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Walter Greatshell Hi. I'm Walter Greatshell, the author of "Xombies." When I wrote this book in 2001 (under the title "Dead Sea") the only zombie novel I was aware of was "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson, so I had no intention of jumping on any zombie bandwagon--there was none. I was trying to write a novel that did not fit any preexisting genre, zombie or otherwise, and which could challenge some of the more established formulas in popular fiction. I had all but given up reading pop fiction because it was so predictable, so straightjacketed in narrow genres. I wanted to write something that broke the template, went places the reader was not expecting...or even hoping. Some folks don't like this, and I don't blame them: you see a book called "Xombies" and you naturally expect it to be about marauding ghouls. Hey, I love marauding ghouls, but they're only a small part of "Xombies." That's why it's being re-released September 29th under the new title, "Apocalypse Blues." Fortunately, other readers appreciated the detours, went along for the ride, and for that I am very grateful. To them, and to everyone here, I am delighted to finally announce the arrival of the sequel, "Apocalypticon," in March 2010. Lots more ghouls in that one, I promise. Thanks!

J.H. Glaze Walter, exactly how I felt writing my first novel, "The Spirit Box". I loved Xombies and Apocalypticon is in a stack at home waiting to be read. Thanks for the originality!

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