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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 2865 comments Mod

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Gabrielle (gabshi) Thorn takes the top bunk. He puts his things in his half of the dresser.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) ((This next bit from me will seem weird. If you don't understand, read from the courtyard.))
Lily and Thorn come into the dorm. They take his suitcase and fill it with his belongings. They empty the room of Thorn's accoutrements.
"I wish your mom wasn't so demanding in her wishes," says Lily. "I'm going to miss you."
"I'll miss you too." Says Thorn.
They kiss for a minute. "I should go." He calls a cab. "I'll see you soon."
"Yeah. I should leave." Says Lily. "Goodbye."
Thorn and Lily leave and part ways.

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Johns | 33 comments Nathan slugged into his room, his legs not picking an inch off the ground. He swung his suitcase onto the bed and sighed, falling onto the matress lazily.

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