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what is really the context of that book?

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Corn O. i hope i gonna enjoy this book!

Alexia I thought it was relaly good

Ashlee This book is one of my favorites. It does start out slow and maybe a little boring here and there--but it's worth it if you read it through to the end! McKenna is a woman looking for a new start since her father just died and it's only her and her brother. They move in with her cousins, but she is soon alone--again. A traveling U.S. Marshal comes to town and wants to get to know her--but, with what happened back home, McKenna doesn't take too kindly to officers. But he soon wiggles his way into her hidden heart. And, even though everything happens fast as far as their relationship goes, she slowly starts to yield and learn to love for real. It was the slow romance and sweet message of the book that makes me go back and read it again and again!

Emilee I love all of Alexander's books. I like how they all connect in some small way.

`Candle This book definitely did not have a slow start. In fact it grabs your attention from the very beginning with the heroine almost getting run over by a bad guy on a horse and the hero riding in and taking charge. McKenna is an industrious young woman trying to make money in a male dominated field, responsible for a teenage brother who is the proverbial pain in the neck, and attracted to the strong silent type Marshall who realizes the brother needs a strong male hand in his life...making for strife between him and McKenna. I liked the edgy romance getting stronger over time because in real life anything worth having usually takes time. Building trust takes time and both Wyatt and McKenna had trust issues. I loved the way Ms. Alexander wove her faith strings throughout the story. Awesome read!

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