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A Curse is one of the seven known spell types and the worst kind of Dark Magic. Curses are used with the intention of causing harm, control, or even death to the victim. Like hexes, Hogwarts students don't learn them in school. However, students studying Defence Against the Dark Arts learn how to deal with them using defensive magic.
Most curses can be blocked by a Counter-curse.

The following list are used in duels.

Avada Kedavra (Unforgivable)- Killing Curse

Bat-Bogey Hex (Vespertilio Mucus) - Turns bogies into giant bogies with bat wings.

Binding Spell (Incarcerous)- Causes rope to fly from wand point and ensnare victim tightening as caster pleases.

Blasting Curse (Confringo)- Causes anything that the spell comes into contact with to explode.

Body-Bind Curse (Petrificus Totalus)- Renders a victim completely immobile. This curse is chiefly used to control and limit another individual's power of bodily freedom, and is often employed in defensive combat. The victim's arms and legs snap together, and he or she will generally fall down from lack of balance. Two known counter-curses include Finite or Finite Incantatem.

Conjunctivitis Curse (Coniunctivitis Maledictio)-a curse that causes irritation in the target's eyes, causing them to swell shut like the infection conjunctivitis, commonly known as "pink eye".

Crucio (Cruciatus Curse, Unforgivable)- Torture Curse

Curse of the Bogies (Mucus ad Nauseam)-A curse that gives the recipient a strong cold, that can make him collapse if not treated, as well as an extremely runny nose.

Tooth-Growing Hex(Densaugeo)- Causes the victim's two front teeth to enlarge grotesquely at an alarming rate

Pressure Charm (Deprimo)- causes immense pressure upon an object causing fractures such as a floor or ceiling.

Entrail-Expelling Curse (Exta Expellere- causes ones entrails to be expelled from the body.

Blasting Curse (Expulso)- Blows things up

Demon Fire Curse (Fiendfyre)- Causes a magical fire to ensnare from the wand uncontrollably. It is near impossible for a caster to stop the flames or even control them. Not recommended for students to even attempt.

finger-removing jinx (Expellite Digitis)- Causes fingers to vanish completely.

Pimple Jinx (Furnunculus)-A jinx that causes a person to break out in boils when it comes in contact with their skin. The effects can be cleared by the Boil-Cure Potion.

horn tongue hex (Hornn Lingua)- A spell that turned the target's tongue into a horn.

Imperio (Imperius Curse, Unforgivable)

Imperius Curse (Imperio)-. When cast successfully, it places the victim completely under the caster's control, though a person with exceptional strength of will is capable of resisting it. This makes it unique among the unforgivable curses, as it is the only one of them with a known, reliable (depending on the victim's will) method of resistance.

Jelly-Brain Jinx (Gelata Cerebrum)- Causes the effect of becoming mentally retarded. Only a potion can fix this.

Jelly-Fingers Curse (Gelata Digitis)- Causes fingers to become weak and much like jelly as they go numb and tingly.

Jelly-Legs Jinx (Gelata Crus)- causes legs to become weakened and numb.

knee-reversing hex (Genu Aversandi)- Causes the knees to switch inward. A dark wizard can cause this spell to become extremly slow and painful.

leek jinx (Porri)-makes leaks sprout out of targets ears.

Leg-Locker Curse (Locomotor Mortis)-locks legs together causeing person to appear as if a rope has bound their legs.

Levicorpus- It causes a victim to be hoisted into the air and dangle upside-down, and is intended to be performed nonverbally. The Counter-jinx is Liberacorpus.

Oppugno- used to induce an object or objects to attack

Reducto (Reductor Curse)-blast objects, if strong enough to dust

Revulsion Jinx (Relashio)- a spell that forces an object or person to release its hold on something, or repels objects with the force of another object.

Rictusempra (Tickling Charm)- hits a person hard enough to flip them backwards and if strong ewnough can cause lasting effects of being tickled.

Sectumsempra-A curse created by Severus Snape. It causes large sword slashes to appear upon the victim usually being extremely fatal. Easily a curse of the highest level, when uttered, its effect is the equivalent of an invisible sword, which can be used by the caster to slash the victim(s) from a distance. The injuries appear to follow the movements of the caster's wand, making it very deadly to use on vital parts, and thus inflicts the most damage if cast with rapid waving movements. It works best on living targets and has no noticeable effect on inanimate objects or dead ones, such as Inferi, other than slashing them pointlessly. Wounds inflicted by the curse can be cured by the spell Vulnera Sanentur, it may take several times of chanting this spell in order to fix up most wounds. If Dittany is applied immidiately after scarring can be avoided.

Slug-Vomiting Charm (Slugulus Eructo)- a charm that causes the victim to burp up slugs and slime for approximately ten minutes; they may also take on a sallow complexion as a side-effect. It is described as a green jet of light.

Sponge-Knees Curse (Spongia Genua) Causes victim to fall down immediately as the use of their knees is no longer in effect.

Stinging Hex -

Stunner (Stupefy)
Stupefy (Stunner, Stunning Spell)
Tickling Charm (Rictusempra)
Ticking Spell (Titillando)
Titillando (Tickling Spell)
Trip Jinx
Unforgivable Curses (Imperio, Crucio, Avada Kedavra)
wand arrows (unnamed spell)
The following offensive spells aren't canon (in other words, aren't known to have been created by J.K. Rowling herself). They come from the video games and films:

Ariania Exumai
Everte Statum
Flipendo (three different "strengths": uno, duo, and tria)
As with offensive spells, many spells can be used as a defense by an imaginative witch or wizard. For example, Hermione used Duro to cause a tapestry to turn hard as stone, injuring some Death Eaters who ran into it immediately thereafter (DH32). Some defensive spells are used as a preventative measure, not in combat; these are listed separately.

The spells on this list are used for defense during spell combat:

defensive charge (unnamed spell)
Defensive Charm
Disarming Charm (Expelliarmus)
Expecto Patronum (Patronus Charm)
Expelliarmus (Disarming Spell)
Impediment Curse/Jinx (Impedimenta)
Impedimenta (Impediment Curse)
Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum)
Protego (Shield Charm)
Revulsion Jinx
These spells are used to set up defenses and protections, but not during combat:

Caterwauling Charm
Cave Inimicum
Imperturbable Charm
Muggle-Repelling Charm (Repello Muggletum)
Protego horribilis
Protego totalum
Repello Muggletum (Muggle-Repelling Charm)
room-sealing spell (unnamed)
Salvio hexia
Stealth Sensoring spells
Thief's Downfall
These spells are used for healing and undoing the damage from or effects of a spell attack:

Ennervate (Rennervate)

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Absconditus. (Derived from Deus absconditus).
Effect: It is meant to be the incantation for the Disillusionment Charm, which conceals the person or object the spell is cast upon.
Difficulty Level: 6-7th Year

Effect: Face target person toward caster.
Difficulty Level: 3rd Year

Effect: animates an inanimate object
Difficulty Level: 1st Year

Alarte Ascendare
Effect: Causes the target to shoot straight up into the air
Difficulty Level: Second

Altus Barba
Effect: Creates a high pitched whistling noise that, if trained properly, can call animals
Difficulty Level: 1st Year

Effect: When cast on a quill, sets it to completely copy one book , letter, scroll, etc into another. Copies words and pictures exactly as seen in the original. Does not transfer any magical properties of the original document.
Difficulty Level: Second Year

Effect: Used strictly with Legilimency, causes the victim to relive their most tragic and repressed memories as if they were real, the spell targets the dorsal raphe nucleus and hypothalamus.
Difficulty Level: 7th Year

Animadverto Clarus
Effect: Can dispell the effects of an illusion charm. It does not work against mental illusions caused by Legillency.
Difficulty Level: 6th year

Anti-Thief Jinx
Incantation: Ladron Expulsar
Effect: A Gaelic jinx that quite literally repels thieves and other intruders. When cast on a room in question, any intruder who touches an object in the room will automatically be Stunned for several hours. If cast incorrectly, however, the spell may backfire upon the caster. Lasts for a week at most. The wand movement is a circle with a powerful jab.
Difficulty Level: Very difficult to cast correctly; around seventh year or Clash level.

