With short Bouncy black curls. She is always wearing a old navy sweater with pastel colered skinny jeans.
History: Is very secritive and no one knows who her familiy is. most people thought she was in a gang.
Personality: Is very quite and short-tempered, but will Kick butt if she has to. She has few friends, But the few people of her species accept her loke a sister. She is also very loyal and funny, although many people don't know it and don't want to figure her out.
Talents: No one knows all her talents but Holiday, who refuses to share them.
Crush: Sophia Willams
How long she has known she is not human: 15 years
Can use twin daggers and stilleto knives well, too well....

message 24: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie (ruemen) Name: Ian
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Extra abilities: Can change whenever but still has to change on the full moon.
How long they've known: -years
Appearance: A black shaggy haired person with grayish blue eyes. His wolf is pure black with the same colored eyes.
[image error]
Personality: Ian can be really sensitive. He lost a lot in the past, and he didn't really want to go on. But a friend helped him even though they knew what he was. In the end they got a consequence hurting Ian more. But he remembered they're words. That's what keeps him strong. When you first meet him, he will be a jerk at first, but over time he will change. He seemed really dark and mysterious, but when he gets to know someone he cares about, his care can be forever.
Crush: None yet
Friends: None yet
Why they're at camp?: Ian was born human. He had a happy and full life. He had a girlfriend he cared about. Two little sisters, friends, family. All he could ask for until he got bitten when he was 17. He was in the woods walking, it was fall an easy breeze good weather. A wolf came out of nowhere and attacked him. When the wolf was done, Ian was almost dead but before it was too late a runner found him knocked out on a forest trail. He was rushed to the hospital and there healed. Alive, but a werewolf. He figured this out the next full moon. He was at a party alone with his GF. The next day, Ian woke up at his house and was told that his GF was dead from some kind of animal. He instantly knew what had happened and left his family and friends, taking himself as a danger to them. A few weeks after he turned eighteen, he found the camp for people like him and decided to stay there.
Other: None

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Cameron (cami1661) Name: Shea

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Shapeshifter

Extra abilities: Levitate

How long have they known they weren't human?: Six Years

Appearance: Light brown hair, light blue eyes

Personality: Very shy, quiet, not good at making friends

Boyfriend: Tait

Why they're at camp/ History: Her parents realized that when she was nine, Shea overheard her parents talking about her, and how she isn't human. Her parents made her live with her shapeshifter relative, Aunt Macy, who took her to camp.

message 26: by Mara (new)

Mara Name: Alisa
Species: fae
Extra Abilities: Can talk to ghosts and can heal
How long have they known they were not human: since she was a child
Appearance: Blond long hair and brown eyes
Crush: no one yet.
Why they're at camp/History: to learn how to use her powers of talking to ghosts and healing.
other: loves music

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♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb)

"I've been mistaken, i shouldn't be here. I'm only troubled, not different."

Name: D.L Mires
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Species: Chameleon

Extra abilities: Healing Factor
How long have they known they weren't human?: 17


Hair: Blond, Curly
Eyes: Brown/Grey
Skin: Fair


Normally Jolly, and sarcastic, D.L is also confused at times. D.L is normally kind to, she's not one who would be mean to others, unless she chose to.

Crush?: None, yet

Why they're at camp:

Before Shadow Falls, D.L was born in Atlanta, GA. Her mother died when she was born, which devastated her father. But by the time seventeen years had passed. D.L was sent to Shadow falls due to a fight at school.


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Leilani heal (amaroq) | 7 comments Melissa wrote: "Please include your camper's (these may be subject to change):

Species (look at the discussion thread):chameleon
Extra abilities (like ghost whispering, healing, etc.):a healer and the main traites i have is werewolf and shapeshifer

How long have thejust found out a year ago
appearance:blond hair, vibrant green eyes,round face,blue shirt and blue jean pants with blue and white reeboks i have pale skin
pearsonality:kind and modest very easy going
crush:none yet
history:mom and dad was cruely murdered when i was young.been raised by my grandma.she just told me about this and she sent me here to learn about myself

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Melissa | 5451 comments THIS IS HAILEY'S CHARACTER:

Name: Serina Greyland
Age: 16
Species: chameleon
Extra Abilities: she can dreamshape, talk to ghosts and can turn into any supernatural if having the right pattern.
appearance: hip length curly black hair, striking emerald green eyes, board straight waist long legs, tall
Crush: not yet
friends: felecia , cerise and oliver
history: got thrown into camp by her parents because she wphad anger issues

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Melissa | 5451 comments Name: Jake
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Species: Fae
Extra abilities: very weak healing abilities

How long have they known they weren't human?: Ten years


Personality: Jake is a pretty laid back guy most of the time. He makes friends easily and likes a good joke as much as the next guy. He tends to put everything he has into what he's doing and doesn't hold back. This gets him into trouble when things don't turn out the way he wants them to.

