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Make charaters

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age:4 months
other:1 sister
romance:jason age:5 months

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) Okay this is scary....Just click on the link below...

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) lolz here is mah charrie

Name: Misty
Gender: F
Age: 2 months
Fur color: Black
Personality: fun loving, playful, cute, poofy
Other: None

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Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 8 comments Name: Aspen ((XD))
Gender: Female
Age: A little over six moon- er, months
Rank: Appren- Um, wait, strike that. *blush*
Pelt: Light brown with a few slightly darker stripes, and white-tipped tail and paws.
Eyes: Green
Personality: Sweet, super energetic, smart, adventurous, pretty independent. Fierce, proud, fairly friendly.
Other: Um... Not that I can think of.

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) ((cool do u wanna use Dreamcake now??))

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