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Haymitch fill the gap?
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I feel like suzanne collins added haymitch as more of a secound father for katniss. You will probably argue, and dismiss this, because of all the banter between katniss and haymitch, and how haymitch said katniss had as much charm as a dead slug., but at the end of the first book she ran straight into haymitches arms. I love haymitch, and i think he plays a hudge role, and i love his humor even more.

So does anyone else feel that even though he can never take the place of katnisses father he helps fill in the big gap?

Please comment :)

No I don't think so, the fact that her father is gone is irrelevant to their relationship. She still would have needed him and hugged him even if her father was still alive. It still would have been Haymitch with her in the games as he was her adviser, she still would have hugged him even if her father was alive.

As someone who lost their father at a tender age there is no need to constantly fill a gap in your life with a male figure just because you don't have a father. Every male figure you meet does not become a father figure just because you don't have one. Especially if you had a great father like Katniss did. There is no one that could replace them. Plus like I said every male role model does not become a father just a role model like they would have been regardless of whether or not you had a father.

I disagree with Gretchen, if her father were alive I don't think she would have gone to haymitch for comfort, and besides she would have become a completely different person if her father hadn't died. Also, I feel like she goes to haymitch for guidance and she is so like him so it would seem like he was her father

Andreea She would. Her father hadn't been through the Games. He wouldn't understand her like Haymitch did. ...more
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I really don't get a big "father-figure" vibe off of Haymitch. I do like how they argue with each other, though. The only times I actually enjoy Katniss's character is when she's arguing with Haymitch.

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i do think he does,he was there when she needed help,everytime,so she might not recognize him as second father,but she does need him with her

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