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message 1: by Ed (new)

Ed | 1 comments I watched on the Amazon website the ad for the's an electronic book reader..can download books to it. Looks great but the cost is too high for me. What do others think? I like the wikipedia, and other uses the Kindle offers for quick use as I am reading.


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message 2: by Judub (new)

Judub | 12 comments I would read a book that is not a book. It depends on at least two conditions though: the price of the device is reasonable and the price per copy of the digital book is cheap. I don't see why I should pay $10 for a digital version of a book. I think the digital copy of the book should be free or $1 or 2 more along with the purchase of the paper version of same book. That would satisfy those of us who want both. And for the books I only want the digital version, then it should be no more than $2 per download, or whatever the royalty payment the writer is getting. The people who write and publish professionally here can correct me if I am being too cheap. :)
And I don't care about the web-surfing feature of the Kindle. I usually carry a book with me to fill in the time of commuting and waiting etc. If I don't need to surf the web now with a book, why should I when I have a "non-book". If you really need web access all the time, you could have a portable computer and go to hot spot for free like what you are doing now.

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