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((okay we'll start out outside umm a small town surrounded by water-lets go ocean, with lots of trees.))

Nissa gazed up at the moon, her black bangs covered her silver eyes. The warm sand tickled her legs, everytime she stretched. The waves played a soft lullaby, making Nissa remember her human life. That was a diffrence she had, beside her eyes, she missed her old life.

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Nissa glanced up at the girl hovering above her, "Sure, and I know what you are too." She went back to looking at the moon. Nissa has always been a lone, ever since that fateful day 100 years ago. So talking with other people has never been importance to Nissa.

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Nissa ignored the girl. 'Maybe if I dont say anything she'll leave, or...' Nissa gazed up at her, she made sure her silver eyes looked into the other girls, "If I were a vampire wouldn't I have red eyes?" Nissa smirked.

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"Okay, ba-bye." Nissa wanted to have fun, so, she concentrated real hard and then Hayden was floating in air, "I thought I'd give you a lift," She tried to hold down a giggle.

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((shes just messing with her, wondering wat her reaction will be, and uh trying to know more about her))

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"Intresting, you actually countered me. How did you do that?" Nissa got up from the ground, wiping the dirt off her shorts.

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For the first time in years, shock spread across Nissa's face, "Sh-she's your mom?!"

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((ok bye))

Nissa didnt want to share her life or anything, so she acted nonchalant again, "No special family. So Kate turned you in a vampire?"

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"What?! How is that possible!" Nissa was flabergasted, "There is no way. How-how could that be?"

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((hey lets start over, that way everyone else can talk too! itll be easier to jump in))

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((okay where is all the other characters? We need more than 2 people participating))

Nissa growled, "Whatever!" And went back to looking at the moon. "You know, I kinda like you, as a friend. No one has ever been able to counter my powers."

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Nissa laughed. She watched as the waves crashed down on the sand, "Have you ever wondered what it's like to be the victom, of one of our attacks?" Nissa sighed.

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((Where is everybody!!!!!!!! I like talking with Jaime, but we need more people!!!!))

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"Really?" Nissa was shocked.

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"Oh. Thats um intresting. But how do you live?" Nissa was very interested, maybe she can do the same, and not harm anyone anymore!

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All the sudden, Rima jumped down from a tree. "That awnser is very simple." said Rima. She held out a box that had 'blood tablets' written on it. "Put theese in a glass of water, and they taste like blood. They aren't very good though." she continued, pocketing them.

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Rima didn't like this new person. her hands began glowing blue.

((Rima's power is electricity. here is how i think it happens: She can comtroll chakra(goin naruto style! lol..) flow in her body, making it into electricity, and throwwing it at her opponent.))

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((i kno! im thinking of the manga char. she has stuff like that as a power! u should watch or read it.))

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((neato, Nissa is telekinetic, and can freeze time, and since Rima/Erin is going naruto style, ill have wat naruto sorta has: shadow clone jutzu er however u spell it.))

Nissa saw the tablets and wanted to puke, "Thats-thats not natural! I mean we have to have actual blood, not some artificial crap!" She got up and walked over to Rima, "Chakra? You can control chakra? Thats AMAZING!!!!! I've always wanted to learn that!" Nissa watched as Rimas hands began to glow.

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((lol, cool!!!p.s. its jutsu.))

"Its totaly natural. its animal blood compacted into a tablet. and i dont know how but chakra has come naturly and i could always controll it. weird, huh?" she said.

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"Oh, I may as well stick to my usual diet then. Im a 'vegetarian' vampire." She sighed looking down at the sand, "Do you-do you think you can teach me? Well if you can, Id think that be so cool, if I could control chakra, it would help so much with my concentration!"

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"Uh sure. there isn't much to it. Just kinda concentrate on where you want the chakra flow to go. that really all there is to it." she said.

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"Really?! Let me try it." Nissa concentrated really hard, she was focusing the palms of her hands. In a matter of moments, a bluish-purple mist began to come out of her hands, "Oh I did it! Thanks!" She ran over to Rima and gave a hug!

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"Ow! chakra hurts!" said rima. removing Nissa, whos hands were still glowing.

