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message 1: by Angela (new)

Angela the reviews posted so far from your friends are in stark contrast...I think I'll have to read this book next. Claudia read my current book years ago...I love it so far and am on the second chpt is so poetic.

Enno I was pretty incredulous through most of the book, couldn't believe it was real. It was a good read though and showed me other points of view. Been a while since I had read it, so can't say much more.

Lulu I love this book so far. I am on pg. 270 so I am nearly done and I am a bit sad to be reaching the end. It makes me sick to my stomach and yet it is so easy to love Augusten and the Finch family.
It's refreshing and while it is scary that some people live like the characters in the book, it is also nice to know that some people break all the rules. In fact, some people live in complete ignorance of society's rules. I find the book to be exhilirating. I give it a big thumbs up.

message 4: by Suzanne (new) - added it

Suzanne I can't say I really enjoyed this book, but it was interesting to think that some people live like this. And terrifying to think children were raised like this. Though some of it was difficult to read, I'm not sure he could have conveyed the horror of it otherwise. At the same time it is a tribute to the human spirit that some of them at least seem to have survived to some state of normalcy.

Cindy Like many memoirs, the author has probably embellished or mis-remembered a lot of what went on. The "Finch" family won a lawsuit around the time the movie was coming out against Burroughs.
Frankly I was relieved to think much of this was exaggerated or completely invented!

Louise I LOVED this book, its pretty much one of my favourite books... I take what is said with a pinch of salt, but what a crazy ride that life must have been even with a pinch of salt!!
I really like Burrough's style of writing, its easy to read and he comes across as likeable, even when he tells you things at their worst.

I also found it quite intersting to read his brothers story Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's which explains why his brother was as he is.

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