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message 1: by Dustin (new)

Dustin (mrgaughran) | 6 comments I just finished reading 'The Night Stalkers'. It's about the 160th Special Operations helo's used to ferry SpecOps guys. It's a very well written collection of stories about professional, dedicated, night flying madmen.

message 2: by Colin (new)

Colin Heaton (colin1962) | 8 comments 160th are a great group, I spent some time TDY with them, I knew some of the legends.

message 3: by Rick (new)

Rick Blackmon | 3 comments Brand new to this group. I just read the intro to The Night Stalkers. It sounds great and I am putting it on my must read list.

I have written two books about army aviation and am on my third. The first was "The Transplant List" and the prequel is "The Making Of A Chopper Pilot".

message 4: by Rick (last edited May 08, 2013 08:54PM) (new)

Rick Blackmon | 3 comments The third in my series about Greg Michaels, Night Stalker is no longer free on Amazon today. Sorry I'm late posting this. I had a senior moment.

Description: Major Greg Michaels, US Army Attack Helicopter Pilot leads the helicopter element in a successful mission supporting ST6 SEALs to eliminate nuclear missile capability of the North Koreans.

He later assumes command of an attack helicopter troop in the 101st Airborne Division. He and his troop provide support to forces operating along the DMZ. He has an engine failure, a crash in which he suffers multiple compound fractures of his right leg and arms.

Ultimately, due to gangrene attacks he faces amputation. The book then follows him through prosthesis fitting, and rehabilitation, involving both mental and physical therapy at Walter Reed Military Medical Center and Brooke Army Hospital, now known as the San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Link to Amazon:

message 5: by Erik (new)

Erik | 8 comments Thanks Rick, I'm gonna have to check out that book.

message 6: by Colin (new)

Colin Heaton (colin1962) | 8 comments Interesting. I was in the 101st and worked with the 160th SOAR a few times.

message 7: by Peter (new)

Peter Azzole (pjazzole) Just released
HELL TO PAY - 2nd Edition by Peter J. Azzole
HELL TO PAY - 2nd Edition
A Korean Conflict historical fiction; a Navy pilot's life-changing adventure.
This riveting, true-to-life war novel has more to offer than combat. Aside from treating the reader to the thrill of flying, one experiences the stressful life of a pilot far from his family in a frantic war. Folded skillfully into the tale are romance, history, espionage, government corruption and much more. First edition has reviews on Amazon, Barnes&Nobel and Goodreads.

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