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Post any groups here that you would like to advertise, I'll post some here as suggestions that are similar to my group that I think some of the RolePlayers here might like.

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Welcome to MystHelm Academy. You have recieved the letter inviting you to join the boarding school, located in the west of Russia. Here, we aim to help you unlock your supernatural power, and then control it. Some of you may even know what this power may be. Some of you might not have a clue what this is about.
But you also have another talent. A human talent. A 'Normal' talent.You will learn how to improve this as well.
The headmaster handpicks the best and he had found you. Will you fail or thrive?

In this academy, students are gifted in 2 ways.

The first is a human talent. A talent that will serve them well in human life, help them to make a decent living.

The second is a supernatural power. From mind control to werewolves. But only one power will ever be excepted.

Here at MystHelm Academy we strive to push our students to their limits.To make them the best they can be. We will help them to control their powers and use them to the best of their abilities.
And with their human talents we will help and encourange them to improve, giving tips and pointers along the way.
From the age of 13 our pupils attend this elite Academy and will live on campus until the age of 19, at which time they will have unlocked their full potential in both supernatural areas, and in human ones.


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Click this link to get involved in the best Harry Potter Roleplaying group out there! A few of us here at Where Will You Go, are already active members over there so please.. check it out!

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