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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 120 comments Mod
The Portal Gate of the Core Land

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Striker nets the Gate and goes into the War Grounds! Striker screamed, " The Sorcery Chamber will win this war!"
Then he strapped the portal with his sword then brought It back up into his belt.

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Glitchieyt TTV | 11 comments Finally exiting the portal, Sunheart gazed up into the sunset. His battle brawn prowess had no match in his family. He took a big deep sigh, and let out a bit of a roar. His finest armor was on, and he was ecstatic. The portal to the war zone was opened. Sunheart walked in, his mane brushing his face. He walked outside to see what appeared to be the remains of a battle. He walked around and sat down, resting his tail around his axe.

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