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"No prob!" said rima, powering down.(it seams angel isn't here!)

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"Huh? Only once I had tasted human blood...and it was the worst thing I had ever done....from that day, I drank animal blood, so I'll stick to that." Nissa thinking of that memorable day long ago, the first time thirst over came her sense, the first time she felt helpless, the last time she would ever see him again. She dropped to the floor in sear pain. 'I wish I could cry!' she whispered to herself.

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Nissa didnt move. She didnt talk. She just sat there going back through all the memories she shared with him. Then, pain shot through her, "NO!" Nissa cried out. "No, no, no!"

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Everything went black. He was gone, the memory ended, but the pain was still there, settled deeply in her frozen heart, "Why?" Nissa's cold silvery eyes looked into Hayden's. "Why?" Her soft voice barely drifted from her lips, pain was scribbled all over her face.

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"Why did I have to become this monster, why did I have to kill the one person I cared most for!" Nissa screamed. The pain become more severe, she let out another screech.

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"I am a monster! I have to kill inicsent beings to live! I freakin killed Cameron!" Anger arose in Nissa, and the pain subsided, she was glowing a silver color, shocking anything that touched her.

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Nissa was still trapped in the silver mist, "Cameron was-was my boyfriend. We were in love, but it was a hundred years when the accident happened." Nissa whispered, she didnt even try to move her eyes, from the palm of her hands.

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"Calm down. I know how you feel. My boyfriend ,(dead now), shiki, his father took over his body to try and kill me. i won the battle, but shiki never came back. its ok." Rima said, bending down and laying a hand on her back. "Suffering the same shock can overcome this kind of chakra.... Hey nissa, did you know your controlling your chakra flow right now?? Naturally!" Rima said.

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Cameron left her mind for that second, "Im so sorry about Shiki." Nissa paused, "Really? I'm controlling my chakra, but-but I wasn't even thinking about it!"

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"Yea! see, your glowing! Im sure people will think im weird cause i can touch you while your chakra is flowing, no one should be able to touch you except people who expeirience the same kind of shock." she said.

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Nissa gaped, "Um, your-your mom? Uh, sorry, no thanks, im not in the mood to have a reunion with her." Nissa looked at Rima, "Are you going with her?"

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((who the heck Deleted Jamie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

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((i still dont know!!!!i am sad she left!))

"Im only going if you want me to," said rima, " Do you want me to leave?"

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"No! Sorry, bet its nice having company, usually I'm alone, so it feels nice talking with people." Nissa replied.

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"Ok. so what are we gonna do? its Halloween night!!! wanna go to the haunted house and pretend we work there?!" she said getting more and more excited by the minute.

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Nissa was shocked, usually she strayed away from humans, but maybe she would be able to control herself, "Sure, I havent been to a Halloween party in years!" She started to get up, "You can lead the way."

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Ok, its at the highschool. Wait, lets go to my house. i will let you try a blood tablet to make sure you dont attack anyone, and i will calm you down if you do." she said taking Nissa's hand and taking her to a big mansion.

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"Thanks." Nissa whispered. Thoughts swirled in her mind, 'is it going to be fun?' what will happpen? will I hurt anyone? "Lets go!"

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"We are here!"Said rima dragging Nissa inside(ya know, like walking fast). she dropped nissa's hand and went to the kitchen. She then got down a glass of water and dropped a tablet into it. "Here" she said, when she got back to Nissa

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Nissa gulped, "Heh, here I go." She chugged down the blood water, "Ewww, thats gross!" She said gagging.

((i have to go, i might be on later))

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"Oh, well, isnt it better than being in thirst? I personally like it!" she said shrugging.

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"I'll have to get use to it, but ya its a lot better than having that erge." Nissa giggled, "I think I'm ready."

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"Ok, just bring that, and if people ask, its fruit punch, ok?" she said.

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"Uh, ok..." Nissa was a little worried, but she was sure she could contain herself, "I guess we're going as vampires!" She laughed at her own joke.

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Rima laughed. "So, you ready?" she said, jumpining up and down. she was so excited to scare little kids!!((lol!! its fun sometimes!!!))

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