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Anime Chick (Brittany ^ ^) (animechick) | 17 comments Mod
Vampire Knight #6 has just come out in english (paperback copy) and is being sold at boarders for only $8.99! Hurry up and buy it before they are all gone! ^.^

message 2: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay And on the back there's a really attractive picture of Yuuki and Zero!!

message 3: by Soon-yiHearto (new)

Soon-yiHearto lolz. i didnt know it came out 2day. i was at da mall i should have got it. but o well. vampire knight is pretty popular. when i try nd look 4 da 5 book at borders they dont hav it

Fruit Roll Down [Vivienne] (animehplover) | 59 comments Mod
i love attractive....

message 5: by === (new)

=== question, does yuuki ever becm a vampire?

message 6: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) Yes, actually she kind of re-vampires.

message 7: by Darkdawn (new)

Darkdawn (dawningdarkness) | 12 comments Cali wrote: "Yes, actually she kind of re-vampires."

I didnt quite understand that...

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