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Elves are very similar to Men. Unlike Men, however, they are immortal, in that their bodies do not age once they have reached maturity, so that they do not seem to become elderly or die of old age, and they are not afflicted by disease. They can be killed by physical injury however, or they may come to death from wasting away if after long eons of life they lose the will to live. The Elves came into existence before Men, and when they die they pass to the Halls of Mandos in Valinor, where they await the end of Time.
Elves are (generally) unusually handsome of face and body, and they have far better vision and hearing than Men. They also have skills and abilities, and perception of things around them, far greater than that of Men, although whether this is an innate quality or is the result of long experience after having lived so long, is not known. They are also light of foot, can travel long distances without leaving tracks, and often can walk lightly across snow where the boots of Men would go through.
-LotR Wikia


<.b>Name:<./b> Their first and last name is required. Middle is optional.

<.b>Age:<./b> Please, keep their race in mind.

<.b>Gender:<./b> This is self-explanatory.

<.b>Appearance:<./b> For the second time, keep their race in mind. No anime pictures please. This should be either a picture with at least 4 sentences, or just 8 sentences.

<.b>Personality:<./b> This should be either 2 sentences and a long list of good and bad traits, or 4 sentences. Please don't stray from this in the roleplay.

<.b>Interests/Hobbies:<./b> Just to keep in mind the things they would be doing when nothing is going on. Many people start out with there character just standing there, which would not happen realistically.

<.b>A Brief History:<./b> About 3 good sentences. Feel free to add on to this as your character develops.


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♔a b b e y♌ (primadonna_witch_of_breath) | 19 comments Mod
Name: Orophin Aralonde

Age: 67

Gender: Male


Height: 6ft, 0in
Eye color: Blue
Hair color Black
Hair Style: http://www.wigs-sale.com/image/produc...
Orophin is tall with long limbs. His pasty white skin and black hair make him look almost evil, although he is quite the opposite. He has a valiant smile which is almost always on his face. His most notable feature are his ice-cold blue eyes.

Personality: In three words, people would describe Orophin as exuberant, magnetic, and compassionate. Often secretive and mysterious. Intrigue and misunderstanding run hand in hand. Here is the good friend and deadly enemy.

Good Traits: motivated, courageous, passionate, forceful, exciting, extremely intuitive, magnetic, appealing, optimism, warmth, playfulness, generosity, enthusiasm, devoted, empathetic, caring, receptive, gifted

Bad Traits: resentful, jealous, obsessive, obstinate, secretive, deadly, manipulative and duplicitous, overbearing, superficial, pompous, self involved, escapist tendencies, vacillation, overly sensitive, unreliable

Interests/Hobbies: Hunting, travelling, making friends, drinking, reading.

A Brief History: Orophin spent most of his life in Rivendell. He's left it, of course, and has travelled far and wide. He has many friends of all races, especially men and fellow elves. He's made friends with Dwarves individually but isn't particularly fond of them when they're in a bunch. You can usually find him on his white horse, Silmarwen. His weapon of choice is a bow.


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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Name: Elaine Calamcacil

Age: 16000

Gender: female

She is a very strong elf who doesn't take much pride in her looks. She is average hieght for an elfin maiden with a good muscle structure. She is just like most in her beauty. She looks about like how most would picture her.

Personality: She is outgoing, structured, caring, and very well off.
Good traits: fight her own battles, sweet, caring
Bad traits: sometimes let's emmotions get the best of her

Interests/Hobbies: sparing, hunting, traveling, exploring

A breif history: She and her twin brother have always trained together. Their mother died after giving birth to them leaving their father to care for them. Her father soon went to battle and died. During the battle at Helms Deep she lost her brother.

Other: She has four knives, twin blades, and bow and arrow. She rides a brown mare. And she's from Mirkwood.

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name: Katarin Ravenos

Age: 101 (About 19 in Human years)

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://images6.fanpop.com/image/user_...

Personality: Headstrong and strong Willed she enjoys fighting when she can and exploring when she can't fight. She's tomboyish and enjoys doing most things that other women wouldn't.

Quick Thinker
Great with kids

Not very patient with idiots
Hates men that are sexist.

