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Donna (BLHmistress) (BLHmistress) | 110 comments Mod
This is where we will discuss all about Jan's book selection

Donna (BLHmistress) (BLHmistress) | 110 comments Mod
Anyone start this Book yet? I need to get it yet but I should start it this weekend after I finish a book I need to do for review.

Donna (BLHmistress) (BLHmistress) | 110 comments Mod
I will be reading this soon anyone else going to join in?

message 4: by Angela Moxon (new)

Angela Moxon | 8 comments Mod
what book? i dont see one...

Donna (BLHmistress) (BLHmistress) | 110 comments Mod
Fury (New Species, #1)
by Laurann Dohner

at the top of the page that says we are currently reading. I haven't gotten it yet because so far no one has responded.

Donna (BLHmistress) (BLHmistress) | 110 comments Mod
If no one responds soon I might change to something that you can get, I can easily get anything so whatever you can get and are interested let me know.

Then you and I can discuss whatever that book may be.

message 7: by Susan (new)

Susan | 54 comments this group is probably too new to have enough responses - oh well

Donna (BLHmistress) (BLHmistress) | 110 comments Mod
maybe reschedule this book until we get more members or more members that will comment?? I want to read this.

message 9: by Susan (new)

Susan | 54 comments There are only 53 members so far and when I went to see that... I saw that only 3 were online!

message 10: by Susan (new)

Susan | 54 comments posers!


maybe that'll make em speak up! HA!

Donna (BLHmistress) (BLHmistress) | 110 comments Mod
Lol maybe my old group I got it very active and I won't go into details but as you can see I had to start over. I had 900 plus members too.

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