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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6306 comments Mod
❀Abbi and Caitlyn❀ Lethal Legacy by Irene Hannon

Abbi Wow so good!

I'm loving these characters! I mean we already knew that Cole would be fun and Kelly is really cool! I love all the teasing that Mitch does!

I did not see the whole WitSec thing coming! Can you imagine suddenly finding out that your whole history was a lie? To volunteer to go in is one thing but to find out that you were placed in it as a baby would be so weird!

I did guess that Allan was involved but I didn't think he was the one who murdered Kelly's dad and tried to kill her! I bet Cole is gonna be so mad that he didn't realize that the killer was right under his nose!

I liked the fact that Cole was open about his past and his relationship with God once Kelly asked! And Sara's story-wow! I can't imagine how horrible Cole must have felt and those images of her beaten body-I don't know how you could ever forget that!

Caitlyn Santi | 815 comments I know, it's amazing!

Kelly is awesome! It is so cool to get inside Cole's head! I am having so much fun watching Cole squirm, he isn't much enjoying the teasing shoe being on the other foot! :D

I actually just finished a book in which WitSec was an element of the storyline, so that idea actually did pop into my head when I read the different names on the wedding photo, but I was still shocked that it turned out that way! I knew immediately when Cole found out that the phone number was paid for by the Marshals service, that he was going to call Jake, that was such a fun conversation and I loved that Jake was able to play a role and help Cole out! :D

I really didn't see it coming at all that Alan was the killer! And how crazy was it that he was the detective assigned to Kelly's father's case, that was definitely a thrilling twist! I am sure he will be pretty ticked especially after the conversation he had with Alan where he could tell something wasn't right but couldn't put his finger on what it was.

I agree completely. I had been wondering since book one what Cole's past was and I don't know what I expected but it definitely wasn't that. It must have just about destroyed him.

I found it funny when Cole thought to himself in the hospital that Kelly deserved a man who would be pacing the halls, and that's exactly what he ended up doing! :D

I liked that it referred to Alison's abduction as the reasoning behind why Cole wants Mitch to go with him to New York, and then I totally cracked up when Mitch quoted Sherlock Holmes, that was too funny! I can't wait to see what happens when Vincentio has to talk with Cole and Mitch!

Sorry, but I am too tired to discuss anymore tonight so I'm gonna get off now. I will be on tomorrow to continue discussing! :D

Abbi Yeah it is definitely amusing watching Cole get a taste of his own medicine!

I recently read a book about WitSec too (an amusingly just watched an ep of a tv show that had it!) but my mind went more to a bad past life and they switched their names for a chance at a better one. And that convo was fun-I love the relationship between these siblings!

I kinda think that Allan might have finagled things so that he was the detective and could make sure the cover-up held.

Haha yeah! I didn't fully make that connection but it is funny! I thought it was so sweet of him to wait for her and take her home and I love how he makes the time for her-like making sure his schedule was clear so they could have a longer lunch!

I liked the reference too and the Sherlock quote made me laugh too! That talk will definitely be interesting!

The part with Vincentino's son and family was interesting. I feel bad for Mark-having to come to grips that your father was not the man you thought he was. And I can totally see why he'd want to cut all tie especially to protect his son, but at the same time it would be kinda cool if they were able to repair the relationship.

I loved the family lunch part where they are grilling Cole and he refuses to answer and Alison just say she get it out of Mitch later!

Caitlyn Santi | 815 comments I know, there relationship is so sweet!

I feel bad for Mark too, quite honestly I can't make up my mind if his father is being genuine or not, so I am curious to see how that all plays out.

I liked that part too! I agree, that was really fun! I also laughed when Liz said that it was a brunch not a barbecue and for them to stop grilling Cole! :D

I'm curious to find out how Alan was able to get his hands on Kelly's epinephrine injector to empty it. Or maybe he stole hers and replaced it with an empty one?

I can't wait to see how Kelly responds to the suicide note, I'm pretty sure she won't buy it, but it should be interesting!

Abbi I can't make up my mind either!

That was a funny quote!

Yeah I was wondering about that too!

It will be interesting to see how the note plays out! I agree that I don't think Kelly or Cole will buy it but their reactions will be cool to see. I wonder wear Alan will end up putting it since they have looked everywhere!

This is really sad but I am drawing a blank on things to discuss! Do you have anything else?

Caitlyn Santi | 815 comments Nope, I can't think of anything! Ready to read the rest?

Abbi Yep!

Abbi I couldn't stop so I'm ready when you are!

Caitlyn Santi | 815 comments Sorry, this afternoon ended up being a lot crazier than I was expecting! I didn't get a chance to read at all (grrr!) So I still have a few chapters to go! But I am planning to finish it tonight. I'll let you know when I am finished! :D

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Abbi ok! No worries!

message 12: by Caitlyn (last edited Jan 04, 2013 07:44PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Caitlyn Santi | 815 comments Wow! What an awesome ride!!!

I am too exhausted to try discussing tonight, hope that's okay! If you are on Goodreads before me and want to start the discussion, feel free! If not then I'll start when I get on tomorrow! :D

message 13: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi I could not believe the things Alan did to Kelly! I mean his a cop! He should have at least something good in him! Though I was happy when he couldn't stomach hitting her in the face! But when he hit her knee I almost cried out in pain myself, that had to be so painful!