Aranetela [Ar-ran-ne-Tela]
Effect: This conjuturation is the well known web weaving spell which allows the caster to fire a broad spectrum very strong, very thin spider’s web to very thick globs of stick goo like web.
Difficulty Level: 3rd

Arcanus Dictum
Effect: The password is spoken after the incantation, such as "Arcanus Dictum Fiddledes" or, for deeper levels of protection, "Arcanus Dictum"+ the latin code.
Difficulty Level: 4th Year

Arcus Frenum (Arc Restriction)
Effect: The brother to the Arc Shot spell, this spell merely restrains the enemy with chains made up of lightning. They can be broken by stronger offensive spells and are invulnerable to lightning and fire spells. Cannot be weakened by water but are somewhat vulnerable to neutral or non elemental spells.
Difficulty Level: 4th-6th Year

Arcus Offa (Arc Shot)
Effect: Sends a very powerful stream of blue or golden lightning at the enemy. Power of the spell varies on the intent of the user. Is capable of piercing shields, it's capable of simply stunning an enemy, however, it is prone to backfiring if the wizard is insufficently skilled or if used on a more advance shield spell. However when used on a wizard directly it can cause paralysis and even death at more powerful levels. It takes time to figure out how to properly adjust the power of the spell. Minor back firing can cause temporary damage to one's wand arm and render it useless for hours. Major backfiring can kill the user if they try to extend the spell beyond their means to control it. The spell cannot be stopped by other lightning spells or fire spells, but can be slowed down or stopped by water if there is enough of it.
Difficulty Level: 4th-7th Year

Aquaria Ambulati
Effect: Allows its caster to walk on water as if it were a solid surface for a couple of hours.
Difficulty Level: Second Year

Arcesso Lectus
Effect: Conjures up a cushion/mattress of varying size and softness (depending on the skill of the caster and the situation). Useful for catching fallen objects, or for finding somewhere to sleep.
Difficulty Level: 1st-2nd Year

Atmospheric Charm
Effect: Incantation: "Aer..."
After Aer, one should put the following to change the weather:
Clear: Candide
Cloudy: Nebula
Rainy: Pluvia
Storming: Tempestas
Snow: Snou
Day: Dies
Night: Noctis
Something to do with weather effects such as are seen at Ministry of Magic headquarters in London.
Difficulty Level: 7+
Effect:Creates golem out of available material. Depending on strength and properties of material, can be fragile or nigh on indestructible. Best spells against this are spells that blast or explode solid matter, like reducto, confringo, or expulso.
Difficulty Level: CLASH players only.
Candentis Lumen
Effect: This spell imbues something clear, like a piece of glass or a gem or even a jar with a soft glowing light, effectively making a carryable lantern. The light can be any color the caster chooses, but is normally one color after the first time it is cast.

There are three different variations. There is the usual Candentis Lumen, then Candentis Lumen Minimus which is a weaker version, and Candentis Lumen Maximus which created a vibrant light that is able to blind others.
Difficulty Level: (by year) First Year+ (The + because of the variations make it more difficult.)
Canon Unum Ac Duo
Effect: Instantly Shuts Target's Mouth
Difficulty Level: 5th Year
Castria Evanidos [Cast-tree-ah Ae-van-ny-dohs]
Effect: This spell was originally a result of accidental magic. It has since been harnessed as a traditional spell. Because of how it works, its distinctly easier for younger witches and wizards to cast. This spell is a type of vanishing spell, like the ones that erase objects from existence. Unlike other vanishing spells it isn’t permanent and is effective on people. Usually inexperienced casters will only be able to vanish an object for around 30 seconds or less.

Fully trained wizards, witches or students who are skilled in transfiguration have the potential to make it last at most a number of hours. Everyone else falls between these two durations. Living beings do not recognize nor do perceive the time that they were vanished.

The longest record of a vanished Sentient being is one hour, seven minutes and thirty-one seconds. This record was set by Albus Dumbledore in 1891 when he vanished his transfiguration professor on a dare. The record still stands to this day. The longest animal vanishing was two days, four hours, six minutes and twelve seconds and was set in 2006 by an American Witch by the name of Alexia Durlbin
Difficulty Level: 1st+
Effect: More commonly called “The Tripping Hex” this simple bit of magic, when aimed at one’s feet, causes them to trip and fall if they are in motion. The same spell can also be applied, however, to high or hard to reach objects, urging them to fall in a direction supplied by the caster’s wand movement.
Difficulty Level:1st Year
Caterwauling Charm
Effect: The incantation Genitor is used to place an alarm on small spaces. When the spell is in effect and someone enters the area, a loud caterwauling sound occurrs.
Difficulty Level: Seventh

Effect: Absorbs a liquid which can be produced later by saying Expel.
Difficulty Level: Second Year

Confringo Serpens
Effect: Custom Spell, modification of Confringo. While the normal spell flies straight at the target as an orangish bolt and causes whatever is hit to explode outward with fiery fragments, this version fires the same bolt as a twisting undulating snake of fire that streaks around and hits the target from a strange angle, determined at casting by the twist of the wand. This makes it much more difficult to block by a single direction defense spell such as Protego.
Difficulty Level: Sixth Year, Custom Spell.

Clagere Proditor
Effect: If a protection seal is broken, this added charm will start shrieking crimes to attract attention.
Difficulty Level: 4th Year

Effect: Creates an exact replica of a person (usually a living object, so to say "Concero ego" would produce a replication of the caster, etc and so forth), thereby confusing the enemy.
Difficulty Level: 2nd Year

Effect: If a wand is pointed at an object, blue-grey mist shoots out from the front of the wand and causes the object to be frozen solid.
Difficulty Level: 2nd-3rd Year

Congelo Vultus
Effect: If freezes someones facial expression, can last from a few minutes to two hours based on the casters skill.
Difficulty Level: 4th year
Crinis Libid [See-rin-eez Lie-bi-do
Effect: A favorite from Witch's Weekly which has seen itself being promoted among all ages and genders for its flexibility. The Hair Transfiguration spell changes length and color at the caster's whim but its highly susceptible to errant thought and subconscious ideas making practice a lot more important than most other spells. The spell however can either be canceled or the user simply grows out of it as it only acts like dying and perming it, but with great options and potential.
Difficulty Level: 2nd
Crudusico [Crue-dus-sico]
Effect: The Bleeding curse stands on a very thin line between light and dark magic. Similar to slicing and slashing spells, Crudusico causes deep gashes that will not stop bleeding without magical intervention. While the wound itself will heal normally so long as it’s open it will bleed.
Difficulty Level: 4th
Cue Me
Effect: Illuminates your person as though being hit by a spotlight.
Difficulty Level: 2nd Year

