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message 1: by E.K. (new)

E.K. Blair (ekblair) Hi everyone! I know there are several of you that are writing books and I wanted to offer you proofreading and editing help!

I am a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in education that I have primarily applied in a traditional teaching career. However, I have a particularly keen interest in expanding my skill set by branching into editing.

Having an extensive knowledge of grammar and a great deal of experience fine tuning the development of an author's voice, it seems a natural transition to apply those talents to literature. I have started proofreading and editing for self-published authors. I will work for a nominal fee, because at this point I am focused on getting my foot the door, gaining experience, and building my resume.

I am a self-driven individual with an especially good eye for detail. If you need someone to go over your writing with a fine tooth comb and get it ready for publication, you really have nothing to lose! Just message me or email (mkelley9@gmail.com) and we can negotiate a deal that works for both of us!

message 2: by Lori (new)

Lori Clark (clarklori) This is great! I'll be in touch. Good luck with your endeavors.

message 3: by E.K. (new)

E.K. Blair (ekblair) Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together!

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