Crush: Felicia

History: Jake is really only at camp because his family didn't know where else to send him. He's been living with his Aunt and uncle for nearly as long as he can remember. His mom comes by sometimes but not often and she's usually more preoccupied with trying to find his father than anything else.



Name: Logan LeMire
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Species: Vampire
Extra abilities: Clairvoyance (only when asleep though)

How long have they known they weren't human?: 2 years


Personality: Logan can get pretty intense at times. He can also play the 'strong silent type' pretty well when he needs to and unfortunately he used to need to. A lot. He's really protective though and hates hurting people. Unless they deserve it, if there is one thing he hates it's a bully.

Crush: Luna

History: Logan grew up not knowing he was a vampire. His father was one but he was killed not long after Logan was born and his mother never knew her husband was anything other than human. The first time Logan drank blood though he knew he wasn't human. It was after drinking blood that all his vampire abilities kicked in and he was almost immediately picked up by a gang. He heard about camp and left the gang as quickly as he could, sick from all the things he had been forced to do.


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Melissa | 5451 comments Um approved but being a chameleon wouldn't magically make her a dog, it would change her into a shapeshifter then a dog

message 32: by Melissa, Chameleon extraordinaire (new)

Melissa | 5451 comments I just wanted that to be clear in case someone joined who didn't know what chameleons are.

message 33: by Leilani (new)

Leilani heal (amaroq) | 7 comments um am i approved

message 34: by Melissa, Chameleon extraordinaire (new)

Melissa | 5451 comments I told you your character was too powerful right? And that once she was powered down you were approved?

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Matt Jones | 1 comments {Full Name:} Matthew/Maddison Haterson
{Nicknames:} Matt and Maddi but jerks call him/her Gender Bender

{Age:} 15
{Date of Birth:}
{Time of Birth:}
{Place of Birth:}

{Gender:} male/female
{Sexuality:} straight

{How many years have they been going to Shadow falls camp?}1st year

{Species:} Shape Shifter and vampire
(Sometimes changes into opposite gender and can't control it)


{Hair Color:} boy:black girl:blue with black
{Eye Color:} black
{Height:} 6'3

{Mode of Transportation:} if any
Skateboard and legs

► meat
►0 negative blood

✖bright bright colors

►skate boarding

{Personality:} sometimes serious. Very sensitive. Very shy. Very funny. He/she is bipolar and very sweet.

{History:} unknown. He/she has no memory of his/her life.

{Other:} when he/she turned 15 he/she lost all his memory(less)

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Melissa | 5451 comments How does the whole gender thing work exactly?

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Derrick Flanery
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Ghost
Abilities He can control who sees him and who can't
How long have they known: A little over a year
Personality: He is very outgoing and witty. An all around nice guy. Unless you give him a reason not to like you.
Reason: He is looking for someone who understands his situation and will help him figure out what truly happened to him.

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Melissa | 5451 comments Approved! Nice to have a ghost finally :3

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)


message 40: by Niran (new)

Niran •Name: Selene Vladizo

•Age: 17

•Gender: Female

•Species: Fairy

•Extra Abilities: Selene can generally control the elements of fire, water, earth and wind. But as a fairy she can control/ communicate with anything to do with nature and animals.
However, she can also influence people with a glamour if she looks them deep in the eyes and instructs them.

•How long she's known she's not human:
she knew from the very beginning, as she was being raised her parents raised her as a fairy. Not a human.


Selene is very tough, she's brave and full of courage. She can be very rude if she feels that someone else is being rude and she can also give someone a taste of their own medicine. Once you get to know her you realise that she is nice, she's kind, gentle, funny, friendly, honest, trust worthy and will do anything to help.
She has a very dark sense of humour, sometimes she can be very sarcastic and dry humoured.

