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Would you read a book that is not a book?

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message 1: by Ed (new)

Ed | 2 comments I watched on the Amazon website the ad for the's an electronic book reader..can download books to it. Looks great but the cost is too high for me. What do others think? I like the wikipedia, and other uses the Kindle offers for quick use as I am reading.


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message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth I'm not sure how I feel about reading devices like the Kindle. One one hand, I'm fairly tactile about the books I like- I love the feel of paper and weight in my hands, and I only use audio books for places where reading is difficult- like while driving or at the gym. While I would enjoy the portability and ease of the Kindle, as well as the access to Wikipedia and newspapers and blogs, the price would have to come WAY down before I'd consider it.

message 3: by pop (new)

pop Try this place, Frugal Fiction. You can download their reader for free, it lets you read the first few chapters of an Ebook before you decide to buy it. On screen, it actually LOOKS like a book. All books are only 3.99. Yeah, it's a new start up, the selection isn't huge yet. Yes, the Ebook version of my book is there. No, this isn't really spamming, I thought yall might like to know about it. At that price, it should take off soon. the author gets a buck a book, which isn't a lot, but on par with most ebook sellers that charge a whole lot more keeping more for themselves. Hey, you get to sample free, so why not? Enjoy!

message 4: by Chris (new)

Chris M. | 3 comments I tried e-books several years ago when they first started to come out. The experience wasn't my cup of tea. I read a lot of non-fiction and when I do I tend to skim and then flip back and forth. E-books do not make that a user friendly experience. Even with fiction, which I tend to read in a more orthodox fashion, the experience is just Maybe it's a matter of style and how one was introduced to each of the media. I grew up on paper-based books and was introduced to electronic media with TRS-80 (also known, not necessarily affectionately, as the Trash-80)and Coleco Football (little red dashes on a tiny screen). The TRS-80 was programmed in Basic one line a time. As a result, I was programmed to read electronic text as a practicality not as an experience to be savored. Perhaps younger people will find eletronic media more engaging. I can't say that I ever will.

message 5: by pop (new)

pop Chris, they're new, title choices are limited, but I think you'll like Frugal Fiction. You can flip backward and forward easy enough, or go to specific page number. It even looks like a book on screen. I liked it so much I put my book there, even though I'd been leery about that in the past. You can't beat the price, either.

message 6: by Bliss (new)

Bliss (blissreads) | 16 comments When Stephen King did "The Plant" online, I read it. But I didn't read it from the screen. I printed each chapter.

But it was a time-consuming process.

And like Laura said, I like the feel of a "real" book. :-)

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