Cue You
Effect: Similar to Cue Me but aims the spotlight on the person the caster points their wand at.
Difficulty Level: Second

Cutis Fulgeo
Effect: Can change the tone of skin
Difficulty Level:6th Year

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Declio [De-clee-oh]
Effect: A prefix spell, when placed in front of the incantation, it allows the spell to deflect and bounce off of an object. The spell really makes its worth known when the caster specifies how many times it may bounce before the spell can be discharged. True spell masters are able to cast this part of the spell nonverbally while leaving the rest of the incantation audibly incanted. The higher level of the caster the easier it is for them to increase how many deflections it can be access. The typical growth is two deflections per Hogwarts Year. Seventh years can typically have a spell bounce and deflect at around 14 strikes.
Difficulty Level: 1st+

Effect: Displays an image of whatever the caster is speaking about. Useful for classroom demonstrations. Remains in effect until dispelled by the caster.
Difficulty Level: 2nd year

Demonstrata Finite
Effect: Dispels the Demonstrata spell.
Difficulty Level: 2nd year

Depulso Extremni [Deh-pulls-oh Ex-trem-Ny]
Effect: An amplified form of the banishing charm. It’s designed for two things, turning ordinary objects into projectiles and for banishing large objects such as people with very little recoil against the caster. For small objects this spell is excels in that the caster to a great degree can make almost any item of moderate weight into a potentially deadly or at least damaging weapon. At the same time it grants the caster control, for the instant of the spell’s casting, over the object’s flight path to a limited degree.

The maximum being of 180 degrees or in smaller burst to cause it weave past obstacles. This spell also works differently from the normal banishing charm in that instead of banishing from the caster, it banishes it from the point of where it used to be in the direction that the caster wishes.

Against people it works like the normal banishing charm except propelling the person as if they were a ragdoll a great many feet with a small amount of recoil to the person’s own wand.
Difficulty Level: 6th

Desipio Auris
Effect: Useful for practical jokes. When used, the target of the spell mishears almost everything said to them during the duration of the spell (usually with hilarious consequences). Most of the time, the target of the spell has no idea that they are under the spell. Lasts from 1 to 4 hours depending on the caster's skill.
Difficulty Level: 4th Year

Diamond Dust
Incantation: Vacatti (non verbal)
Effect: Casting the spell conjures a dust storm of microscopic diamond particles. The plume of dust rushes forward, imbedding the tiny particles in anything in its path. The particles then solidify and form a diamond shell (looks exactly as if encased in ice) around those things which were in the spells range. The caster can then "break" the spell, usually by snapping his or her fingers. The particles then explode violently, destroying anything it captured from the inside out. Once cast, the spell can only be lifted by the caster, if you do not know what you are doing any attempt to free someone from the spell will result in an automatic "break".
Difficulty Level: 7[sup]th[/sup]/Graduate

Dictoris [Dik-tor-ris]
Effect: A limited transfiguration and animation spell that works on any bird feather to turn it into a quill. It has the secondary effect turning it into a dictation device which will quickly write whatever is said around it. It self inks so long as it has ink well. Affori [Af-For-Rie] is used to shine a thin laser light once on the person who the quill is supposed to dictate for, otherwise it will record everything said around it.

For Affori to work the person must be named at the same time. Curo [Cure-oh] dismisses Affori, a second time dismisses the spell. Sino [Sine-oh] returns the quill to the person Affori was directed at. Dictoris and Affori are the only spells that requires a wand; the other two are just verbal commands. The spell lasts a long time though a sign that its waning is when the crisp hand writing gets sloppy and grammatical errors begin to pop up.

The wand movement is two counter clockwise loops and a slash. The typical duration time is around two hours though an experienced caster can double or triple this.
Difficulty Level: 1st

Dispono Sessio
Effect: Conjures up a chair. Stability, size, and appearance of chair depend on skill level.
Difficulty Level: 2nd
Note: This is an incantation for "Draw up a Chair" a canon spell without an incantation.

Effect: This spell either transfigures a target into a rubber duckling or conjures one out of thin air, depending on one's skill level.
Difficulty Level: 1st-2nd Year
Effect: Produces a jet of bubbles from the tip of the caster's wand.
Difficulty Level: 1st Year

Effodia [Eff-oh-dee-ah]
Effect:The Excavation spell is Wizarding equivalent of a high yield explosives combined with the precision of a drill empowered by the might of Dragon’s Fire. Its designed to cut through fortress wall and dig out caves that are large enough to enclosed a fully grown adult dragon. Gringott has used the spells for centuries along with their own goblin magic to create the enclosures the comprise their entire underground network. The spell used in the battle is a double edge sword, while it can grind bones to dust off of a living body that’s in the way, concentration is key to keep the spell working and can leave even the most powerful of spell casters in a weakened state afterwards. Any screw ups during its casting or interruptions of concentration have been known to end to spell with an erratic explosion.
Difficulty Level: 7th+
Emundare Luto (EH-mun-DARE / LOO-toe)
Effect: Removes dirt from underneath fingernails (works on toenails too).
Difficulty Level: 6th Year (But only because if done wrong can rip off fingernails)
Epulaes [Ee-pewl-lay]
Effect: While one cannot conjure food directly the Banquet spell is specific to freshening up food, transfiguring it, expanding it and what’s most important ability is to replicate it to proportions than it can feed a small army.
Difficulty Level: 5th
Essence Revealing Charm
Incantation: Essencius
Effect: Conjures an image of an object's essence, specifically a wand's core.
Difficulty Level: Sixth, but can be mastered earlier through study of the object in question's subject matter. (Ex: A student skilled in Wandlore would have proficiency with revealing wand cores.)
"Essencius!" The scarlet image of a phoenix erupted from the tip of the wand. It spread its wings majestically and collapsed in upon itself, only to reform as a golden unicorn mid-gallop. With a shake of its mane, the image had vanished just as suddenly as it had appeared. "Phoenix feather and unicorn hair, hmm...."

Effect: Reverses the effects of the vanishing charm Evanesco. It produces the last thing to be vanished by the caster.
Difficulty Level: Second

Exaresco (The Drying Charm)
Effect: Dries a desired area by evaporating its water content. If used maliciously/inappropriately, it can make a person dehydrated.
Difficulty Level: 1st-2nd Year
Excarsio (EX-car-SEE-oh)
Effect: Automatically patches a hole in a piece of clothing with a patch of fabric. Same as sewing on a patch, but leaves no thread marks.
Difficulty Level: 2nd Year
Exertus Memorandus
Effect: Replicates a memory from the casters mind and projects into the mind of the target. The target feels everything felt by the caster at the time the event occurred. Can be used to show someone something that was unbelievable, or can be used to torture someone with something very traumatic. Can be tricked by a memory charm. The spell only projects the memory as the caster remembers. If it is partially forgotten, the target will only get what is remembered.
Difficulty Level: 6th year
Exgravitus Incessus Lacus
Effect:Allows the target to walk on water only. It will affect the entire body for about two minutes and slowly wear off. Eventually, the lower half of the body will be the only thing to not fall through the surface
Difficulty Level: Third year
Effect: Releases whatever liquid has been absorbed by the spell Combibo.
Difficulty Level: Pre-First Year, though useless without the Combibo spell.