•Crush: doesn't have anyone yet, would anyone like to be?

•Why they're at camp:
Selene is at camp because her parents died, they died when she was 10 but she ran away shortly after they had. She lived on the streets and was wandering from place to place. Until one day someone came to her about a school that was opening up for supernatural.
Apparently her parents and family were well known, that's how the people found her.
Ever since she was 12 she has been at the school, it's been her home and she knows it like the back of her hand.

-Selene is very good at combat and using a bow and arrow or knives.

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Leilani heal (amaroq) | 7 comments now am i approved

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Melissa | 5451 comments yes

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Melissa | 5451 comments Niran wrote: "•Name: Selene Vladizo

•Age: 17

•Gender: Female

•Species: Fairy

•Extra Abilities: Selene can generally control the elements of fire, water, earth and wind. But as a fairy she can control/ ..."

Approved :)

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Niran Yay thank you!

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Melissa | 5451 comments Aside from being born at camp she's accepted (hybrids are allowed). If her parents left her at camp the FRU would find some other place to send her, except for special circumstances the camp is for teenagers only

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Melissa | 5451 comments Just realized her age... I know I didn't specify but campers should be teenagers, adults would be teachers or counselors

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Chaney Name: Josh Stones

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf

Extra Abilities: can change into a wolf and back into a human. Has enhanced speed, strength, and senses even when he is in human form.

How long they know they were supernatural: He always known. He was born into it.



Personality: Josh is pretty outgoing. You'll always see him in a group of people. He hates when he has no one to hang out with. Josh is pretty kind to everyone unless you provoke him. Then he could turn very rude and nasty. Josh is protective over whoever he cares about. And he isn't afraid to speak his mind when Josh wants to share his thoughts with others. He also likes to do crazy and stupid stuff with his friends sometimes just for the hell of it. And he hates vampires.

Crush: Never really had a real crush on anyone before. He wants to find his real mate.

History: Josh grew up with both of his parents in his pack. They were both Alphas. When Josh was still only a pup his pack was attacked by vampires unexpectedly. His parents died trying to protect the pack and him. Most of the pack was wiped out But few like Josh. One of the other females werewolves that survived the ambush raised him as her own. Josh grew up with her until he was old enough to come Shadow Falls. He had had been there for a couple years now and frequently visits his adoptive mother. Also Josh has always hated vampires from that day on.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Name:Arthur Bishop

Age:(Looks) 14 (Is) 336


Species (look at the discussion thread):Warlock

Extra abilities (like ghost whispering, healing, etc.):Magic, can hear the dead

How long have they known they weren't human?: For 336 years


Personality: Arthur is a boy with a troubled past and will often keep to himslef and distance himslef from others. Very jumpy and paranoid due to the "ghosts" that haunt him. Does have a soft and playful side that comes out when he trusts them, espacilly if he likes them

Crush?:He's Bi and Open

Why they're at camp/ History: Where does one begin with a troubled past like Arthur's. Well I guess like any starting point should be at the beginning. Arthur was born to Bridget and Edward Bishop of Salem Massachusetts, yep that Salem. His mother was devout Puritan as well as his father but she harbored a dark secret. She was a Wiccan like her mother before and did it in secret to protect her family. Everything was going good until she sensed a dark presence enter Salem. The new Reverend's niece Abigail Williams. She could tell from the start she was a dark witch. An evil witch that wanted nothing more then to spared death and misery through dark magic. Fearing for her families safety. She told Reverend Parris about her suspicions of Abigail dabbling in Witchcraft, but rather then believe her Parris accused her of Witchcraft and she went to trail. Her pleads of innocence fell on death hears and on June 10th 1692. She was executed right in front of Arthur and his father. Her death was the first of many during the witch trails and even his own father was accused by Abigail and executed. With only one "Witch" left in Salem. Abigail decided to get rid of Arthur but before she could her magic began to grow terribly weak, it was as if something or someone was weakening her. And it was Arthur's mother determined not to her child fall victim to Abagail's evil. Realizing her grip on Salem was weakening she decided to leave for good., but not before one last piece of business. With all of her left over magic and power she cursed Arthur with eternal life and to be haunted by the ghosts of the Judges that condemned his parents to death for as long as he lives, and ever since then Arthur has been trying to live normally while the vengeful spirits of the past try to end him.

Other: None

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