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Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ I dont give 2 shits what you say... go ahead and bitch <3

message 2: by Cait Sith (new)

Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 40 comments Mod
no i won't bitch.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ you can if you want :) I did it to you now you can do it back

message 4: by Cait Sith (new)

Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 40 comments Mod
but im not like that i hate myself because i think you hate me

message 5: by Johns (new)

Johns | 16 comments Mod
you seem straightforward.... I kinda like that. But it's a curse too and some people may take offense...

But hey! Haters gonna hate, right?

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ I dont hate you johnny. Gargoils and buttercups, haters gonna hate is overused but yes they will and in further adue (how ever the heck you spell) I apologise for being a stupid person who jus says things instead ov thinking about your feelings and not concidering the consiquences of my actions/words.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Thanks Alex :) if I ever tick you off or something, feel free to have a mad rage on here :)

message 8: by Angel of Life (new)

Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) I LOVE MY FRIEND HAZEL WHY WOULD I BITCH ABOUT HER!

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ I LOVE YOU ABI :D

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