Exuro Infinitus
Effect: Causes the target to burst into flames that will burn indefinitely unless deactivated by the wizard who cast them.
Difficulty Level: Sixth

Expungo Oris
Effect: Can morph one's facial composition
Difficulty Level: 6th Year
Feritos [Fae-er-ee-tohs]
Effect: The Impacting Curse is used to generally rough a person up and throw them around. Aside from throwing the person it knocks the wind right out of them. Good for pound away at solid objects as well. The magic appears as pale red lightning with ball like head.
Difficulty Level: 3rd+

Effect: Covers the target with large puss filled boils. The number of boils depends on the skill of the caster, but each one will usually expand and pop within three minutes of appearing.
Difficulty Level: 4th year
Fervidaer (FAIR-vee-DARE)
Effect: Summons a small glowing orb that will follow the spellcaster around for a set amount of time. Time the orb remains is based on the strength of the spell user. Ball may zap bugs that get attracted to it.
Difficulty Level: 5th Year
Effect: Causes a jet of dangerous Dark fire to shoot from the caster's wand. Prone to backfiring and extremely dangerous. Created by Alixxandre Alixxson
Difficulty Level: 6th-7th

Fortuna Careo
Effect:Most commonly used with no wand and nonverbally. Increases ones luck.
Difficulty Level: 6th - 7th

Fugan Supplicia Campundus [Fue-gan Sup-plis-shae-ah Cam-pun-dus]
Effect: Splinching Ward is rather vicious bit of warding spell that was invented shortly after anti-apparation and anti-disapparation wards were invented. While it lets people through, those who try and apparate through it are forced to leave a small part of their body behind. Usually a finger or a tooth, and its rather painful and recovery of the lost body part usually means re-growing rather than collecting it and reattaching it. The incantation given is the shortened temporary form of the warding. A more permanent one requires it to be imbued into a Loadstone or a prepared Warding Stone.
Difficulty Level: 7+
Effect: Bone breaker curse. Causes any bone this spell hits to break. Mostly done non-verbally, but CANNOT be done wandlessly. If aimed at the neck, it can kill. This is why it is restricted to Aurors. Any non-auror using this is sent to Azkaban.
Difficulty Level: Adults. (Aurors and CLASH! only.)
Fumo Offa [Fume-oh Off-ha]
Effect: Fires a blast of smoke orb that produces enough gas to completely cloud all visible light. Though it’s not nearly as potent as darkness powder nor as absolute it will block out vision. This orb does not disperse all at once but rather bounces off any solid object like a magical pong ball spreading smoke as it goes. The orb usually lasts between five to ten seconds and the smoke a number of minutes unless removed through any number of air spells. When used in the water it will work much like squid ink but will rise to the surface eventually and be released as smoke.
Difficulty Level: 3rd

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 183 comments Mod
Effect:Creates a happy feeling in target. (This is supposed to be the canon Cheering Charm)
Difficulty Level: Fourth year

Effect: It will turn any still body of water into gelatin. Though technically edible, the taste depends entirely on the item.
Difficulty Level: 2nd-3rd year

Geluflammem [Jell-loo-Flam-meme]
Effect: A nasty little spell that is the literal inversion of what fire is. Known as Frost Fire, these blue green flames consume liquid water, their flames leave behind frozen ice and they spit out frostbiting winds. Oil or any flammable liquid is highly effective in putting these magical fires and drought spells are always helpful.
Difficulty Level Level: 7th

Effect: Creates a thin, slippery, sheet of ice on the ground in front of the caster. Useful for avoiding pursuit. Thickness/reach of ice depends on the caster's skill, and when cast wrongly, does nothing but form a small puddle.
Difficulty Level: 1st Year

Effect: Temporarily transforms one's wand into a bladed weapon.
Difficulty Level: 7th Year +

Effect: Creates a tiny flame (like that would be on a candle) to follow you around. To deactivaye it, just blow it out.
Difficulty Level: 1st year.
Haud Abolesco
Effect: Anti-Dissaparation Jinx
Difficulty Level: Advanced Seventh

Haud Impono
Effect: Anti-Cheating spell
Difficulty Level: Teachers

Haud Penetro
Effect: The Anti-Apparation jinx
Difficulty Level: only very advanced seventh years
Imbus Navitai [Em-buss Naw-vee-tie]
Effect: Another Potions Aficionado’s favorite, with this spell it imbibes a portion of magical power into a substance of one’s choice. Can be used on a potion or individual ingredients and has been known even be used as method of adding a charge to an enchantment. It was however developed for specifically for bringing out magical properties in normally mundane substances such as wheat, dog fur, and practically anything else one can think of.
Difficulty Level: 1st

Incendio Frusta
Effect: Creates a large whip/rope made of fire, much like the one Dumbledore did in HBP in the cave. Thickness and Heat depends on the caster's skill level. Relatively easy to cast, just quite difficult to control.
Difficulty Level: 6th Year
Incendio Titulus
Effect: Causes a white hot jet of fire to burst from the wand’s tip. One must be careful not to hold the spell for very long, as the wand can be damaged rather severely.
Difficulty Level: 7th Year +
Inclina Ad Me
Effect: Causes the victim to bow to you. 'Me' can be replaced with a different target by saying their name rather then 'Me'.
Difficulty Level: Third. If the spell is done incorrectly, it can hurt the target's spinal cord.
Effect: Produces a very foul scent from the end of someone's wand.
Difficulty Level: 1st year

Impedo Lacrimo
Effect: Prevents drinks from spilling out of glasses
Difficulty Level: 1st Year
Effect: Cause a shockwave of force away from the caster. This can be applied in a various array of uses, from repelling attackers to propelling a broom faster than normal, to increasing the height of one’s jump. Also capable of being performed as Impulsus Maxima which is a larger version of the same spell, but a wizard should be careful, as more forward force can cause the user to move backwards unexpectedly.
Difficulty Level: 3rd Year
Effect: Causes the target to lose strength in their muscles, making them crumple into a heap.
Difficulty Level: 4th Year

Infelicitas [In-felis-sit-tas]
Effect: One of the oldest known curses. While only a minor one this spell causes a person or object to experience a single but minor bout of bad luck. Also called the evil eye this spell can also be used to enhance already bad luck.
Difficulty Level: 3rd

Inflatunos [In-flash-une-nos]
Effect: Invented originally as a result of accidental magic. The spell has become more mainstream since it was given an incantation. With bright cheery cherry red sparkles which turn green on impact it causes the object or person to inflate like a balloon filled with helium. When used on people it takes roughly half a minute to be fully inflated. On objects the effect is almost instant. In both cases the object doubles their size and end up weighing nothing as a result allowing them to float off. If left unchecked these objects or people can reach an altitude of around 300 feet.
Difficulty Level: 3rd

Intentio Fracta
Effect: Produces clay pigeons - literally. A number of clay birds are produced from the caster's wand (used to train Beaters in Quidditch practice).
Difficulty Level: Fifth


