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Do we by this?

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Patrick This book has a lot of implications. I mean if we really believe the message that Noam CHomsky is sending then we have a lot of real problems. I guess I want to know someone els's thoughs.

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I would like someone to recommend a good Noam Chomsky to read for Noam Chomsky newbies.

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There's no getting around the fact that of Chomsky's books are going to be dense, multi-layered, complex reads, that said my first one was one he co-authored http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/87...

John Sullivan There is no message Chomsky is sending with this book other than for us to look at the facts, look at what history has shown us, and to use our own good judgment to choose what we should believe about the current political world around us.

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Khalaf Totally agree with John. However, the current political world we have now is just an extension of the previous one. I believe that Chomsky is trying to add more layers to the political situation. Layers that have been ignored by a lot of nations.

Lysergius I think it is fair to say that Chomsky is not totally objective. He does view things from a specific perspective and one should take this into account when reading him. nevertheless if your own bias, if that is the right word, accords with his he can be very rewarding.

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Israel Agree with Khalaf. I noticed that Noam Chomsky is immune to ignorance. And I think Chomsky is telling the truth. If one does not take his information for granted, one would find that it exists and in this age of technology all you need is that information, such as DARPA, BMD, R&D as well as conferences or conventions, to research if it exists.

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