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message 1: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Pearson I have to say, 2012 was a pretty brillo year. Had some major highs and, although I have had to help close friends through some crashing lows, I didn't suffer any myself *looks round franticly for a piece of wood*. I met some amazing people, got Strange Love published, got Strange Worlds well on the way.
I'll drink to another year like that for 2013 please :~)

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldiack) | 16 comments I had a fantastic year too. Went skiing for the first time and discovered my utter fear of steep slopes! Releasing my first book and its sequel. But mostly, relaxing and enjoying life with my friends and family through the summer and this recent Christmas period. And of course the Olympics, Euro 2012 and a brilliant F1 season.

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldiack) | 16 comments I loved being in the mountains with the snow and the chalets and the afternoon beer. I just preferred the long, green slopes to the steeper blue and red ones. If i'm going to pay that much money I want to enjoy myself first, rather than concentrate on getting good at skiing. I'd rather just relax, ski the gentle slopes and not terrify myself. I did grind to a halt on some slopes, to which my girlfriend, an experienced skier, came to my rescue...

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan Jones (sujones) | 93 comments Mod
2012 was good for me as well. I published two books and am almost finished writing the third. Plus, I have a lot of ideas for books of 2013.

On another note, I started working in a critical care type of unit at my hosiptal and have faced challenges but learned a lot. I have goals that I'm working toward and the transfer was just another stepping stone for me. It was definitely a good year.

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