Libero Fundorestio [Lie-bearo Fun-Door-es-shio]
Effect: The wand spits out a thin but sturdy chain like rope at a high rate of speed whose end will stick to whatever it comes in contact with. The speed and force behind the rope is up to the caster and it will not stop spitting out the rope until ‘Cutio [Cue-chio]’. The spell can be repeatedly cast in quick succession (and cutting off the current rope) by repeatedly speaking Iterus [Ii-teer-us]. Wand movement is spiral and jab.
Difficulty Level: 3rd
Libri Ferit
Effect: Literally “Books Strike” this spell is a common one among Ravenclaws and other library goers. Any books in the vicinity will rise up and begin battering the target for a short period of time. Usually mastered early, the spell helps to deter bullies.
Difficulty Level: 2nd Year
Effect: Causes an invisible force to strike a distant enemy with the strength of the caster’s own physical punch. The punch will follow the trajectory of the wand, and successive punches can be continued without repeating the incantation, if the caster has enough skill.
Difficulty Level:4th Year
Lighting Charm
Incantation: Suffulcio Ignis
Effect: Creates a flame, in the context of a candle/lamp/hearth.
Difficulty Level: First Year, with difficulty increasing in relation to the size of the created fire.

Effect: This creates an arch of lightning from the tip of your wand, this arc can grow in strength with the power of the actual caster. This is a very powerful duelling spell, only to be used in extreme cases of duel.
Difficulty Level: Sixth (by year)

Liquidis Locomotor
Effect: Causes liquids to move at the caster's command, specifically for bottling potions.
Difficulty Level: 4-5th Year

Lumo Cinis [Loom-mo SiN-us]
Effect: Conjures thousands miniscule faerie lights which scatter in the area of the caster’s desire or will swarm and attack anything the caster wishes. They will bounce off of anything solid and will become stuck in any liquid or wet like water or eyes. No wand movement. Each use provides light equal to a single lumo spell with any color possible.
Difficulty Level: 1st

message 5: by Jacob, Prof. Markos-Deputy Headmaster; Prof. Malfoy-Slytherin-DADA (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 183 comments Mod
Metutum Ego
Effect: Much like a boggart's ability to become whatever it is that the target fears most, this spell causes the caster to appear to change into the target's greatest fear, but he only does so in the target's eyes. As an added bonus, seeing as the Riddikulus spell only affects boggarts, there is no chance that the caster's attempts at intimidation will suddenly backfire for everyone in view to see.
Difficulty Level: 6th Year

Mind Slayer Curse
Incantation: Mens Trucido (non-verbal)
Effect: The victim of the curse is not able to grasp a tangible or intangible thought. Similar to the confundus spell only it doesn't last as long and is much stronger. Effects depend on the witch or wizard's mastery of Legilimency and if eye contact is made. The duration of the spell can last anywhere from 10 seconds to up to 1 minute. Long term effects depend on the person, if there is a pre-existing mental condition it will be exacerbated, otherwise there are no lasting effects.
Difficulty Level: 7th + (Legilimency Required)

Effect:Shoots a ball of lightning from the tip of your wnad that can knock out if used properly.WARNING:can kill if too much power is put in.
Note:Will penetrate most magical defenses.

Effect: Temporarily enrages the target, causing it to go berserk. This spell is much like Oppugno, except that it is mostly used on humanoids.
Difficulty Level: 6th-7th Year
Multicanus vox vocis (aka: The Harmony Charm)
Effect: Specifically for singers. Splits the voice into different vocal ranges, allowing the caster to harmonize without needing another person to sing with them.
Difficulty Level: 4th+
Murus Foramen [Myer-russ Forae-men]
Effect: The caster draws a circle or similarly closed shape with their wand and incants the spell. Once incanted the shape into a whole through which the caster may look and hear through but not move through. The hole is luckily only a whole in one direction and anyone or anything on the other side cannot see through this magical hole.
Difficulty Level: 6th

Effect: Turns the victim into a large purple mushroom
Difficulty Level: 3rd-4th Year

Mutatio Bogus
Effect: Transforms an object into something completely harmless.
Difficulty Level: 4th

Muto Vox Vocis
Effect: Alters the tone of the caster's voice, changing range depending on what they want; If used improperly, the caster's voice will turn into a high-pitch squeal and stay like so until it's either reversed or it wears off several hours later.
Difficulty Level: 2nd Year

Mutonovis [Mew-ton-nov-iss]
Effect: The most generic form of transfiguration. It is possible with this specific spell to perform all other transfigurations in the existence of magic though at the same time the more complex something is to become the more concentration and power is required. Though it is considerably easier to transfigure than it is to conjure, the difference on epic scales is negligible. No wand movements are requires though moving the wand in response to one’s own imagination often helps the caster feel out the warping of the object’s structure as it happens. The only difficulty this spell truly has is with food, but with even the tiniest bit of nutrients this spell can expand and improve upon what already exist. Nothing living is permanent.
Difficulty Level: 1st+
Effect:Turns victim's mucus into dung

Nectos Provolvi [Nek-Toss Proe-vol-Vie]
Effect: A rather effective spell which causes a person’s shoe laces to tie together. This spell when give a twisting wand movement causes both shoe’s shoe laces to tie together to trip the target when they take their next step. If the spell is not dismissed by Finite or similar they will constantly retie themselves when untied to conform to the original spell’s casting.
Difficulty Level: 1st

Nigeravisae [Ny-jer Ae-vi-shae]
Effect: A very useful spell and a more advanced take on the bird conjuration spell. It summons a flock of black birds, crows or ravens. One unfortunate thing is that these birds can be quite temperamental and unafraid of people. Oppugno controls them. The more experienced of casters can conjure a much larger flock.
Difficulty Level: 3rd+

Nitorus Minuor [Nite-or-uz Min-ior]
Effect: A gaggle of sparks fly from the caster's wand and where ever it hits will begin bleeding thick blood like liquid that glows in the dark of the color of the caster’s choice. The Wand movement is a slashing flick
Difficulty Level: 2nd

Niveos Opprimus [Nii-vE-oZ Op-pri-Mos]:
Effect: Launches one large snowball from user’s wand or multiple smaller balls instead. The amount and size of the spell’s snowballs is largely a result the caster’s own strength. Experimentation has shone that repeating the ‘Mos’ will cause the spell to be repeated. Wand movement is a slash of the wand. The color of the snow is up to the caster.
Difficulty Level: 2nd

Nix Sonitus
Effect: Negates the effect of Prompsi Sonitus. Can also be used to silence music.
Difficulty Level: 2nd Year for former, 7th Year for latter

Novita Incendio [No-vitae In-sen-Dio]
Effect: Whatever the object hit by this spell will immediately be engulfed by bright blue flames that shine a great deal of light. The flames however do not burn nor do they spread to anything not already attached to the object. They are however quite warm as if the person is in the peak heat of the hottest day of the year. The counter jinx is Incendia Nox. Wand movements for both spells is rising line that loops and cuts into itself in half ending on the left side.

This spell’s effects are permanent until countered magically. One should note that this spell is actually an incomplete version of a more powerful spell, by adding 'Ferve' at the beginning of the incantation the caster can control the heat put out by this spell to levels that can be significantly damaging to objects but equal to the size of the fire. This spell is a variation of the Bluebell Flame spell.
Difficulty Level: 3rd

Novo Corpus
Effect: Can morph one's body construct
Difficulty Level: 6th Year
Effect: A pesky spell that causes the target to spin and face the opposite direction.

