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Questions > Why does the date read field autocomplete a month?

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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Negut (cavalary) | 59 comments Trying to (manually) move reviews and ratings from other places to here now, adding some other books I read that I didn't list anywhere too, and I found that if I just select the year read it autocompletes the rest with Jan 1. It doesn't list the 1 (not even in my list, I mean), but it does list the books as being read in January. Why?

Like to keep a record by year, and for those read in 2007-2009 figuring out which year it was for each is about the best I can do (and at times hard to get more than a rough date for those before 2007 too), so it'd be nice if I could just put year and it'd leave it like that, not include a fake more exact date with it.

message 2: by Cait (new)

Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments This is an issue for the feedback group; librarians don't have any control over users' reviews.

(I can tell you, though, that that's just how most date formats used in this site work.)

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