And even though this is a fiction romance so the heroine had to survive-I could not believe that she survived that fall! That truly was a miracle! Cole was so cute when he realized that she was moving! And I loved how first Mitch then Jake stayed with him the whole time!

I loved the part when they are eating lunch after church and Mitch asks Cole if that was his favorite redhead and then Lauren asks Kelly if it's her favorite detective! I also think it was funny how neither wanted to go over to the other! And the convo with the fam was fun!

It was also funny when Cole "yells" at Mitch for telling Allison that he was smitten and he makes a comment about SEALS holding up under interrogation, and then Mitch's reply of "Not the kind Alison dishes out."

Caitlyn Santi | 815 comments Sorry, another crazy day!

I know, it was unbelievable!!! And that was very realistic!

Yeah that was definitely a miracle :) I loved Cole in that scene too! Yeah that was so great, I loved how Mitch helped Cole stay calm after they reached Kelly! I was so happy when Jake showed up, it warmed my heart that seeing Jake and Alison at the hospital almost made Cole cry!

Yeah that was so funny! I loved it when Jake told Alison that except her everyone at their table was trained to give the third degree and she seemed to have mastered it on her own, that was so funny!

Yeah that was hilarious!

The thing I found a little odd was that with Cole being sure someone had tried to kill Kelly with the peanuts in her coffe and that it was possible that they would try again, why he wasn't more worried about Kelly's safety and her being alone when he went to Buffalo, it just seemed like that would have concerned him more than it did! :-)

It was definitely an interesting twist that in this one there was two bad guys who died instead of just one. Even though I didn't really believe it, I was kinda worried for a while there that Alan was gonna completely get away!

I loved it when Kelly asked Cole to call the church where she volunteered to help feed the homeless, it was sweet that after all she had been through she was thinking of others rather than herself!

message 15: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi That was funny!

Yeah but there wasn't too much he could do about it, it was Thanksgiving after all so he couldn't just ask people to keep an eye on her and he made sure her security was good. Also he wasn't absolutely positive that it was an attempted murder and without absolute proof it would be hard to get anyone to do anything!

Yeah that was an interesting twist! I didn't really think he'd get away simply due to the fact that he had not only the good guys but the bad guys after him!

That was sweet!

I was so frustrated with the fact that since Alan was the case cop he's was in the loop with everything! Especially the phone call that Kelly made to Lauren! I was so glad that Cole didn't just take Alan's word for it and checked himself! And I love how he put the pieces together!

And speaking of the phone call-that was brilliant! The way she worded everything so that it was glaringly obvious to those who knew her that something was up but it appeared completely innocent to Alan.

The part where the neighbor comes over demanding to know what's going on was funny! I loved how she called Cole "young man"!

I loved his proposal! The line about changing her name was so sweet!

Caitlyn Santi | 815 comments I know, that was SO frustrating! When he was talking to Lauren, I seriously wanted to wack him upside the head! I was glad of that too! That was brilliant, it was so cool to see him and Mitch working together again- especially since it was kind of the reverse of Deadly Pursuit because Cole was the one figuring it out and getting Mitch agreeing with his theory!

That was an awesome move on Kelly's part, the "code" she came up with was so cool! :D

I loved that part too!I just realized what it reminded me of, in a way. The scene from Torrent by Lisa Bergren when they are trying to escape Rome and Marcello asks that older woman for directions, and she looks at him like "what is wrong with the kids these days!"

I loved that too, it was so sweet and special. I also loved that it was the day the first tulip blosomed!

I loved the part when Mitch threatened to tell Kelly, Cole's superman story! That was so much fun!

I also liked it when they were getting off the plane in St Louis and Mitch offered to go with Cole to Kelly's house!

I also liked how direct Kelly was with her questions when she woke up the next morning in the hospital! The scene in the ambulance was cool, I liked how even though Kelly was in pain she realized the importance of telling Cole that Alan had done it! It was also fun to see Cole's surprise when she told him everything that Alan had told her! :D

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Abbi I loved that too! The way he recited it was so funny!

Yeah that was awesome!

I liked and agree with everything in that last paragraph too! (I was trying to write it out but it was overly redundant so I just blanketed it)

I loved how they had to keep reminding Cole about the pies and whenever he'd answer they would reply with-which means no (or something like that)

Caitlyn Santi | 815 comments I am sorry! I was sick yesterday and didn't get online at all :(

Yeah that was really funny:)

I really liked how the climax/rescue happened over Thanksgiving! It was a really great message of thankfulness!:D

I just thought of something interesting, each book in this series has one of the four elements as a key part of the climax, Fatal Judgement-Fire, Deadly Pursuit-Water, Lethal Legacy-Earth. It just seemed like an interesting thought to me! :)

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Abbi No worries! Sorry that you were sick!

That was really cool! I liked how they rescheduled it and now that the case was over Cole could invite Kelly!

That is really interesting! I didn't think of that at all but it's so cool! I wonder if the author planned that!

So I couldn't come up with anything else-you?

Caitlyn Santi | 815 comments Nope, I can't think of anything else either!
I really enjoyed reading this one with you! :D

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Abbi And I with you!

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