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message 1: by Kendall (new)

Kendall | 25 comments Mod
As (new) director of the symposium, I am looking for suggestions of great authors to invite this year. If you are an author who claims a Southern connection or if some of your favorite authors are arguably Southern, feel free to suggest books here.

I am open to all definitions of what Southern literature is. To start the discussion, I'll say a Southern author is any author who was born or has lived a significant part of their lives in the South and whose work speaks to that experience in some way. If that definition isn't broad enough, feel free to add comments or qualify it.

message 2: by Diana (new)

Diana (badapple1113) | 1 comments I'm not sure if any of you have read _Change me into Zeus' Daughter_ by Barbara Robinette Moss, but it's an amazing memoir. The first chapter won the Faulkner Creative Writing Competition in 1996. I have yet to read Fierce, the companion memoir (released in '04, I think), but I'm sure that it will be just as wonderful.

Cheers from a recent Dub alum, and good luck with the symposium!

message 3: by Hillary (last edited May 22, 2008 01:03PM) (new)

Hillary (scribblegirl) | 1 comments Beth Ann Fennelly's new collection, Unmentionables, is fantastic. As you may know, Beth and her husband, Tom Franklin, teach in the writing program at Ole Miss.

message 4: by Kendall (new)

Kendall | 25 comments Mod
I'm busy looking for next year's authors! I've had some great suggestions from MUW faculty and past Symposium participants. Ideas are still welcome!

message 5: by Noreen (new)

Noreen How about Darryl Wimberly, whose novel, The King of Colored Town won the Willie Morris Prize lasst year?

message 6: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Neely-Dorsey | 1 comments My name is Patricia Neely-Dorsey. I am from Tupelo, MS.
I would love to be included as a southern author in the symposium.
My book is Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life in Poems.
It is "a celebration of the south and things southern"
There are so many neagative connotations associated with Mississippi and the south in general. In my book I attempt to give a positive glimpse into the southern way of life.

message 7: by Ava Catherine (new)

Ava Catherine | 1 comments Wiley Cash is from western North Carolina, and this region figures prominently in his work. His book A Land More Kind Than Home is such a beautifully written Southern book. It is the best book I have read this year, and I read a lot of books!
If he would agree to come, I think he would be fantastic!

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Rosalie Turner | 2 comments First went to the symposium when Euadora was still alive - John Grisham & Doug Marlette were there. Great event. I just wanted to alert you to my next historical fiction that will come out in April, 2013, MARCH WITH ME, because I think it will generate a lot of interest in the south especially. The background is the civil rights movement in Birmingham, AL in 1963 (I live in B'ham). The book shows what life was really like then through the eyes of a black protagonist and a white protagonist, but the ultimate subject raises the question of the possibility of racial reconciliation today. Hope y'all think it sounds interesting.

message 9: by Leonardo (new)

Leonardo Noto (leonardonoto) | 1 comments Hi,

I'm Dr. Leonardo Noto (nom de plume) and I am a graduate of Ole Miss, a physician, and an author. Two of my books are approximately 50% based in Mississippi and one is an historical thriller about the Lee Family in Virginia.

Note: The Life of a Colonial Fugitive is currently free for Kindle (20-24 DEC 2012) if y'all would care to snatch up a copy--hope you enjoy it!

1. The Life of a Colonial Fugitive: An historical thriller based in the American Revolution. Young Jonathan E. Lee is falsely accused of heinous war crimes by his treacherous regimental commander! Jonathan is forced to flee the colonies to save his neck from the hangman's noose, fighting his way across a stormy Atlantic and then joining a mercenary army that is deploying to warring Siam, a kingdom that is squirming under the iron-fist of a madman.

2. Intrusive Memory: Intrusive Memory is the true story of how I overcame sadistic child abuse and a severely disabling case of PTSD to realize my dream of becoming a physician. This book is not for the fainthearted. It begins in the coldly sterile mental hospital where I spent much of my childhood after being removed from my home by Child Protective Services, then whirls the reader through a grand cascade of pathological environments including a violent military school and Mississippi jails. This is the story of how I fought against the odds and against my inner demons to claw my way through college and into medical school, where I graduated in the top of my class!

3. The Cannabinoid Hypothesis: A dark medical/crime techno-thriller. Frank Shoemaker, M.D. is the world's preeminent neurosurgeon thanks to his development of "The Shoemaker" device for the palliation of acute psychosis. Now the good doctor is wanted for an unspeakable crime -- but was it justified?

Mr. Jones is a drunkard, haunted by demons of a combat-filled past. Mr. Jones and his team of mercenaries have been contracted to pursue the elusive Dr. Shoemaker, and Mr. Jones never fails to get his man -- alive or otherwise!

The Life of a Colonial Fugitive by Leonardo Noto Intrusive Memory by Leonardo Noto The Cannabinoid Hypothesis by Leonardo Noto

Dr. Leonardo Noto

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