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Central idea/theme of the book
Peter Nguyen Peter Dec 30, 2012 06:10PM
What message do you think the author is conveying?

This book is all about interpretation and it has tons of suspense which too can be interpreted in a number of various ways. The central point is what is it really about and if the reader ever really has the grasp of the events which are so dependent on the narrator. This novel is so rich in terms of language and well for me it did engage me so well. The book is all about perspective. I love it and reading it was an experience i'll never forget. It's a very powerful novel and with very powerful events. I love the ending and the beginning - its how the novel comes full circle.

Whatever it was, it was garbled and lost. I hated the book, the writing, the characters.

Marie (last edited Mar 11, 2013 05:15PM ) Mar 11, 2013 05:11PM   0 votes
I had such a strong opinion of what this book was about that I was completely floored when I learned that some people interpreted it differently. I never once considered it a ghost story. I really thought the nanny had just lost her mind and that the maid was just humoring her, that is why she took the little girl away. It is one of those stories you have to re-read from someone else's perspective. I'm not sure if I quite liked being manipulated by the author. That is one of the reasons I don't enjoy mystery novels.

Lols, thanks for validating my opinion of this book.
Please someone tell me it is actually great, and I need to re-read it!

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Kit Masters Lols, no worries I'll give her a miss.
I'm pretty much all about the classics, any classic authors that I will not have heard of that I should definite
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I have absolutely no idea what the author was trying to convey but I do know there are a lot of interpretations that could be made regarding this book and one of them is 'Everything is not what is seems' :)

A peddifile ghost comes to mind. Just having one around is pretty bad, but both in one entity...booya.

I think the author was just trying to creep people out. Certain passages are really spine tingly. Other than that the ending is a dud, and the main idea I took away from the book was that the main character was really bad at her job, she was an awful nanny.

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