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Maris Hello everyone!

I've read Shadowbred, and was very excited as Erevis Cale is one of the best characters to shadow-step Forgotten Realms soil and back-alleys. And now the second book is already on its way formy reading pleasure, and I doubt it will be bad in any way, so I looked into getting the third one and...was bewildered, if not to say more. Either it's not available ( or prices are inadequate ( - used books starting from 28$+shipping used, or 53$ + shipping for brand new... WHAT?!
Does anybody know an international store where I could obtain it for reasonable prices or well...lent me it through postal services?

and digital editions are not an option as then I would need to invest into getting e-readers(100$+).

Maybe I am missing some obvious way of obtaining it?

PS. I am from Latvia.

infael Wow...that sucks.

You may need to buy an ereader or tablet. It may be expensive but if each book is $53, 2 books would equal a device.

Maris I have solved "the issue" by downloading Kindle app for Android and buying this book from it (and oh man, I was happy!)

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