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The Host; Movie prediction, Good or Bad?
Laci Carlson Laci Dec 30, 2012 02:50PM
I'm not very good at creating good discussions but this is one that I am curious to see what you have to say.

Agreed, the characters are really different in my head... I think they'll find it hard to successfully portray the conversations between Melanie and Wanda.

deleted member Dec 30, 2012 03:00PM   0 votes
The characters look nothing like I imagined them!

Also, IMDB is a Good place for Movie discussions and ratings.

I know that this will be a good movie. I believe from writer, director, actor and actress that this will be a big blast in the big screen.

Please be good!

I really hope it'll be good, but based on the trailer, it seems like they are playing up Wanderer to be the bad guy a little too much, so I'm not sure...

For me, the book is too long to become a movie. There are lot of things that the Wanda has gone through that rushing them would be... tiring or frustrating to see. Unless they break it into two parts, which I dont want to happen.

i hope it will be a good movie but i think the book would be better because then you can really imagine what everyone would be like, and in the movie you don't really have the point of Melanie and Wanda because that part plays in Melanies head. so i hope it will be good but i don't think it will be better then the book

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