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message 1: by Eddie (new)

Eddie (eddiewright) I just watched the trailer for Romero's new flick "Diary of the Dead." I'll tell ya, I'm a little worried about this one. I'm not down with this Blair Witch-type stuff. It seems people are making movies that are meant to be viewed exclusively on Youtube or on an Ipod - small, shaky, "real-ish."

Between this one and "Cloverfield," I feel like movies are heading in a direction that I just can't get excited about.

We'll see what happens. I love the hell out of "Day of the Dead" and hope George knows what he's doing.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

He doesn't. Did no one but ME see Land of the Dead? Come ON, people.

message 3: by Eddie (new)

Eddie (eddiewright) Land of the Dead was the weakest of his zombie flicks so far, but it still had something going for it. I think the big budget was his downfall on that one. It wasn't very dirty. It was a bit too pretty and had a bit too many big explosions. But I think the writing was there at least.

message 4: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (cookie_kirby) | 36 comments I don't get why everyone is so down on Land of the Dead. Granted, it wasn't the best movie I ever saw, but it wasn't THAT bad, was it? Maybe I should re-watch it to see what's so terrible.

I agree with Eddie, Diary of the Dead looks like just another movie using the same "reality" schtick. I'll still go see it, though, cause I'm a sucker for Romero.

message 5: by Tony (new)

Tony (radiofreerlyeh) | 8 comments There was a low budget indie film with a similar premise that was released in the UK last year called The Zombie Diaries. It is a set during three periods of zombie rise. Overall it wasn't bad, but there was one scene in it that seriously spooked me, and I woken up to more than once.
The technique used in both have a lot of potential to cover the genre in a new way, and I look forward to what Romero does. Also, my understanding is that Romero is not beholden to a studio for DIARY, like he was for LAND. If you have ever read what Romero had wanted to do for DAY, it would have turned a good movie into an amazing one.

message 6: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) I also liked Land of the Dead. Sure, its not my favorite of the series by a long shot....but I liked it. I thought it was cool, when after years of people thinking that the zombies wouldn't or couldn't go in the water, they did just that....walking through the water to the people. What a great scene, when they came walking out! So, Cookie, I'm right there with you!

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Land of the Dead had uninteresting, undeveloped characters that made the philosophical caricatures of Day of the Dead look like Shakespearean protagonists. It is CRUCIAL in a zombie film that you have some interest in those fighting to stay alive. Otherwise, the good zombie film just turns into a shambling slacker flick.

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message 9: by Thee_ron_clark (new)

Thee_ron_clark | 48 comments Natalie,

That's good to hear. I have Homecoming at my house and I've been waiting on the chance to watch it.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I concur with everything Natalie says about it.

message 11: by Eddie (new)

Eddie (eddiewright) i wish joe dante would work more. i want a new good-time, full-length feature from him. i love the 'burbs, gremlins and the howling.

message 12: by Bryce (new)

Bryce Wilson | 2 comments Indeed Joe Dante is the shit.

Matinee is one of my favorite unloved movies, The Howling is great, (I'd like to give you a piece of my mind), and rewatching Gremlins recently I was fascinated by just what a well written film it really was.

I just wish those dumbasses at Warner Brothers had gotten out of his way and let him make a fantastic Looney Tunes movie, rather then micromanaging it to death.

Homecoming was alot of fun, The Screwfly Solution, not so much.

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