Obvolvo Penna
Effect: Summons and covers a target in feathers.
Difficulty Level: 3rd year

Effect: Locks a door shut and prevents it being opened by muggle means. eg. barging, kicking, unlocking or burning.
Difficulty Level: First

Orisi Umbra[Oar-riss-sy Um-ber-raa]
Effect: This spell is known as the Mask of a Thousand Shadows or for short Shadow Mask conjuration. It was popularized original by the advent of Masquerade balls but vilified recently by use of unsavory Death Eaters. Easy to cast, this conjuration creates a mask that suits the image in the caster’s mind that forms quite well over their face while retaining complete ability to breath, speak, hear and see. In its most basic form and default casting, this spell will simply create a shadow that will hide the caster’s face completely. Shadow Mask is best suited for use in tandem a hood.
Difficulty Level: 3rd

message 6: by Jacob, Prof. Markos-Deputy Headmaster; Prof. Malfoy-Slytherin-DADA (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 183 comments Mod
Parioum [Par-ree-oh-um]
Effect: From Advanced Household Charms 3rd Edition. The Sauce conjuration is a derivative of water creation spell that gives the caster the ability to create a flow of sauce and determine its texture, consistency, smell and flavor. An unfortunate problem with the spell is no matter how good or bad tasting it is, it has no nutritional value. Often used by cooking mothers and fathers to add a bit of spice to any meal.
Difficulty: 1st

Penna Intorqueo
Effect: A spell for locking an owls wings so it cannot take flight. Can also be used to lock someone's arms behind their back.
Difficulty Level: 2nd year

Effect: Conjures a boggart from the tip of the caster's wand. It takes an extremely negative memory to successfully conjure a boggart.
Difficulty Level: 4th-4th Year

Petrificus Partialus
Effect: The effect is very similar to the canon Petrificus Totalis, but only immobilizes part of the object/person. The wand must be pointed directly at - preferably touching - the object one is trying to immobilize. Blue sparks are produced.
Difficulty Level: 1st-2nd Year

Pilios Fulgeo + Latin color
Effect: Can change the color of ones hair
Difficulty Level: 6th Year

Placidias [Plae-ci-dias]
Effect: Prevents all sound from reaching a person’s ears, deafening them entirely. It can be used on one’s self or as curse or a benefit on others. This spell is an effective countermeasure for Mandrakes.
[b]Difficulty Level: 3rd

Pollecalx Vestigius [Pal-ley-sal-xs Vest-ee-gee-us]
Effect: The Toe-Heel spell is perhaps the greatest achievement of Wizarding kind. When casting this spell and specifying the dance along with the Primo or Secondus this spell will animate a person’s shoes allowing them dance with a perfect step without fault. The spell automatically adjusts to step with the rhythm of a song if there is a song or a rhythm. Primo designates who leads and secondus is the one who is led. The spell is highly adaptive and it will allow any dance to work with just about any tempo from allowing a person to dance a jig to a waltz and a waltz to a jig.
Difficulty Level: 2nd

Pollusortia [Pul-lew-sorsh-ee-ah]
Effect: [/b] This spell conjures a chicken or depending on the caster’s skill many chickens which are highly paranoid dislike magical spellfire. They make lots of noise loose lots of feathers when they fly about. Oppugno works on them just as well as it does cannaries.
Difficulty Level: 2nd

Effect: The Potency Spell, used by practically any Potions Aficionado worth their salt. With the casting of this simple spell the wand spits out a projection attached to the targeted item and paints it with a color, white is completely pure and it move from white to yellow to red depending on how contaminated it may be. No wand movement required.
Difficulty Level: 1st

Pox Carmena
Effect: When casted, whatever song stuck in caster's head will infect the thoughts of others around them to a maddening degree. Usually lasts for one hour.
Difficulty Level: 5th Year

Prompsi Sonitus
Effect: Causes target inanimate object to sing a song. If followed by a particular song name, target object will sing a renditon of the song.
Difficulty Level: 4th Year for basic, 6th Year for specific song.

Propreus Existon [Prop-pree-us Ex-ist-on]
Effect: This spell makes all transfigurations and conjurations permanent that aren’t so already. The difficulty of the spell however scales up depending on the size and complexity of the object. It also acts as a counter to vanishing spells as when used again or on already fully realized matter makes it extra ‘real’.
Difficulty Level: 3rd+

Protego Maximus
Effect: Creates a shield charm that is much more powerful than Protego. Strength varies with caster and situation.
Difficulty Level: 2nd Year

Protego Sonitus
Effect: Creates a shield that is easlily penetrable. Though not good for protection, it only effects sound. Depending on the caster's situation, it will either keep sound out, or keep it in.
Difficulty Level: 6th Year

Pulpus Perseqeo [Pul-pus Per-sec-seo]
Effect: Using a piece of a target that what a part of their body, blood, fingernail clippings, a tooth etc… the user can use this spell in combination with Point Me or a mapping spell to locate the person that the flesh used to belong too. This spell became highly popular after the invention of the Splinching Ward.
Difficulty Level: 4th

Purdictus [Per-die-ctus]
Effect: Better known by its ancient name, the Scatter Shot is a common dueling and fighting spell. So long its been invoked verbally it can be continually reused nonverbally to fire a continuous stream of spells, typically three strikes in a single second with just a few flicks of the wand. Each string of prismatic sparkles upon hitting a target takes allow it to take bite, usually minor gashes with a light punch to go with it. What makes it so effective is that flicking and willing the wand after its been invoked is all that’s needed to produce further sparks.

Typical Auror tactics involve two or three people using this against an individual who’s tanking them. As the splashes of white against their body or their shield can be very disconcerting it puts the pressure on shields and the person which tends to break things. Also against the flesh it may not deal much in the way of lethal injury but even five or ten hits can make the individual regret even thinking about fighting back.
Difficulty Level Level: 6th
Quiesco Dulcis
Effect: Puts the target in a sound sleep that's immune to unpleasant dreams. How long it lasts depends on the skill of the caster, but it can last anywhere from twenty minutes, to twelve hours.
Difficulty Level: 5th-6th year

Effect: Conjures a wall of fire that provides decent protection from most types of magic. Weak to lightning and water; counter is Aguamenti. Created by Alixxandre Alixxson.
Difficulty Level: 2nd

message 7: by Jacob, Prof. Markos-Deputy Headmaster; Prof. Malfoy-Slytherin-DADA (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 183 comments Mod
Effect: Launches a bright ray of lightblue light from the users wand. Evertyhing that will touch the ray will be frozen instantly with a thick layer of ice. A more powerful but similar type of spell to the Congelofirmus.
Difficulty Level: 5th Year

Referus Tergo [Re-fair-Rus Terg-go]
Effect: A simple spell that whenever the target takes a step, the sound of their own feet will replicated slightly out of synch with their own walk. The way the spell is designed, it will always sound like the target is being followed from behind and it will always be just barely audible.
Difficulty Level: 2nd
Salvumato Incedo (SAHL-vu-MA-TOH IN-ceh-doh)
Effect: Most commonly used for fashion purposes, it enables even the most clumsiest and ungraceful person to walk in shoes that are of "high stature." This charm is roughly derived from Latin, meaning "safe high walk." The charm will usually wear off in a couple of hours (unless you constantly repeat the same process.)

