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currently reading Nicholas and Alexandra

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message 1: by Salinda (new)

Salinda | 19 comments Mod
I am reading Nicholas and Alexandra by Massie. A historical book about the last Tsar (monarch) of Russia. I am finding it so fascinating as I know so little about Russian history. I also find it interesting to look at it from a leadership education point of view. Nicholas's father did little to mentor and prepare his son for the role of Tsar and consequently when he inherited the empire his leadership skills were tragic. Does anyone else know anything about this subject, or have any books to read on it? Tell me your thoughts.

message 2: by Jeanine (new)

Jeanine (je9jeanine) | 9 comments Ok, I know a very little bit. And I think this is one I will want to read. Help me out here. Who was Nicholas' father? What year is this taking place? Thanks.

message 3: by Salinda (new)

Salinda | 19 comments Mod
Nicholas's father was Alexander III. The book gives brief overview of Nicholas's life before his fathers death in 1894. Then throughout
Nicholas's reign, exile, and finally murder on July 16 1918. This takes us through the war between Russia and Japan and World War I. The war ended I believe shortly after their deaths.

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