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Dwarves were a short, stocky race, little taller than hobbits but much broader and heavier. They grew thick, luxuriant beards in which they took great pride, and often forked or braided them and tucked them into their belts.

They seem to have favoured simple durable clothing, coloured hoods and heavy cloaks for travelling, and belts of gold or silver. For battle they would have do elaborately crafted armour and helmets bearing masked symbols (after the manner of those used in forges for shielding the eyes) that were hideous to look upon.

Dwarven women were alike in manner, voice and appearance to their menfolk. They were typically unbearded but did grow their thick hair long, often braiding it in intricate patterns and decorating with simple yet functional pieces. They were few in number, less than a third of all dwarf-kind, and they were seldom seen outside their own halls, often not venturing far due to their duties as caretakers and crafters in Dwarven society. This often led other folk to believe there were no women among the Dwarves, that Dwarves grew from stone when created. Few female Dwarven warriors were known, but some tales say that female Dwarves were as fierce as their male counterparts, especially in protecting their families and offspring.
-LotR Wikia


<.b>Name:<./b> Their first and last name is required. Middle is optional.

<.b>Age:<./b> Please, keep their race in mind.

<.b>Gender:<./b> This is self-explanatory.

<.b>Appearance:<./b> For the second time, keep their race in mind. No anime pictures please. This should be either a picture with at least 4 sentences, or just 8 sentences.

<.b>Personality:<./b> This should be either 2 sentences and a long list of good and bad traits, or 4 sentences. Please don't stray from this in the roleplay.

<.b>Interests/Hobbies:<./b> Just to keep in mind the things they would be doing when nothing is going on. Many people start out with there character just standing there, which would not happen realistically.

<.b>A Brief History:<./b> About 3 good sentences. Feel free to add on to this as your character develops.


Mortuus the recently re-awakened (thenorthdwarf) Name: Harald Grimbeard

Age: 63

Gender: Male

Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

With a beard as dark as the ashes of Moria, and an arm strong enough to fell a troll with a single, well-placed strike, Harald is undeniably tall and muscular for a dwarf of his age, with a beard to match.

Personality and hobbies: As his name suggests, he is a grim warrior, and when he is tasked to do something, he does so ruthlessly, not stopping until his oath has been fulfilled. This is both good and bad, as he will not stop until his quest is complete, but that also means that he is without regards to collateral damage. This makes him cold and harsh to outsiders, but to the few who know him well enough, he does actually care, even if he doesn't show it. His favourite thing to do, when not killing off the foul hordes of evil, is to spend time in the inn. He has a much better tolerance e than even most Dwarfs, and can beat almost anyone when it comes to drinking contests. He views magic as unnatural and cowardly, and despises wizards for their participation in such foulness. He believes that, if a wrong is committed, then it should be avenged with the utmost prejudice, and is often noted as carrying a large tome at his side, in which he has inscribed every slight against the Dwarven people since he joined the army of Erebor , to better judge the actions of the wicked.

Brief History: He was raised in a small Dwarf settlement to the North of Erebor, and was taught the ways of the warrior by his adoptive father, after his own father succumbed to evil, and his mother was slain by orcs, which spawned an intense hatred within him, greater than that of most Dwarfs towards the Orcs. He joined the army of Erebor as soon as he could, as he saw no other way to destroy the evils of Middle-Earth. He fought for Erebor at any opportunity he could get, unless it went against his task. His devotion was noted, and he swiftly ascended the ranks, until he became a personal bodyguard to the King under the Mountain, which earned him the title of "Thane".

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