The proper wand movement for the charm is a simple swish and tap movement on either the specific pair of shoes, ankles or other areas of the foot.

Note: Can also be used when wanting to walk somewhere cautiously (i.e the ledge of a building, cliffs, mountains, bridges, etc.) Simply remove the "ato" at the end of the first word. Use the same wand movement.
Difficulty Level: 2+
Effect: A temporary hex to change someone into a giant canary. After a few moments, the transfigured person molts back into themselves.
Difficulty Level: 2nd Year
Note: This is from the canon spells list for a hex with an unknown incantation.

Scrinio Invceum [Scrin-nee-oh In-Vec-See-um]
Effect: To be used in conjunction with Dictoris, it’s a spell that makes more of whatever paper or parchment the caster has chosen for the spell as well as changing the page and drying the ink whenever a page is finished. By default it uses both sides of the sheet. The specific wand movement for this spell is tapping both sides of a parchment right to left or left to right depending on the preference of the writer and or their language.
Difficulty Level: 1st

Effect: Amplifies the caster's pheromones and sprays it into the surrounding area.
Difficulty Level: 7th

Semhomo Homini [Sem-hom-oh Hom-min-ny]
Effect: This spell is a handy partial human transfiguration spell designed specifically to better control and make transformations easier to do by younger students. Depending on the animal that the user is imagining the transformations differ greatly but generally the person retains human form with animal characteristics. From ears to fur to scales to slit eyes to a tail, even gills are possible should the caster have the intention. The more animal like the person becomes the harder to the spell is to cast. Casting the spell multiple times is the best way to keep it simple and do more complex transfigurations in stages.
Difficulty Level: 3rd+

Serpen Ciniscunae [Sir-pen Sin-nis-cue-nay]
Effect: Better known as the Ashwinder Pit spell, it creates a living ashwinder serpent from any targeted fire which has been around long enough to produce a decent pile of ash. So long as the fire burns, the ashwinder will live. Many a home however has been lost to an ashwinder who has decided to start a nest of its own to lay its eggs. The only alternative to this spell is to create a magical fire and let the ashwinders spawn themselves when the fire is no longer under wizarding control. Serpen Ciniscunae takes less time. Fires that have been exposed to floo powder have been known to produce emerald ashwinders.
Difficulty Level: 2nd

Sisto Penitus
Effect: A simple transfiguration charm that when cast on any quill or paper will check for spelling and grammatical errors. When used on a quill the quill will glow when it makes an error, when used on paper or parchment the ink will glow instead. Green is a grammatical error, while red is a spelling error finally blue is for awkward sentences or phrases.

Using the same wand movement and speaking Emendi [Eh-men-dye] and tapping a word or words will cause them to float into the air allowing the writer to simply vanish them when they are done writing in replacement words. The spell as a whole will adjust the resize the rest of the writing to suit the replacements. Emendi can also be used to transplant entire section of document on another piece of parchment or paper. The wand movement is a swish and prodding movement.
Difficulty Level: 1st

Solvus [Sulv-us]
Effect: Originally known as the Shield Disruptor spell it is now one of the most commonly practiced counter spells used in a duel. This spell when used and fired is a white swarm of lights that’s highly condensed. It’s specifically designed to drastically drain shield spells and disrupt it so a more powerful spell may break it. It also has a secondary effect that a wand or hand can be used with this spell nonverbally to deflect, dissolve or redirect spells. However any spell that isn’t completely dissolved will continue in the same direction in a weakened state.
Difficulty Level Level: 5th+

Soniundison [Son-nee-un-die-son]
Effect: A modification and amplification of the Sonorus charm. This spell works on one lungful of speech which creates massive sound waves that warps and bends anything it comes in contact with. With a potent throw back only a well refined shield charm or a thick barrier can protect a target. Even so the volume of the spell alone is enough to leave most people dizzy and off balance. This spell will only protect the caster’s ears, no one else.
Difficulty Level: 5th

Effect: Conjures sparkling technicolor lights, and can cause living subjects to change colors, cycling through the rainbow spectrum.
Wand movement: rapid flailing arm motion
Difficulty Level:1

Subjectus Aurumni [Sub-ject-tus Aar-lum-Ny]
Effect: The wizarding equivalent of Leprechaun Gold. This spell spews out conjured gold in any solid form. Eventually though the gold will melt and evaporate leaving no sign of existence after the spell expires. Even when it’s made permanent it will never stand up to real gold in terms of magical properties and any goblin can tell the difference at a glance. The wand movement is a simple continuous looping of circles and imagining the form of the gold, the spell will cause it to fall out like a slot machine.
Difficulty Level: 3rd

Subjectus Gemmas [Sub-ject-tus Jem-mus]
Effect: Similar to the gold conjuration this spell is designed to produce rare and semiprecious gemstones ranging from obsidian to diamonds. Like the aforementioned conjuration these gems in terms of magical properties cannot be compared to the real stones. After a time these gems will melt and evaporate into nothingness and most goblins at a glance will be able to tell they are fakes. The wand movements are small flicking slashes which will pour out the gems like a small fountain.
Difficulty Level: 3rd

Synesthesia Ocularum-Sonorius
Effect: Switches around the users sight and hearing, allowing him to see sound and hear light. To the user, lower sounds appear on the lower end of the visual spectrum (reds), wear as higher sounds come in on the higher end of the visual spectrum (violets). When using this spell in darkness the user does not go deaf. Darkness, being the absence of light, is simply the absence of sound. Though, using this spell in something like a heavy fog, which obscures vision, would likewise mute hearing to a degree.
Difficulty Level: 3rd Year

message 8: by Jacob, Prof. Markos-Deputy Headmaster; Prof. Malfoy-Slytherin-DADA (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 183 comments Mod
Tago (The Poking Charm)
Effect: The target of choice feels as though they've been prodded from close range. As the caster's skill in magic increases, so does the distance the charm cast from.
Difficulty Level: 1+
Tela Exuro
Effect: Creates a yellow flame that will only burn through cloth or fabric.
Difficulty Level: 3rd year
Effect: Conjures a magical darkness that spreads out like an inky cloud, covering both magical and non-magical light sources.
Difficulty Level: 6th Year
Tergum Reversal
Effect: Causes the victims entrails to be forcefully expelled. Quite nasty.
Difficulty Level: Only for experienced Clash! players.

Telumoffa [Tel-loo-moff-ah]
Effect: A very famous spell which has seen its uses in a number of quidditch game. The Arrow Shot conjuration though was originally designed for medieval battles when wizards where being a wizard could get you killed. Namely because flashy magic practically yelled ‘Wizard here come shoot me!’ during the time before the statute of secrecy. This spell fires a very fast, very powerful arrow which while has no knockback can very easily kill or at least pierce as many readers of Quidditch Through the Ages know.

