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Carol O'Connell

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Brenda O'Connell is the best American writer of psychological mysteries. She is every bit as good as the brilliant Ruth Rendell writing in England. It is not just that the plot is interesting and complex, but her prose is wonderful and characters are terrifying.

Tasula I have read all her Mallory novels up to Find Me, and I love her characters, and esp liked Winter House and Find Me. Hope she keeps writing.

Fabitha I totally agree! She slowly became one of my favourite authors, ripping me off classics and fantasy =)
I like her so much I'm buying all her novels in english (though is not my language) 'cause italian translations didn't catch all her wonderful writing...
I read everything 'til It Happens in the Dark (Kathleen Mallory, #11) by Carol O'Connell (2013) so obviously now I'm in withdrawal...

Julie I loved 'The Chalk Girl' - she has a metaphysical style in parts of her books and lovely parts that you could use for a speech exam. One such one was when she comes home in 'Flight of the Stone Angel' and her old blind dog remembers the whistle she gives and feels like he is running to her. It is beautiful.
Her new Mallory book 'Blind Sight' is due out in September. Oh I hope it comes sooner.

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Susi i read one book by her and loved it would read anything by her!!

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