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Michael (mike999) As there is no place in this group for people to review and talk about their reading discoveries, maybe posting favorites for the year could spark discussions beyond the targeted sets.

Best reads of 2012--with reviews

The Dervish House--Ian McDonald
Ready Player One--Ernest Cline
Reamde--Neal Stephenson
11/23/63--Stephen King
Cloud Atlas--David Mitchell
Diplomatic Immunity--Lois McMaster Bujold
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance--Bujold
Factoring Humanity--Robert Sawyer
Spin State--Chris Moriarty

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Martin | 2 comments I found this book on Amazon C.R.O.W by Phillip Richards Its not on this site but its along the lines on Forever War / Starship Troopers i really loved it and cant wait for the next one.

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