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How many hours a day do you read?

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message 1: by Claude S (new)

Claude S | 200 comments biggest problem for me in this life is time.

I'm lucky to get an hour a day to read recreationally... usually 30 in the morning and 30 min in the evening.

I need a job with more free time.

Anybody else have this frustration?

message 2: by Jason (new)

Jason | 39 comments I have an hour commute to work and an hour commute back with 9+ hours of work in between. If I didn't have to sleep I would read.

message 3: by Muzzlehatch (new)

Muzzlehatch | 168 comments Really varies enormously. The last year, when I was concentrating pretty heavily on movies, I doubt I averaged more than 1/2 hour of "real" reading -- that is, non-website reading -- per day. Lately I'm probably averaging 1/2-1 hour. My last 3 years in Chicago ('97-00) I probably hit 2 hours a day with some frequency (train rides).

I need to read more and give up other silly habits like masturbation and beer...

message 4: by Frank (new)

Frank Hays (logicalfrank) | 40 comments I end up doing most of my reading on the train, which gets me about an hour or an hour and a half depending. I probably only read a half hour or so when at home and then normally just to finish a chapter up or something. In the summer, I will go sit by this fountain in a little park by my work and read another half hour or forty five minutes reading on my lunch break. I should probably start going to the library or something in the winter. Really, I just spend way too much time doing absolutely nothing.

message 5: by grantonio (new)

grantonio | 24 comments Pretty much exactly like Frank - 1.5 hours total on the train, 5 days a week. During my free time at home I tend to watch movies, surf the internet, etc. But if I'm really into a book I'll continue to read a bit more after I get home. It doesn't help either that I'm a rather slow reader, although my comprehension/recall is good.

My biggest time-waster is the internet. Some of the time is spent reading news or other substantive material, but I probably spend too much time on ratebeer and other forums.

message 6: by William (new)

William (acknud) 30-60 minutes. I spend way too much time online.

message 7: by Frank (new)

Frank Hays (logicalfrank) | 40 comments The internets are rotting our brains.

message 8: by Claude S (new)

Claude S | 200 comments I'm also a tv addict. Sports mainly but then the Food Network Discovery and PBS take over too.

message 9: by Mike (new)

Mike Todl (miketd) | 3 comments I go in spurts. Sometimes I will read every spare moment for quite some time. Other stretches see no reading for 6 months. I'm in the latter stretch right now.

message 10: by Brandon (last edited Jan 11, 2008 02:46PM) (new)

Brandon (bbbrr) | 18 comments I try to squeeze in about an hour a day, usually in bed before sleeping. Lately I've been really good about spending even more time (1-2 hours). I get into occasional ruts where I'll only spend a couple hours a week reading.

My problem is that I have too many other interests, and I only keep getting more (ie. this website), so it gets increasingly more difficult to prioritize and make time for everything.

message 11: by Ragallachmc (new)

Ragallachmc | 8 comments anywhere from 0-3hrs a day. Depends on how much sleep I want to get.

Agree with Brandon that all my varied interests keep me from reading. With the rise of good TV shows, the interwebs, and trying to see all the movies that I missed in the theaters...Well that doesn't leave much time for cracking a book. Which is to bad, because a good book is way better than a good TV show/movie/etc.

Maybe this site will spur me on to read more.

message 12: by Nate (new)

Nate (gueuze) | 13 comments I try to get in an hour a day. Over Xmas break, I read about 10 books. During the semester, pleasure reading is very difficult (maybe 20 minutes in the a.m. and again before bed). I read a lot at work, however, between journal articles, class prep, and grading.

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