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message 1: by Brynnzie (new)

Brynnzie | 3 comments I am racking my brain trying to get the name of this book. It is fiction and it is about a lady whose husband died, I don't remember if he was ill or it was an accident. She had a hard time coping and her mother in law came to help her clear out his things and instead of giving his boxes to good will she sends all of her living room furniture. Eventually she moves away to another town to pickup the pieces and at the end she ends up opening a bakery. This might be vaque but if anyone knows what it is then HELP!! The title did have something in it about cake or chocolate of something.

message 2: by Kevyn (last edited Jan 15, 2008 05:34AM) (new)

Kevyn This sounds a lot like Sophie's Bakery For The Broken Hearted by Lolly Winston, though I haven't read it. She moves from California to Oregon and opens a bakery there. A review for it says it was also published under the title "Good Grief"



message 3: by CLM (new)

CLM | 303 comments Or possibly Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray, although that husband is unemployed rather than deceased, if I recall correctly.

message 4: by Brynnzie (new)

Brynnzie | 3 comments GOOD GRIEF is the Correct book. Apparently i didn't have a good in the title Thank you

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