Interests/Hobbies: Swordfighting, Archery, Horseback Riding,

A Brief History: Born in the Woods outside of a Main Elven town She was left by her parents. She raised herself and taught herself how to hunt and Fight. Later on she met up with a few Warriors and learned how to fight with a Sword.

Other: She has 3 Horses Freedom http://images6.fanpop.com/image/user_... Dancer http://images6.fanpop.com/image/user_... and Lake http://images6.fanpop.com/image/user_...

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Name: Inwe Melendur

Age: 502

Gender: Female


Personality: She's sweet and caring, able to understand most beings. She likes to seek adventure when she gets bored, which can be often.
Good: Calm, understanding, patient.
Bad: When bored, looks for adventure which can lead to danger. Is annoyed by serious idiots.

Interests/Hobbies: Training, singing, writing, painting and traveling.

A Brief History: Inwe was born in Rivendell, and spent most of her time there, singing writing and painting. She wanted to learn more and trained with a sword and bow before traveling and exploring Middle Earth with a few other Elves.

Other: She fights with a sword and bow.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Name: Aquata Alanthia Tenariamo

Age: 46, not yet at the age of full maturity
<.b>Gender: Female
Appearance: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__c...

Personality: Aquata is a kind girl who is very sweeet and loving. She is always happy to help out and is very adverturous.
She is;
•Fast learner

She is;
•Disobedient (Not all the time)

• Healing
• Sculpting
• Art
• Music
• Dancing
• Archery
• Making friends
• Learning about Humans
• Venturing outside their home area
• Singing
• Running
• Being free

A Brief History: Aquata was born in Rivendell, she lived there for a dew decades before she ventured past the walls and out to the world of humans. But the Elves thought she was being reckless. For most of her life her father trained her and taught her the ways of Elves, told her many stories and how to survive in middle earth. Her mother passed giving life to Aquata and her father left for war and she never heard from him again.

Other: Aquata is very handy with a bow and arrow, singing and other art forms as well as a trained healer.

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Xsnowhite1012X (sazusaraspidermonkey26) | 1 comments (Technically Elves don't have a last name. They've got a translated version of their name. Elves don't keep track of their age either.)

Merenwen Farline daughter of Nátulcien, from the land of Rivendell. Just call her Mery.
She's looks about 18 years, when she's really 120 years old. She's half Dioryeoleal/Sanhorrhim with a lifespand of 400 years.


She has just beneath elbow's length hair, which is curly red unlike most elves. Her ears aren't quite all that pointy either but she's average height for a male human but too small to look really too much like an elf. But she certainly does not in any way have the resemblance of a dwarf, She has bushy eyebrows and a boney chin. Her features give her a trustworthy look but that can easily be changed in an instant. Of course their are some whom render her untrustworthy and at times even 'criminal worthy'. She has grey eyes and once seen they're unforgettable. She's got fair skin like all elves and her eyesight is good too. Her lips are pale but turn red in the cold, unlike mortals who's turn blue. Her eyes reflect the colour that she's wearing and her eyes will never go unnoticed by anyone, they are a wonderful silver colour.

Clothing Style:
Brown and green. She doesn't really wear much grey, black or too much brown. She often wears male clothing because she doesn't like being thought weak by mortals.

She's got a zest for adventure and is full of life. She's caring, thoughtful and is adventurous. All this once she opens up to you, and all that's only when you get to know her well. She can also be a bit melodramatic when she overreacts which rarely happens.


Merenwen is smart and strong, she's been gifted with fighting skills and the ability to aim well, as well as bare a sword.

She has a thing for other elves, particular royal elves who seem to get everything that they want and have the world in their hands.
'They think that they're all that but their not!'
Her quick personality change and can turn argumentative and quite aggressive. All of which are Issues.

Weapons; Bow and arrow (archery) and an elven sword.

Origins: Rivendell

Singing, Writing Poems, painting, and Healing.

