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message 1: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
Anyone else ready to throw in the towel from all of this miserable weather? Any bets on how many more days of rain we can expect? I'm going to say... continuous rain daily until January 31st. Closest bet gets to pick the first Olympia Bloody Mary book club choice (even if you don't want to join!).

message 2: by Blujbird (new)

Blujbird Twig | 20 comments I am going to say: Rain until the 21st, then cold with sunshine for two days until snow. After that rain again until Feb. 2nd.

I spent X-mas in Mexico so right now I am feeling ok with the rain but give me another week and I will start to feel very sleepy and want to crawl in bed with a book.

message 3: by Meridee (new)

Meridee | 12 comments What bad weather? This is glorious!! Could use more wind action though. Had some nice rain going there for awhile. Of course, I am of European/Scandinavian descent and have lived in the NW for all but 4 years of my life (and those years I lived in Denmark). I would vote for a minimum cloud cover if we could get it through Legislature.

message 4: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
Damn, looks like we both already lost. It's gorgeous out today! Does this mean that Meridee gets to pick the first Bloody Mary book club selection?

message 5: by Kristi (new)

Kristi | 48 comments Yes. Meridee, pick.

message 6: by Meridee (last edited Jan 16, 2008 11:29AM) (new)

Meridee | 12 comments I have three (3) suggestions -

1) Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips
2) Boom Voices of the Sixties by Tom Brokaw
3) The Road by Cormac McCarthy

I would gracefully bow to any of your suggestions as I feel rather unqualified to choose for others. I guess it is a lot like my last profession of 20 years as a cook. I can cook but how you want it prepared or served is personal taste. Both eating and reading require taste and digestion - everyone's is just a little bit different.

So what are you "hungry" to read?

message 7: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
I would vote for 1 or 2. They both sound great, and I love Tom Brokaw. I personally have a hard time getting through Cormac McCarthy books even though I really enjoy them, so I wouldn't want the pressure of reading "The Road" in a finite period of time. That's just me, and I would bow to the desires of others as well.

message 8: by Kristi (new)

Kristi | 48 comments I just put Gods Behaving Badly on hold for myself - sounds good - but I'm number 47 on the wait list. The Brokaw book also looks like it has quite a lineup. I'll be on my gazillionth bloody mary by the time I actually get it. :-)

message 9: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
I suppose the book's popularity should be considered, although I could always *gasp* actually purchase it! Should we change our as-of-yet nonexistent book club to be the "unpopular books that will be checked in at the library Bloody Mary book club?"

message 10: by Meridee (last edited Jan 18, 2008 04:11AM) (new)

Meridee | 12 comments I have a couple of possible purchase options on the two books-- watching a few on ebay. I may have one or more in a week or so at 1/2 price or less. I am watching a few that end within two days and after I read I would gladly share as I have no room to store books that are not essential (hah!) to me. We shall see how it works out. I will let you know.

message 11: by Meridee (new)

Meridee | 12 comments Okay, I have the Boom Brokaw book coming. I will share it with you bibliophiles. Should receive it within a week or so. We will work out the logistics of sharing when it shows up. I know that some of you are librarians so maybe we can hook up at the Oly branch where I stalk the elusive reads. Still hunting the Gods.

message 12: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
I'll go ahead and buy it. Anyone else wanna play? Where should we meet?

message 13: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
I bought it! My observations so far:
1. it's thick
2. it has a nice cover

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