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Acquired Motives (Dr. Sylvia Strange #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Arson in hot weather [s]

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Stars272 | 4 comments Adult Crime/thriller/mystery.
I 'read' this book as an audio book about 5-10 years ago. It was about an arson, the female hero/cop/detective searches for a suspect whose last name is 'White' whose previous actions (possibly he was a serial killer by arson) had left/sent his girlfriend (first name 'Violet') to a mental institution, where the cop(s) go to interview her, and she is able to help them find him.
All through the book, the very hot weather is a focus, which leads me to think possibly it is set in Arizona - but any desert states are a possibility. The main character has a boyfriend and keeps a bottle of vodka in her freezer (random detail, but she uses it at least once to cool down) I think she might live in a trailer or mobile home. She is possibly Latino/Hispanic, but her boyfriend is white.
Im pretty sure that the author is female and is not a popular name (example: not Patricia Cornwell et al. I'd never hear of her/him before) The cover of the audio book was orange.

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April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments Money to Burn A Casey Jones Mystery (Casey Jones Mysteries) by Katy Munger Money to Burn by Katy Munger?

Blaze by JoAnn Ross Blaze by Joann Ross

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Stars272 | 4 comments Thanks alot for the suggestions April Anne, but neither are right. The second, 'Blaze' is closer. I will keep racking the ol' brain....

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April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments I'll look some more when I get a chance, maybe it can be found with a "read alike" search.

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Stars272 | 4 comments Awesome, thank you so much! Ive run out of idea's - been looking at all kinds of sites with no luck as yet. Fingers crossed! :-D

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April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments This is a mystery read alike site...maybe you can find it here.


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April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments What about Flashpoint by Linda Barnes? The main character's name is Carlotta. Flashpoint by Linda Barnes

If not this one, could it be another in the series? I think they're set in Boston though.

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April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments If you like Female Leads, you might like…
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Stars272 | 4 comments I FOUND IT!!! I found it through the read-a-like site you recommended. It's 'Acquired Motives' by Sarah Lovett.
Thank you very much for helping me out! :-D :-D

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April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments Woo hooo!!!!

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