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Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) to Love, the ride to walmarts was bumpy and fun. she laughed helplessly.

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Ash smiled at her. "We're gonna split up, so that I can grab some things, but I'll get you to what you need." He brought her to the beds and matresses.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Love looked around and started snatching things she wanted not caring how greedy she looked.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) she examined a beautiful set of pillows, duvet cover and bed sheet. they were all a shiny deep gold with multicoloured ornaments."ooooh i love it,"she exclaimed.

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Ash looked at her. He gave her a cart to put the stuff in. "Find a bed and matress you like. Also pillows, and bedding sets." He said, "I'll be right back."

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He began walking away.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) "YE LEAVE HEAVY THINGS TO ME"she shouted after him laughing.

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He grabs paint brushes, plastic, and a ladder that can be lengthened or shortened. He put them in his cart. He thought about how dirty the girl was, in the night he would sneak out and surprise her with a wardrobe. He came back with the stuff in his cart. "What did you find?"

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) she took the bedding set and made her way to the pillows. she felt all of them. pillows were the hardest to choose. she decided on a really hard one because soft ones can hurt her neck. she saw a dark brown bed frame. it was made of oak and would go lovely with her bedding set. she lifted the box of pieces with struggle.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) "loads of things"she smiled.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) she took another bedding set, this time silver, gold and blue for when the other is in the wash.

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Ash walked over and helped her. "You wanna go find stuff to decorate your room?" He said.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) "check out?"she asked.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) "oh um... ye ill have a browse"she said.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) she found glow in the dark stars and wall stckers. then she was finished.

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Ash nods and goes to check out. ((Please only do one post.))

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) love browsed aroind and thought that she didnt need anytging else so she went to help ash with the scanning and lifting.((ok it just happens when new ideas pop uo.))

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When they were done, Ash began bringing stuff out to the trailer, when he finished he waited for Love to get iin and make sure nothing fell out.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) love hopped actually looked like she just hopped in and waited for another fun rollercoaster ride.
"back home we go!"she exclaimed emphasising the home and visibaly preened herself.

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Ash began driving to their home.

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Ash ran into the Walmart. He filled the cart over the top with clothing that he knew would fit Love, and she would like. He got some hangers, and smiled, buying it all. He ran back home.

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Serena walked happily into Wal-Mart with Love by her side. She hated these kind of stores. It was a far stretch from what she was used to, however money was scarce these days, and she made sure to smile , at least for Loves sake. There had to be something in here the child would love.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Love went in and looked around. Thia place was extremely familiar. A vision of that same blurry boy and her played. She held on to something to steady herself. The distant voices were haunting.

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Serena eyed love with concern. "Are you O.K"?

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) "It's are you sure you don't know a boy with....brown hair...british?.." she pur two finger on her head to stop the dizzyness.

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Serena was skeptical, there was no reason why her spell shouldn't have worked not unless Love had really been in love. How could it be a child's love was so innocent, so trusting. It could never be real Serena thought. She thought of her own love, it had been a lie. She grabbed love's hand to steady her. She couldn't let love go into insanity, she'd release her from the spell before she'd even think it. "Its Hot Serena said". "Maybe you need some water. I think there's water fountains near the bathrooms"

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) "Maybe..." she mumbled and went to look for the water fountain. She found it and drank from it then walked back to Serena.

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Serena was worried. If push came to shove she would have to restore Loves memory. "Feeling Better" She asked

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) "A little...sort of. ." Love frowned and shrugged. "Do you know what it all means?"

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(Do you want Serena to restore loves memory?)

No, Serena shrugged.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) {No...can she try and fail a little so then Love still has some flashbacks but less.}

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( Yea, thats cool.)

"Me neither Serena said calmy. Sometimes its feels like we've been places before, and maybe seen things already. You know sorta like de ja vu. Maybe your a psychic or something" Serena lied

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Love burst out laughing at this "phsychic? I dont think so."

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Serena smiled she was overjoyed by Loves laughter. "Hey, you never know, she shrugged".

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Love grinned and looked around.

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"So what do you want get",Serena asked?

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) She sauntered around scrutinizing little objects till a beautiful snow globe caught her eye.

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"You like this" Serena asked? Picking it up, she watched as the tiny fake snow glitter. Slowly dropped itself to the bottom

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Love gazed longingly at it and whispered "Yes please..."

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Serena handed it to love with a smile. "Now lets get you some cool clothes and a swimsuit". Serena said.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Love went to have a dekko at that section.

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(What is a Deeko?)

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) {Dekko is slang for a look.}

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(oh, LOL)

Serena followed flipping threw the clothes on the rack that were all neon shades of Pink, Green, and Orange.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Love looked around taking things she liked. "These please?"

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(What does love want?)

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) {Clothes in her hands...}

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Serena eyed the items, she grabbed a shopping cart that was sitting empty between two isles. "Throw them in, she said ."

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Love threw them in smiling.

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