History: Her father's Nátulcien and Mother's Súrion. They have lived in Rivendell all their lives. Her family often travelled to avoid wars but she was never fond of the other children; they didn't understand that she was more mature and older than they. The other humans thought her reckless and impulsive as she neither enjoyed the company of humans much. She required the solitary environment, because that's who she was in blood, but by nature she was unsure. Some of the behaviour that these men showed was sickening to the mind of the elfling. She could be bearing havoc herself but the influencers were in fact the men. These catastrophic actions did not go unnoticed by the eyes of the elves. Merenwen's attitude changed over the years as she stayed with the humans, and weary eyes noticed her abnormal growth rate and their means to wreak trouble had changed the attitude of the area. They eventually moved back to Rivendell with not the same elf they once left with. Most of her time is now spent on drawing, and Horseback Riding. She was never one to roam inside, preferring to be outdoors was a basic necessity.

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Lady Galadriel of Lothlorien II

Millennia old



Galadriel is tall, slender, slim and pretty. She has golden-silky curly hair, light blue eyes and broad lips. She usually wears long white/silver dresses with a golden tiara and a golden or silver band around her middle-finger.

Galadriel is a down-to-earth-creature; she is kind, caring, giving and helpful when most needed. She is always sweet and humble to every creature she likes. She is very wise, and empowers others when they need help.

Studying elf-lore, gardening, reading, writing poems/stories

A Brief History:
Galadriel is a descendant from Galadriel. She was born and raised in Rivendell but moved to Lorien when she got married Lord Elrond of Lorien.

Abilities: can read other people’s minds, a great sword-fighter
Weapons: she has a bow and arrow, an elf sword
Spouse: Lord Elrond of Lorien

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Oswaldo Graf (frodobaggins) | 1 comments Name: Legolas son of thranduil
Age: Immortal
species/race: Elf
weapons: elven knife and galadhrim bow
apperance:elven prince
personality: fair

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 2 comments Name: Eveline Alatariel Faladhim, of Mirkwood Forest (Her friends often call her Lina, or Aly.)

Age: She looks about 16, but she is actually about a hundred years old.

Gender: Female >.<

Appearance: Fair skin, with a few freckles. She has long, wild, curly red hair, with a few streaks of gold from her time in the sun. Her eyes are light green, like newly sprouted grass, with flecks of gold. She is slightly short for an Elf. She's rather slim, but fairly toned. She's stronger than one might think at first glance. She often wears her hair pulled back in a long braid; sometimes she even dresses as a male so that warriors will take her more seriously.

Personality: She will do anything to stick up for her friends, and has no small amount of courage. Unfortunately, this often crosses over into recklessness. Although composed most of the time, a well-worded insult could potentially spark her anger. She is very sarcastic, and makes jokes often at others' expense. She isn't afraid to laugh at herself, though. She is rather mistrusting of people who she doesn't know, and uses her sarcastic wit to test their limits and probe them for a reaction. To those who appreciate her humour, she is very likeable; but many an unsmiling man has lashed out at her. Because of this, she is hardened, and very tough. She has also been traveling for most of her life, so she can survive on her own. She is also very intelligent.

Weapons: She fights best with a long sword, but can work pretty well with a bow and arrows. She is also talented at hang-to-hand combat.

Talents/Hobbies: Eveline, charmed by the beautiful sound of the violin as a child, had crafted one out of a tall Mirkwood tree when she was lost in the woods to keep her company. She named the violin Daenerys, and would play it as ferociously as the dragon breathes. After decades of years of practice, she has become quite the violin master. She also sings often while playing, and can produce a lovely duet between the two "instruments". She cannot dance for her life, but when she is playing, she can bound and leap and prance about like no one in this world. She considers Daenerys to be her one true friend, but is still rather lonely, and seeks friendly companionship. Often, when she is alone and unable to play Daenerys, her fingers twitch as if they are still playing.

History: I'll go into that more later on. I'll update this post as I figure it out! :)

Other: Her only other "true friend" is a silver wolf whom she befriended while lost in Mirkwood forest. The wolf was killed by an Orc, however. What happened to the Orc, you might ask? In answer, I will tell you that Eveline ties her braided hair with a band of Orc sinew. She also has two necklaces that she never removes: One of a wolf, howling at the moon; and one of a dragon.

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