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Epic Adventure of Shiva, the Destroyer of Tripura (Book 1 of ANCIENTS Series)
Bloggers > Are ancient epics of India esoteric myths or actual events from a forgotten era of advanced pre-vedic civilisation?

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M. Vizhakat | 1 comments More about the topic at

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Avinash Gupta (avirandom) | 6 comments I believe that behind all layers of History, there is thick presence of Mythology. All the ancient civilization has a mythological angle to their history.There are historical and archaeological proofs of many Kings and Kingdoms of Mahabharata's era. However its difficult to digest the Mahabharata in its face value.
I personally enjoy reading about the subplots of Mahabharata a lot. Recently I reviewed "The Pregnant King" based on backdrop of Mahabharata.

Here is the Link

Please let me know your views on the same.

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