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Ever been caught in a bad plot?

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message 1: by Meirav (new)

Meirav Rath | 13 comments I just finished reading Mists of Avalon, and thank god it's ended! I realized, after about 300 pages, that this is just another pile of annoying romantic kitsch masked as a semi-historical novel. However, I was glued to the book by Zimmer Bradley's writing style and her cunning way of constantly throwing small plot twists to keep you hoping something good will come from that book.
The same happened to me with Anne Rice's last Vampire Chronicles books, where I thought I learned a lesson in stopping trhe crap reading as soon as I smelled it.

Anyways, I wondered if any of you holics like me ever slogged through a book in miserable hope thatn it'll get better, knowing it never will?

message 2: by pop (new)

pop Yeah, I hate it worst when the plot just doesn't make sense. I won't read the historical romances, so I get out of getting stuck in those things. I like there to be twists, as both a reader and a writer, but they must make sense. I hate the murder mysteries where you go all the way through to find that some character that was hardly mentioned if at all, let alone explored, is the guilty party. In my books, the why is the mystery more than the who. The who is usually discovered early on, then tracked and back tracked, I guess sometimes it's where that is the mystery. I don't really do mysteries anyway, mine are more action adventure with a hint of mystery, a dash of humor, a teaspoon of romance with a whole lot of butt kicking.

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