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Karen Who did bonk Helen on the head?
And one more....
What was with Vonnie leaving Artie's at 4a.m.?

message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Indeed. Have just put a question up saying I think the book was badly edited in that it was underwritten, and your comments fit with that. I dunno the answers either!

Karen I really did enjoy the book and, all things considered, I'm really glad that it came out. I couldn't help devouring it. I thought maybe I missed something and should re-read it.

I-like-to-read The Gangster, who's name I can't remember, got one of his mob to bonk her over the head, as he had heard she was giving up looking for the missing guy, who's name I have forgot, he wanted him found and the gig to go ahead as he had invested.

Karen Thanks I-like-to-read. I am re-reading, or at least skimming, the book now.

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