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Gideon cheated on Eva...?
Britjette Britjette Dec 30, 2012 10:12PM
Am I the only one who thinks Gideon may have cheated on Eva with Corinne?

I really hope he didn't, that would be heart-breaking.

I'm trying to think of why Corinne would agree to restarting a relationship with Gideon without anything that comes along with a relationship....kissing, sex, etc....they had to be doing something

The scene that comes to mind is when Eva calls Gideon at his home & it's obvious that someone is there with him...any thoughts??

have you finished the book?

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Before I finished the book, I thought most definitely Gideon cheated, but NO WAY. I don't think anyone felt more pain than Gideon when it came to lost love, he would never do it to Eva because he loved her that much!

Eva's jealousy had her seeing things. The scene from the office was Nathan's visit, that's why her mom went paled. The fight, the furnitures moved, the lipstick looked like blood bc it was blood...and of course the shower...all had us believed the worst of Gideon.

He has the power, the look, the money, the lies, the secrets...but he would never cheat on Eva.

But then I was like no Gideon wouldn't do that to Eva he loves her too much I also figured it out that Gideon probably had something to do with the death of Eva's stepbrother for what she told Gideon about it . And I also suspected it was Gideon for what the police told Eva when they thought Gideon did something to her stepbrother for the likes of me I can't remember the ass hat of the stepbrother name.

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I don't think Gideon cheated on Eva. I agree with Lita & Frannie. Gideon was just using Corrine as an alibi, and the lipstick Eva saw on Gideon's shirt was probably Nathan's blood after they scuffled in his office.

I think he loved her too much too, but I could piece together the lipstick on the shirt. I never thought of it being blood from fighting Nathan. I think you might be on to something. My heart was wrenching through this 2nd book. I was so mad at Gideon.

he did not cheat on eva....its so exciting was blood from her step brother! i know crazy.

I have almost finished reading this series. Didn't even know there also was a filmed series...
I like the books. Just one thing baffles me: ALL the men in the books of this series are 'gorgeous' and ALL the women are 'stunning beauties'. What happened to people less favored by mother nature???

Yeah that's what I thought too.

No cheating. I think Corrine was just wanting him that she took spending time with him. Maybe something will come out in EWY that explains it but Gideon would not have kept telling her to trust him - had he cheated.

Stepbrother's name was Nathan? I think....
I'm going to re-read - can't remember the details of the bit when she called his home...

There was a suggestion but that was more through Eva's insecurity. He'd distanced himself because he needed to. He used Corinne to detract everyone from Nathan's murder. He needed to make his relationship with Corinne to look genuine, throwing suspicion away from himself knowing that at any moment the cops could be on to him. He wasn't to know that it was all being taken care of. After finishing the entire series, there's no doubt in my mind that he didn't sleep with Corinne and that is why she went after both of them in the way she did.

He did not cheat on Eva. He was planning s scenario for all parties involved so when he killed that guy Eva would have not been implicated. Gideon wanted Eva to think he was cheating so she would distance herself from him.It was the price he was willing to pay to keep Eva safe

Gideon would have never cheated on Eva, because the love he had for her was bigger than any lust he can have for Corrine or anyother women.He would'nt do that to Eva.
But i did doubt him the day Eva finds Corrine coming out of the Office Building, and when she checks on him and finds that his couch dishelved and his shirt having a lipstick stain (which was of the same shade corrine wore). And i was breaking my head the whole while till completing the 2nd book as to whether i had trust him or not.
But at the end when everything unravels, that he did all these to save her from the Ass-step brother, i just couldnt help but fall in love with gideon more.

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