Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1) Hush, Hush question

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personally i like both but id have to say patch im more of a fallen angel girl

Despite my disdain for both of them, Scott is the lesser of two evils. So I'll choose him.

Aaliyah Smith I think Scott. Patch cheated on Nora with Marcie remember?
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Patch....definitely Patch!! :)

yea I like Patch

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Ok I just finished book 1, Hush Hush this morning. Who is Scott? It was Elliot and Patch. Well Elliot was really Julian/Chauncy's puppet but just sayin. Am I missing something here?

Patch, mysterious all the way, way more sexier :)

I dont really know, seeing as sometimes Scott drove me crazy but then there was times ( like a LOT in the 2ed one) that Patch drove me insane! but seeing as i didnt really care for Scott that much; yes he was honest and funny and carring. at least most of the time. I'd still have to go with Patch. Sorry Scotty!


PATCH<333 hottiee


PATCH!! I <3 Patch..i can feel patch ;) My name is Nora, and on the book is Nora&pATCH..SOO :) <3

U 25x33
Aoife Crotty JEAAALOUS! Ahahah you're so meant to be with Patch so.. Lucky thing! :P ...more
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Well i see we're not using any spoiler tags in this discussion...

Huh, I feel so sorry for Scott!!!! The poor guy, are we going to have any competition or not???
'I choose Scott'

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I like Patch more. He's a sexy bad boy, with a sweet heart. And his physical description in the book sounds way sexier as well.

Patch no matter what!!

Finally finished the whole series. PATCH Always. Scott more like Nora's loving brother but Patch was her soul.

For nora: Patch. But scott was an amazing friend and I cried when he died.

PATCH!! scott is now dead...

Patch, he is my book boyfriend we are having an affair; my poor husband lol :P I like Scott too though

Patch 4ever

Patch and that to for forever!

I definitely choose PATCH...he is so unpredictable making it more interesting because you don't know what he do next....he is

Scottie the Hottie!

Well, for me I don't have to think twice. PATCH!! Forever Patch. But I feel sorry for Scott. Well, he ended up with Vee and that was sweet but when he sacrificed his life to save Nora. It was heart breaking and I cried a lot. It was so sad :'( I just missed him so much. I wanted a happy ever after for Vee and Scott but it didn't happen. And where in the world did Gavin come from?? It's like BOOM!! Vee is getting married to some guy named Gavin, we never heard of until the very end of the book. But I still pick Patch and sorry Scott but you were just a friend.

Patch for sure... more of a bad boy/ romantic guy that I am in love with...

I'll take Patch over Scott any day!

I love patch, and I would've chosen him if I'd been asked this same question before I read the last book. But when I read finale I just fell in love with Scott even more, I don't know why but... so now I'm simply a Nephilim girl!

I love Scott but... PATCH!!

How to choose between one's future husband and NOT one's future husband... Patch.


Definitely Patch! Even though he's a fallen angel and comes off as dark and dangerous, I like his character a lot more than Scott's. No offense to Scott fans!

I'm currently reading Finale and I would have to say definitely Patch!! I love how he is with Nora and I just love Patch!! He's the ultimate bad boy and he's amazing!! (though in real life I don't go for bad boys lol)

I don't even need to think about this twice...

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I'll have to say Scott.
Just because I have a feeling it will be Patch in the end.
I'm ALWAYS on the third-wheel team.

PATCH! *wipes drool*

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