This spell can fire anywhere between one and five arrows per casting, either all at once or consecutively. Usually it’s quite ineffective in wizarding combat as a simple shield charm stops it dead.
The wand movement is similar to that of a bow, the drawing back action bringing the wand close and the release action where the caster whips the wand like a whip back to the start position.
Difficulty Level: 3rd

Termino Omitto
Effect: Removes the effects of binding spells.
Difficulty Level: 3rd year

Effect: Increases the temperature of target can be used on living or non-living things.
Difficulty Level: General use (objects, non-living things): First or Second Year. Specific (animals, people): Advanced Sixth Year.
Tolle Exmoveo
Effect: Can only be used with Tolle Humani or other variants of this spell. Forces the target away from the caster at a force dependent on intent, which also sets them free from Tolle Humani.
Difficulty Level: 6th
Tolle Humani
Effect: Causes the humanoid target to rise several feet into the air, much like Wingardium Leviosa. The counter spell to this is Casus Humani.
Difficulty Level: Fifth. Requires experience in Wingardium Leviosa
Traho Cadavri Redeos Subrepi Surrevo
[Tra-hoe Cad-av-rie Re-dee-oh-s Su-brey-pee Sur-re-vio]
Effect: The Inferius spell, the legendary dark transfiguration branch of magic known as Necromancy, this spell will reanimate a dead corpse to serve the caster so long as its body has reasonable while simultaneously preserving it for all eterninity, long after the death its master. It will carry out its orders eternally until they are either fulfilled or continue attempting to do so until no longer capable. When fulfilled it will simple wait until either it is needed to protect its accomplishment or until its given new orders. No amount of subterfuge can convince it that anyone else is its master as it recognizes him or her by their magic. Fire and light are its worst enemies while the killing curse simply causes it to explode in a shower of gore.
Difficulty Level: 7+
Effect:Creates glum and irritable mood in target. Antithesis and antidote to gaudius.
Difficulty Level: Fourth year

Turpis Ostendo
Effect:Makes an illusion of ugliness on whoever it's cast on, and the degree of ugliness depends on the individual own personal amount of unfavorable traits. Only a complete saint would be able to take this spell with out a couple of warts and unattractive blemishes. It at most, lasts half a day.
Difficulty Level: 4th-5th year
Uranicus Carcer (Heavenly Prism)
Effect: It is one of the more powerful shield spells out there available for use. It's a more advanced version of the Incidere spell. Instead of only one line of light, you will be surrounded by anywhere from four to ten of them. The power of the shield varies on the complexity of the prism surrounding you. The four Prism shield is about as powerful as the Incidere spell but in all directions. The ten prism shield can defend you from many dangers: spells, curses, hexes and jinxes, but at the same time you would only be able to keep it up for about three minutes. Maintaining the spell does take a tole on the body and will exhaust the wizard very quickly. If over used, the wizard may fall unconscious and end up vulnerable. It is possible to split the work of holding up the shield between multiple wizards, as well as use the shield to cover multiple people at once.
Difficulty Level:5th Year (4-6 Prism) 6th-7th year (7-9 Prism) Post-Hogwarts (10 Prism)

Uranicus Incidere (Heavenly Cut)
Effect: Creates what looks like a small line of light in the air before the caster. This will weaken or divert most weak to moderate level spells. Only more powerful casters of this spell can divert the killing curse and other more powerful hexes and spells, but under wizards with less oomph behind their spells, it will shatter the the line of light and still hit it's intended target.
Difficulty Level: 3rd-5th Year
Velo Vulnere (VAY-lo / VOOL-near)
Effect: Places a plaster over a small cut or graze. The size of the plasters depends on the strength of the spell user.
Difficulty Level: 1st Year
Versus Adultus
Effect: Also known as the Age Line, it creates a line that no one over a certain age is allowed to cross. Presumably, it could also be used to keep everyone over a certain age out.
Difficulty Level: Very advanced seventh years

Visico [Vi-sick-Koh]
Effect: The Disruptor Spell or the Magic Bullet, as many muggle-born and half-bloods have begun to call it, is a powerful spell used to fire beams of light that have several effects. They have a small explosive burst on impact with a decent pentration power. Its most effective attribute however it is when its charged with an emotional investment such as anger, hatred or fear it gains an extremely powerful knockback effect which even on a glance blow will throw whatever hits. The light burst is around the size of the caster’s thumb and its glow is easily as bright a lamp. The Ministry prescribes this as Advance Dueling spell or one used only in self defense. It utilizes sweep slashes as a wand movement.
Difficulty Level Level: 7th+

Effect: This causes two objects to stick together magically by pointing your wand to your target, and saying Viscosi followed by saying the object you wish your target to stick to. This will cause the two objects to 'glue' together once they come in contact with each other.
Difficulty Level: Third

Vorocarie [Vor-oh-car-ee]
Effect: The Corrosion Conjuration was once thought to be the first successful attempt to create the Philospher’s Stone as one label said it could dissolve any substance. But that is perhaps its only common trait with the legendary substance. Simply known as Green Acid, it is a magically inert substance that can eat through any item and destroy any liquid that has not been protected with the Impervius charm. The spell that produces Green Acid either spews in a geyser or as sphere shaped gelatin glob.

Given time it will destroy even supposedly indestructible items with only one known exception, the Goblin wrought Sword of Gryffindor. Because it’s magically inert it is a favored spell of Alchemists and Potioneers to break down substances and safely add it to whatever project that they are working on without fear of contamination. It is one of the few known substances capable of destroying horcruxes so long as its not protected by a simple Impervius. The substance if not made permanent usually evaporates into nothingness in an hour.
Difficulty Level: 5th




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Invented Spells

Mors Flamma (Note the verbal of this spell is technically unknown so I made it up) Dolhov's curse used in the battle in the department of mysteries. Casting: The curse is cast using "a sudden slashing movement with the wand," causing a streak of purple flame to strike the target. Given its exclusively harmful effects, it is presumed to be Dark magic.
Effect: he effects of this Dark curse are unknown, but it is very dangerous and potentially lethal. Given that Hermione Granger had no visible marks or bleeding from her injury with this curse, but exhibited soreness for some time afterward, it is probable that the curse causes some kind of painful internal injury. It is possible it is a weaker form of the Killing curse. Antonin Dolohov used the curse twice during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, first against Hermione Granger, who was knocked unconscious but survived. Dolohov might have killed Hermione if he had been able to say the incantation, but his voice was taken by Hermione's Silencing Charm earlier in the battle and the nonverbal version of the curse was not as powerful as it normally would be.
Dolohov used the curse again against Harry Potter later in the battle, but it was blunted by Harry's use of the Shield Charm. Harry described it as a "streak across his face like a blunt knife," and the force of the curse knocked him off his feet. Dolohov also attempted to use the curse against Sirius Black while they were duelling during the battle, but Harry managed to hit him with a Full Body-Bind Curse before he could complete the spell.
This may be the curse Dolohov used to kill Remus Lupin during the Battle of Hogwarts, as it is noted that Remus's body was peaceful-looking, and this curse is not known to cause any visible signs of damage.

Dolorosum Memoria-A spell that Azazel created when he was 25. It causes pain to ensnare victims only in thought as memories of pain from the past all react at once upon the victims mind.

Oborotenʹ Izmeneniya-Another spell Azazel created, as most spells are Latin forms he created a Russian spell. This curse is the only known spell that can change someone into a werewolf. It has come in handy for Azazel several times causing terrible pain during a transformation the werewolf potion cannot reduce any effects what so ever for the victim of this curse.

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