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Most Hobbits lived longer than Men, a race to which they were clearly related. The average lifespan of a Hobbit was about 100 years, though it wasn't unheard-of to live as many as three decades beyond that. The time at which a young Hobbit matured and was accepted as an adult was 33, compared to a Man's 18 years. Thus, a 50-year-old Hobbit would only be middle-aged.
The most distinguishing feature of Hobbits was their short stature. They were smaller than Dwarves and were usually between two and four feet in height. With the gradual passing of time, Hobbits became even shorter. By the Third Age, they were usually less than three feet tall.
Hobbits' ears were slightly pointed and their furry feet had leathery soles, resulting in most members of their race never wearing shoes. Tolkien wrote that a typical Hobbit had a "round, jovial face; ears only slightly pointed and 'elvish'."

The Hobbits who lived in the Shire dressed in bright colors and were fond of yellow and green. Their hair was usually brown and almost always curly.
-LotR Wikia


<.b>Name:<./b> Their first and last name is required. Middle is optional.

<.b>Age:<./b> Please, keep their race in mind.

<.b>Gender:<./b> This is self-explanatory.

<.b>Appearance:<./b> For the second time, keep their race in mind. No anime pictures please. This should be either a picture with at least 4 sentences, or just 8 sentences.

<.b>Personality:<./b> This should be either 2 sentences and a long list of good and bad traits, or 4 sentences. Please don't stray from this in the roleplay.

<.b>Interests/Hobbies:<./b> Just to keep in mind the things they would be doing when nothing is going on. Many people start out with there character just standing there, which would not happen realistically.

<.b>A Brief History:<./b> About 3 good sentences. Feel free to add on to this as your character develops.


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Name: Orangeblossom 'Blossom' Banks

Age: 36

Gender: Female


Height: 2ft, 6in
Eye color: Brown
Hair color Brown
Hair Style: http://www.mynewhair.info/wp-content/...
Her skin is milky, quite a contrast to her dark brown hair. The same hair covers her feet. Her ears are pointed and her hair is incredibly curly. She's slightly chubby and pear-shaped.

Personality: Blossom, like most hobbits, enjoys a simple life, socializing, and having six meals a day. She is a listener, a friend, and above all else, a caretaker. She doesn't let anyone push her around and is known to be quite overbearing. She loves taking care of people and will mostly have an open hearth. She dislikes adventures and the unexpected. If you ask her to leave the Shire, expect her to avoid you for the next month or two. Blossom will think you're mad.

Good Traits: charming, sociable, creative, gentle, fair and diplomatic, gracious, sensitive, caring, imaginative, sympathetic, shrewd, cautious, intriguing, magnetic, courageous, determined, idealistic, exciting, passionate, intimate, deep

Bad Traits: vacillation, indecision, need for perfection, self indulgent, unreasonable justification, moody, clingy, touchy, overly emotional, insecure, redundant, secretive, jealous, revengeful, brutal, manipulative, self serving

Interests/Hobbies: Cooking, gardening, reading, quilting, and having tea with friends. Amongst her female companions, she can be quite a gossip.

A Brief History: She has never ever left the Shire. Blossom was raised just like any other hobbit, completely normal. Her hobbit hole is one of the coziest, for she is used to visitors coming every so often. Her hobbit hole was built by her father and uncle long before she was born, originally for her uncle to settle down in. Before her uncle could claim the hobbit hole for his own, he drowned in the Water. Thus, the hobbit hole was left for her father. Shortly after, her father met her mother, and not long after that she was born. Her parents are now deceased.


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Name: Reagan Lockheart

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Personality: Good traits: She is loving, caring and kind. She will help any one who needs help. She is very protective of her friends and she absolutely loves the people who are nice to her

Bad traits: She will get a little bit of an attitude when she sees that someone is getting cussed out/beaten up for absolutely no reason and will get progressively worse if it continues

Interests/Hobbies: singing, dancing, hanging with her friends and writing

A Brief History: She had the normal life any hobbit would have.

Other: she has a pet bunny named Felashi
appearance of pet: http://s4.favim.com/orig/50/adorable-...

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